[Review Post] Lollababy Portable Nebulizer a lifesaver

Avery is currently down with viral flu and Mama took leave for the last 2 days to keep her at home so that I can administer her with nebulizer every 4 – 6 hours. After the visit to the Pediatrician, we went home with a rented nebulizer machine (we were charged $10 per day, which is pretty common) and Baby Avery was prescribed Pulmicort Respules, Berodual Solution and Sodium Chloride to be manually mixed and used with the nebulizer. This will helped loosen Baby Avery’s phlegm and mucus to be purge or suck out later.

Can you imagine how stressed up we were as first time parents? It doesn’t help that the rented nebulizer was loud and bulky, the long tube and wire cord were all over the place! After a while, Baby Avery woke up crying because of the noise and started twisting and turning while grabbing on to the mask and pulling the tube. It was legit nightmare.

IMG_2683[The bulky and noisy rented nebulizer which has tube and wire cord all over.]

And that is not all, the worst feature of the rented nebulizer is that it can only effectively dispense out the solution in an upright position and it does not come with any indication to show if the solution is fully dispensed. We started shaking it and second guessing in the dark if the solution has been completed and had to turn on the night light to check. Gosh, it was such a hassle.

Thankfully for the portable nebulizer brought over by the kind folks from @lollababy.com.sg, after a quick briefing, we switched to use that immediately!

IMG_2564[Lollababy’s portable nebulizer is so compact and light!]

IMG_2580[The portable nebulizer is so quiet that Baby Avery continues sleeping while Papa Mama administer the nebulizer! It effectively releases the solution even when lying down!]

IMG_2655[Little fuss from Baby Avery when Papa Chia administer the nebulizer. ]

The portable nebulizer, as its name suggests, is really portable and compact! There is no loose wire or tube, run on two “AAA” batteries and is really quiet! We love that it also comes with a light indicator which turns red once the solution runs out. We realized that after using both the rented nebulizer and the portable one from @lollababy.com.sg, both of them took about the same time of around 12-15 mins to dispense 2ml of solution. In fact, we saved some time using the portable nebulizer because we don’t have to keep shaking it and second guessing if the solution runs out.

IMG_2604[Red light indicator comes out once done.]

The micromesh in the portable nebulizer can last approx. 1350 mins which is approximately 90 times of 15 mins usage. I was told that many of the portable nebulizer goes wonky even before that because Mummies and Daddies forget to wash them before stowing them away after use! The cleaning of the nebulizer is pretty simple.

Here are some simple steps to follow to make sure that your portable nebulizer lasts a long time!

  1. Detach the medication cap and rinse it under tap water after use
  2. Fill the medication cap with 2 – 3 ml of warm water and attach it back to the nebulizer main unit
  3. Let it run till the water runs out and air dry before keeping it


It is the flu season now and this is such a lifesaver! Would highly recommend Mummies and Daddies to go get one!

You can get them right here:-


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