Day 12 of Western Australia Trip, Perth Mint Part 2: Souvenior Shop and Bullion Desk

In this second post on Perth Mint, I will be sharing on some sneaky pictures I took inside the Gift Shops and the Jewelry and Bullion Shop. If you have read the first post, you would have known that there is a strictly no photography policy in the Perth Mint.

After reading on Tripadvisor, I got to know that there are many interesting gifts and souveniors sold in Perth Mint but there were very little shared online. So for the benefits of my shopaholic friends who wishes to know what’s selling at the Perth Mint, where you can pick up some interesting gifts, I took some sneaky pictures. Please pardon the blur pictures!

The Souvenir Gift Shop

At the right side of the building, there is a room where souvenirs are sold. Over here, the souvenirs are generally more affordable and this area is not heavily guarded.

IMG_9487This cute little Prospector Bear is great for the little ones.


There is also pretty paperweight and pen for your office colleagues or bosses.


Coin banks and other stationary in the shape of Gold Bars. There are a lot more which I couldn’t take any pictures of without arousing the suspicion of the retail staff. Silver and Gold Coins Retail Section Other than the boring coins like those Zodiac Ones or Commemorative of SG50 ones which is usually seen in Singapore Mint, Perth mint has got many interesting ones which appeals to young at heart like us!



If I have a daughter I will get the Princess Ariel one for her! So pretty!


And if you have any friends or love ones getting married, you can also get these! Nice!


These Alice in the Wonderland ones are lovely as well! For the full coin collection, you can also check it out on their website.

Jewelry Store

On the left side of the building is where all the expensive jewelries are sold. Over here, it is guarded with a few uniform guards and staffs. For overseas visitors, there are Tax-Free Shopping at the jewelry shop if you spend $300 or more. Do bring along your passport and travel ticket.



There are also natural gold nuggets for sale! P5032892-450x337IMG_9480


Other than these, there are also pink diamonds for sale but there are really really expensive. You can also can the bullion coins at the jewelry stores.

Bullion Desk

Inside the jewelry store and at the corner of the room, there is another small room where people can buy bullion bars or sell their gold bars/coins or jewelry. There is a screen outside the room where they should the live price of each item and the estimated live price of the bullion bars and coins are also listed in their website here.

Before I went to Perth, I’ve emailed and asked the Perth Mint on some procedures on buying gold bars there as a tourist and here are some information if you are planning to get them too!

Payment will be via Cash at the Bullion Desk as they do not accept credit cards for bullion bars. However they do take credit card for bullion coins up to AU$1000 and certain surcharges apply depending on the products you purchase.

For any bullion purchase over AU$5000 (accumulatively), they require a valid driver’s licence showing your photo, signature and current residential address. Should you not hold a driver’s licence, a valid passport or Proof of Age card, together with a utility bill in your name showing your current residential address, issued less than 3 months ago. This is to comply with AML/CTF laws in Australia as regulated by The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006.

The operating hours of the Bullion Desk are Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) between 9am to 5pm. So even though the Perth Mint Tours are available on weekend / Public Holiday, the Bullion desk will not be open.



The buying process is not sexy at all, even though I was really excited with the purchase, it is more like going to a bank. You get seated, tell them what you want through the glass panel, hand over the cash, they hand over the bar and a A4 receipt in a paper bag.


If you get the bars from the other distributors, you will not have a chance to buy a gift bags. The cast bars do not come in any packaging and it is just like a stone in a paper bag. So you have an option to buy the bags if you shop at the Perth Mint.

IMG_9483IMG_9482There is also the bigger bag for the bigger bars and boxes for the bullion coins.


I have been monitoring for months on the prices before going to Perth, we reach Perth on 23 July 2015 and when we got there on 23 July 2015, a Thursday evening and on 24 July 2015, the price was really low. It was the lowest in 5 years and right after China devalued it’s yuan. I didn’t wait till the planned day according to the itinerary to visit Perth Mint but instead, quickly went in the morning on 24 July 2015 to pick up my first ever Gold Bar! I got a Perth Mint minted 1 gram Gold bar and also a 1 ounce Cast Gold Bar! I love their cast bars and such small cast bars are really really hard to find in Singapore. The smallest I’ve ever seen is the Valcambi 50 gram cast bars or the Pamp Suisse 100 gram cast bars! So little ones like this 1 ounce (approx 32.15 gram) are so difficult to find!

Picture2This is the price today for the 1 Ounce Gold Cast Bar, at AU$1635. I paid approximately AU$1530 for that during my trip! What a deal!




On the the last Friday before we head back, I also popped by the office of ABC Bullion to get their 1/2 Ounce Gold Bar. The price of gold is still low and these are cute like a button.



I love cast bars for their ruggedness and the fact that I can touch and hold on to it. Mint bars are prettier to look at but I don’t like that they are trapped in the Assay cards. But 1 gram ones are cute and affordable enough. Such 1 ounce and 1/2 ounce cast bars are much more common in the older days and in Australia / New Zealand. Look at this collection of Vintage Cast Bars that is circulating in the gold collector’s community. No one really knows who it belongs to but they are the dream of cast bars collectors!


When I have the spare cash lying around and when the price is low enough, I will go grab the Pamp Suisse 50 gram or 100 gram cast bar! Till then, one can only dream. I must be poison by the powerful Pharoh’s God to have such lust for gold.

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