Day 2 of Bali, Cultural Tour around Ubud

On the second day of our Bali trip, we engaged Beat Bali’s driver, TJ, who brought us around to see the sights of Ubud.

First stop of the day was Tegalalang Rice Terrace. It is a smaller but nearer Rice Terrace from Ubud and it is the perfect place for some nice photos under the bright morning sun!





There are some decorated platform at the houses facing the rice terrace and anyone can pop by for some pictures and drop a small fee in return for the residents. You can spend as much time here walking up and down the terrace as you like. I saw an adventurous couple walking all the way down the slope.

The next stop, we visited Tirta Empul Temple, the holy spring temple. Locals and tourists alike can participate in the purification process by taking a dip in the water. Each spring represents something and towards the end of the line, is the spring for the dead. So if you are keen to try, do observe and ask around before popping in!


In all of the temples we visited, both the man and ladies will have cover up their legs as a sign of respect. Ladies who are having that time of the month are mostly barred from entering as it is considered unclean.





On the third stop, we visited Goa Gajah which is also known as the Elephant Cave. There is no elephant in there but it is a beautiful place with intricately stone carved entrance to a small small cave.

In this cave, TJ, our drive and guide, also shared with us the 3 main Gods in Hindu culture. And they are (1) Brahma, the God of Creation, in red; (2) Vishnu, the God of Protection, in black and (3) Shiva, the God of Destruction, in white. It is also interesting to hear from a local sharing about their religion and culture. Without the sharing, we may be clueless and we would not have enjoyed Goa Gajah as much. After all, it is stories which makes a place comes alive.

We then stopped by Bebek Teba Sari for lunch and had good Balinese meal in front of rice paddies field.It is an absolutely beautiful and relaxing place to have a break.





After lunch, we visited Tegenungan Waterfall which allows tourists and locals to go in for a dip. Seeing how murky the water is, we decided to stay dry and head to the next stop after some photos. Accordingly to our guide, the water is pretty low that day and hence a little murky. On a good day, the water can be crystal clear.




After the waterfall, we headed to a Butterfly park. I would strongly not recommend anyone to visit this place. As this place is really really tiny and I recalled the entrance fee was definitely not worth it. The main highlight of the visit is to have moths on yourself for a picture.


We did enjoyed ourselves at the Traditional House visit. There are a few traditional house where the families still reside in and we get to learn and hear some of the interesting practices which they still practice till date. The most interesting ones I remember is burying their placenta after the birth of their child at the front of this house. And as though they are your children’s sibling, they give them daily offerings.

In the evening, and the final stop of this cultural day tour, we visit a Traditional Kecak Dance school in Ubud and watched a Kecak Dance performance. It is priced similarly to Tanah Lot’s Kecak Dance but according to the guide, it is a more complete story and of higher performance quality in a more comfortable environment. We did enjoy the show very much!



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