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Day 8 of Western Australia Trip, Target and K Mart, Perth

On the 8th day of our trip, it is a Thursday, and on Thursday, it is their late night shopping in their sub urban malls but not in CBD. Late night shopping in CBD happens on Friday instead. So instead of cooping up in the hotel with everything else closed at 5pm, we headed out to Galleria Shopping Mall at Morley. There are a few pharmacies if you want to buy cheap supplements, there is also K-Mart, Target, Coles and Woolworths and if you are into Pandora, there is one too. We did window shopping and had a quick dinner before buying some groceries back.

I love their home decorations items in K-Mart and Target! It is really affordable and they are so pretty! I would have carted a lot back if I have my own place! Here are some pretty ones. I always find Australian’s home decorative items really beautiful and affordable, when we were at Margaret River downtown, we also spotted a few shops selling beautiful and affordable decorations and homewares!

These are from Targets!







Almost carted one of these book stands back! So pretty and only for AU$30!




And these are from K-Mart!




That’s all for the posting for this weekend, stay tuned for more as I share on other visits to other sights in Perth!


Public Garden Consumer Trade Show – 13 Jun 15

It has been a long while since I last visited a Public Garden Fair, and yesterday, it was the first time they held a larger scale one at Suntec and called it the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show where there were participating stalls from around the region.
It is an event that I’ve bookmarked for a long time and I really enjoyed myself there. We spotted a few nice stuffs but I was reminded to get them when we have a home, which is really far from reality. We also saw many disgruntled boyfriends/husbands accompanying their girls in this candyland. Haha. He complained that there’s no food and it’s all stuff for girls! Haha. There were only a couple of food stalls and yes, Public Garden is mostly for girls. Heh.

Here are some pretty stalls which caught my eyes!







8 Dec who does wedding decor



Some manly terrarium which has little guys climbing the rocks in there.


Even kueh stalls! They sold out pretty fast and too bad, they don’t have peanut ang ku kueh!


Perfect for people with Industrial home concept.

Love these stalls below and am bookmarking for future reference!



These beautiful woodcraft from Things to Make and Do from Bangkok.


Beautiful brass knots from Lava Vella


Photo from Awesome Maps

Saw one of the stall, Shinn Park selling these Awesome Maps and wanted to get one. But was told not to. So I’m going to bookmark this for now. We can probably spend half a day just reading and exploring the world through this map.

Gold Loving

Taking a break from sharing on my holiday pictures, here’s a frivolous post on jewelries.I’m not sure if it’s age or I’m becoming more practical, when it comes to accessories, I now have a weakness for gold. Not gold plated jewelries, gold colour jewelries or brass jewelries, but those 24K or 22K gold accessories which my parents and grandma love! The ones which you can exchange for cash at  a pawn shop in time of crisis.

The thing is, I can’t wear silver, it tarnishes very quickly after the first wear. I’m also not the kind of lady who likes costume jewelries from luxury brands, this pair of pretty earrings cost SGD 620 which is made from glass pearls. You are basically paying for the brand and all the advertisements.


Source: Here

So instead of buying accessories which doesn’t quite last or has little value, my heart yearns for gold! This year, I decided to pamper myself and buy myself a little present. A 22K gold ring from Poh Heng. Before you scream, OMG, Serene is turning into a granny, look at this little pretty! And this, cost me slightly above SGD 500 and it is probably something that I can pass it on to my future grand daughter! Haha.



A Special Gift for Baby Seth and a deal for all!

Taking a break from my holiday posts (yes, I do lead a normal lead, and I do wish I’m a full time traveler), I’m here to share a great deal for all mummies or friends of soon to pop mummies!

You know social media works when someone like me knows exactly what to get for a friend’s baby shower! Back in March 14, I read Lady J’s post on a perfect present for her friend’s little one and I thought it was the perfect gift! I didn’t bookmark the page or note it down but I thought, wow, if I have a kid, I would love this too! And just two weeks back, when I was cracking my head to source for Baby Seth’s present, Lady J’s post on MyBabyGift popped right into my mind! Talk about brand recall and “Top of the Mind” brand!


