Day 4 of Bali Trip, Climbing up Mount Batur

On the fourth day of our Bali Trip, we woke up slightly past midnight to prepare for our sunrise climb up Mount Batur – an active volcano. Once we reach the starting point of the climb, our Bali  driver guide Bagus from Beat Bali Adventure, found a local hiking guide and off we go. Hiking in complete darkness with the path illuminated by nothing more than our flashlights, we were excited and filled with energy.



The first hour of the hike was the easiest part of the climb as the path was generally flat, we also had a quick break at the beginning where the guide will stop for a prayer and offering session to ask for safety and smooth journey during our time on Mount Batur.



Both Bagus and our hiking guide prepared some offerings and offered their prayers on our behalf. Soon after, the real hiking began. Along the way, we saw people of all  age and sizes. There were the seasoned climbers armed with hiking sticks, the determined retirees in their 50s and 60s and the fearless youths in their shorts and t-shirts.

Most of the tourists we spotted are largely Caucasians and we only bumped into a group of Malaysian while climbing up. We reckon that most of the Asian tourists in Bali will opt for the beach than the climb.

There are many types of hiking groups as well. We saw a large group of 6 to 8, climbing with 1 guide and there were also another group of 10 – 15 with 2 guides. We were thankful to get the best deal! We have 1 hiking guide all to ourselves and Bagus who decided to sweat it out with us and boy were we thankful to pay for the slight premium! The hiking guide is my lifesaver, he practically hand held me up and down the climb while I trip and tumble along.



When we finally reached the submit, it was pitch dark with howling wind and drizzling rain. We huddled in a hut and ate the egg sandwich which Bagus prepared and brought it up for us. When the sun is up, we didn’t managed to enjoy the sunrise with the thick fog and rain, but we were nonetheless thrilled to have reach the top!


IMG_3658 IMG_3661

Our guide gave some offering to thank the God for their protection.


My happy face when the sun is up, not knowing the greater challenge before us with the climb down.


IMG_3667 IMG_3670


There are hot steam coming right out of the rocks!


The way down was the worst! I practically screamed and grabbed the hand of the guide while sliding down the sandy volcanic sand. There were plenty of loose rocks and pebbles and it was really steep. My better half slipped and fell 5 times while making his way down. Poor him and his butt got to sacrifice as the hiking guide had all his attention on me.



But we were rewarded with beautiful views as the fogs cleared.






Will I ever climb up Mount Batur again? Definitely no. But should everyone give it a try? Oh Yes! After the climb, you will feel like you can overcome anything that comes your way! The guide was also really proud of me! Even though I was going really slowly with all his help, we made it up steadily with little breaks in between!

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