Day 5 of Bali Trip,Part 1




On the fifth day of Bali, we check out of our hotel at Ubud and had an early lunch at Ibu Oka for their fame Warang Babi Guling. The environment of this branch is great, huge and comfortable, and if you are curious, you can also asked to see how they roast their pork.

We ordered one to share as it was too early for lunch and we were more amazed by the whole roasting process then the food itself. But the crispy pork crackling and spicy pork are great!


We then leave Ubud and travel towards Semiyak, but before that, we also dropped by Tanah Lot. Before visiting Bali, we were deliberating if we should visit this temple. There are many myths and rumors of it being a cursed temple where unmarried couples will break up within 6 months of visiting the temple. But when I try to find out more information from my driver guide, he didn’t know of this curse. To the locals, this temple is there to protect the fishermen. So off we went and it has being 8 months and we are now busy preparing for our wedding! When we visited, we went during high tide and were unable to cross over to the temple.


We then head over to Seminyak and check in to our villa. We love the villa we stayed and it deserves a post on it’s own! We then rested for a while before walking to Potato Head Beach Club, it is a 20 minutes walk to Potato Head and we went there without knowing that we had to make a reservation. In the end, we pleaded with the guard to let us in, told him the sob story of us being really hungry, walked 20 minutes from our hotel and gave him our huge pitiful eye look, and it worked! He let us in to let us to ask their concierge if there are available tables for us. God must be watching us as we got the first row day bed seats for a minimum spend of $50! Woot!


Front row day bed seats! Woohoo!


We had an awesome view of the sunset!






The food wasn’t too bad but by the time they served the food, it was dark and we couldn’t quite see what we are eating. Haha.

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