“MyBabyGift is a luxurious baby gift boutique offering Personalized Premium Baby Hampers & unique babies gifts , both for babies and mummies. All gifts are elegantly presented in our MyBabyGift signature gift box. Our products are not only beautiful, they are also highly practical and durable! We spent considerable time researching, selecting and testing every product we sell. All products are 100% super soft cotton. The baby’s name is delicately embroidered on selected products and your baby gift is beautifully wrapped in our special signature box with a classic satin ribbon.”

– Extracted from MyBabyGift

There were many reasons to get a gift from MyBabyGift and I’m sure many of you can relate to them! Before I begin, I think I’m sounding like I’m writing a proposal to convince my boss to pick my marketing strategy! As a matter of fact, I thought I need a lot of convincing from the man to get this, but he just nodded and say, go ahead. Haha. And oh, to clarify, I didn’t received any monetary benefits from MyBabyGift but I did enjoy a $10 off their hamper using an offer code listed in their Facebook page!

So here are my personal reasons for picking this gift!

Baby’s Mummy is a Glamorous One: If you know my friend, she is one glamorous and stylish babe, you know her child can’t settle for an ordinary gift. It must be special! Extraordinary! Look at her baby shower’s picture! She has a dessert table for Seth’s One Month Old Party! This is even more glamorous than a wedding! Haha.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook (yes, this dude has a facebook page!)

Gift Differentiation: Many friends will be gifting baby clothes and toys, but after receiving 20 – 30 gifts from different friends and relatives, the receiver may not remember who gave what after a while. I want Baby Seth to remember, Auntie Serene bought her a towel with his name on it! I think it’s cool, but maybe not Baby Seth 20 years down the road.

Special Keepsake: I heard it’s really really fast for babies to outgrow their clothes and toys and soon, the regular gifted clothes and toys will be passed down to others, donated or kept in storage. But which mum will give away a towel/jumper/blanket with their precious little one’s name embroidered on it! I won’t! I will probably keep them for as long as it last!

A Romantic Gift: Some of my practical mummy friends prefer supermarket vouchers while others prefer cash, yes, baby can be expensive! I heard they drink a tin of milk within 2 weeks and used up diapers like toilet papers! Gasped! So yes, gift vouchers and cash is good, but leave those to their relatives! I believe this is one luxurious gift which even the practical mum will love. It is something that a new mum may not have the heart to splurge on but will be thrilled to receive! I know I would! Gosh, why am I getting excited about this.

Yet still Practical: It is after all still baby clothes and necessity, we are not talking about diamonds you know!

I don’t have to leave my home: This was one of the best reason! Everything was settled online, I bought the items using my iPhone in a car ride on a Saturday, received them within 3 days! Best of all, it included a card with my message, packed really nicely and delivered to my place! It is best for friends who are overseas and would like to send a gift to your friends in Singapore too! They deliver to hospital or home!


Look at how delighted Sue Ann (she is still a hottie, can’t believe she just popped!) is when receiving her gift! She squealed in joy and said, this was what Fann Wong received too!


Haha. Yes, Fann Wong received this for her Baby Zed too! Haha.

When we left her place, the man commented that, seeing how happy the mummy is, it was money well spent. What I forget to tell him was, that’s our Sue Ann. Ever happy and bubbly Sue Ann.

Seeing how thrilled my friend is with the gift, it got me really excited to want to share this deal with my friends! So I unabashedly asked the folks from MyBabyGift if they would like to spread the love to others!

So here’s a special deal for you:

Enjoy $10 off all hampers on by using the coupon code SbR (valid until 31 December 2014).

Ok, back to her baby shower! OMG. So beautiful!


