[Review Post] Lollababy Portable Bottle Warmer a lifesaver for parents on the go!

Avery is blessed to enjoy my sister’s frozen breast milk for the last 6-7 months but the problem with frozen breastmilk is that it can be cumbersome to bring out and warm up on the go. We often have to rely on the traditional method of bringing out hot water in a thermal flask which can be challenging when on the move! 

Thankful for Lollababy who has come out with this brilliant idea of creating a portable bottle warmer to save parents from the hassle! Its single button design is simple to use and with one full charge, it can heat up and warm up milk 2-6 times. I love that it is mess-free, portable, and beautifully designed with a modern digital display. The quick heating feature allows chilled milk to be heated up in less than 10 minutes. 

This bottle warmer has four temperature settings to choose from; 37°C, 40°C, 45°C, and 50°C. This prevents overheating of breastmilk which kills off all the nutrients. The temperature setting is thoughtfully designed this way because the perfect temperature to serve breastmilk is at 37°C or not warmer than 40°C! 

The Lollababy Bottle Warmer is also compatible with most wide-neck baby bottle brands – otherwise you can conveniently purchase bottle adapters from @lollababysg too! Mama is using Hegen bottles and we are using the Hegen PCTO™ Wide Neck Adapter which we purchased directly from Hegen.

Mummies who wish to grab this bottle warmer can purchase directly from Lollababy’s website (https://www.lollababy.com.sg/), or check out @mummys_market massive online sale happening from now till 25 May, 2359hrs! 

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2 responses to “[Review Post] Lollababy Portable Bottle Warmer a lifesaver for parents on the go!”

  1. Ayla says :

    Hi. Just want to check in. There’s actually contact between the milk and the warming area right? Does it mean that y’all could only warm up the milk once when outside because the warming area will no longer be sterile after one use?

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