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

Look at these close up shots of the desserts. OMG. They looked and tasted so good.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

I am really happy for her and am thrilled to have a new addition to SSSS girl’s group! I’m sure Seth will join us in many of our outings and it will be SSSS + s group! Haha.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

May the Lord bless Seth with lots of happiness, wisdom, and great health! And may the little one brings lots of joy and laughter to both Sue Ann and Tim! Congrats again!


In case you are looking for the deal, here’s the deal again!

Enjoy $10 off all hampers on by using the coupon code SbR (valid until 31 December 2014).

Lomo’Instant Camera by Lomography on Kickstarter

I used to own a Diana Mini Lomo camera until I spoiled it. I had trouble changing and putting on new films, often left the unfinished films in the camera and got really lazy to send the films in to develop into photos. I love the vintage and whimsical look but really dread taking pictures randomly just so I can quickly send them in to develop into photos. It also cost a lot to develop films nowadays and there were so many damaged or overexposure ones which I can no longer retake.


I’ve heard of the Lomo’Instant Camera by Lomography on Kickstarter in May 2014 in a video but it never occur to me that I can pledge a sum and sort of pre-order one! It was only until last night when Alphania shared with me and I am so glad she did!

I no longer have to wait to develop a lomo picture and no longer have to take random pictures just to complete the film! The camera will have lomo effect but on a Instax print!

I love the idea of Kickstarter where creators try to raise funds and get people to pledge some money and if the goal is reached, the creator will then use the money and make it happen. It is an interesting way to fund individuals or projects which may not be materialized without the funds. There is definitely some risks in funding these projects as it may all go down the drain should the project fails.

But Lomography being a reputable company for making lomo cameras, many were sold with their latest project! They aim to raise USD 1 million and they reached the goal last night! If you wish to support this project and secure one of the cameras, you have less than 45 hours to go! If you support them through this project, you can get free FREE Close-Up lens, selfie mirror, colour lens, and camera strap! All because they hit the various milestones in their fundraising!  They aim to deliver the product by end November 2014 and I am keeping my fingers crossed! I got the San Remo one! Pretty!

If you are living in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, instead of paying USD 25 for shipping and handling, you will only need to pay USD 15. I almost missed out on this until Alph told me. Read up here on how to do that. If you didn’t managed to get a package which comes with Fisheye and Portrait lens, you can add them for USD 30. Read up here.



Rainbow Village, Tai Chung, Taiwan

My second favourite place would be Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) in Tai Chung. This place was added last minute into our itinerary as we had sometime for a quick tour and photo taking.



The bright cheerful colours in this Rainbow Village cheered everyone there who visited the site.

In the 1950s, Rainbow village was built for nationalist soldiers, where it later becomes a residential area. Previously, the Government of Taiwan intended to pull down this village for redevelopment, but because of Rainbow Grandpa (彩虹爺爺)’s drawing, the government decided to save this village. His drawing became famous after people petition to preserve it. Rainbow Grandpa still resides in this village and without any formal training in Art, he painted every walls, doors, grounds, rocks and more! His imagination and creativity is amazing! Till date, he continues to paint even in his late 80s and volunteers assisted him by printing his work on post cards and accessories to fund his interest.

Here are the pictures!



No stone left alone! Haha.







This is the entrance to Rainbow Grandpa’s House!





We were also very lucky to be able to meet Rainbow Grandpa himself who is nice to allow us to take a picture with him. When I absentmindedly left the postcard on the table, he even reminded me to take it! Haha.

Evergreen Grassland, Cingjing, Taiwan

I know I’ve been away for a while and if you’ve been following me on Instagram @somethingboutrenes, you will know that I went for a holiday in Taiwan! It was an awesome 9 days and I’m going to slowly share some of my favourite sites which we have visited! Boo. Holiday is over and can’t wait for my next holiday to Hanoi in July!

21 May, 2014 10:55 pm

21 May, 2014 10:55 pm

Ok now about this place we visited. It is my favourite place in Taiwan, Evergreen Grassland at Cingjing! This place is perfect for people of all ages! Who doesn’t love fluffy sheep? Except my sister who cried and refused to walk down the hill. Haha. Our tour driver guide got to drive up to pick her up!

21 May, 2014 10:55 pm

I think this is the only place where I have this gleeful smile in all pictures taken here!

I love the experience of feeding the sheep and oh, the view was amazing! Here are some pictures of the Evergreen Grassland at Cingjing!

There are two parts to this farm, the first is to interact and feed the free-roaming sheep. During weekends, they even have sheep shearing performance and other sheep performance. Almost like a mini New Zealand! We didn’t go during a weekend but it was still all good fun.

21 May, 2014 10:55 pm

21 May, 2014 10:54 pm

21 May, 2014 10:55 pm

If you are wondering why the snacks are all on the floor, it is because I got so nervous when the sheep starts charging towards me while I was dropping coins into the machine. When they pushed and stomped on my feet, I quickly dropped the last coin in the machine and forgot all about the brown paper bag. Oops.

The second part of the park is where the cute Windmill is at! It is also where the rest of the sheep is kept behind the fence and is where the best pictures are taken. There is also a horse show where riders from Mongolia do acrobatic acts while riding horses.

21 May, 2014 10:54 pm

21 May, 2014 10:55 pm

21 May, 2014 10:54 pm

21 May, 2014 10:54 pm

21 May, 2014 10:54 pm

After you exit the park, you will see many vendors selling local snacks and fresh fruits! One of the interesting sight is a honey store which displayed how these hard worker bees pick up pollen from flowers! Look at those tiny yellow balls next to their legs, they are flower pollens!

21 May, 2014 10:54 pm

Really miss the rolling hills, the fresh clean air and the cute fluffy sheep among the green green grass!

Wedding at The Chambers, The Art House

photo (22)
photo (25)

We just attended Lydia and Keng Moh’s wedding last weekend, and being the first wedding that I’ve attended in 2014, it can easily be the wedding of the year! It is beautiful and the lovely bride put in great effort in personalizing and having many DIYs in her wedding. The best part? Her wedding is in The Chamber Room at The Art House! I’ve never attended a wedding there before and was really looking forward! Here are some pictures for you to feast on! Enjoy!

The Reception

photo (20)

photo (19)

photo (17)

photo (18)

The Program Card

photo (15)

photo (14)

The Chamber

photo (1)

photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (8)

The Dessert Table

photo (3)

The desserts were all baked by Lydia’s talented sister! You can check out her work at Instagram: @peace2cheris!

The Dining Table Setting

photo (2)

The History

I’m like a tourist wandering around while waiting for the wedding to begin!

photo (16)

photo (11)

Spot Senior Lee!

photo (9)

photo (12)

photo (13)

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! I finally got my life back and I can’t wait to go back to my Yoga routine and get fit again. My jiggly arms are mocking me right in my face whenever I see myself in the mirror. Grrr.

photo (6)

Don’t ask me why my brother’s hair is the way it is. I have no idea why either. Haha.

photo (7)

Day 1 of visiting. I love my printed shift dress and those nails! I discovered Nail wrap stickers all thanks to my cool mum! This is an ingenious invention! No more late night nails painting, falling asleep with my hands apart and still ended up with messed up looking nails with strange alien invaded lines! It took me 20 minutes to get all my 10 fingers done on my first try! Also, no more boring but sexy red finger nails or expensive painted nails at nail bars!  I went on to take a look at Qoo 10 and spent more than SGD 50 on these nail wraps! Will share will I received them!

photo (5)

My first Melissa Heels! Gosh, aren’t they pretty but rawr, they are not for walking. Haha. I am so not used to 4 inch heels and thankfully, house visiting requires little walking. But they look so pretty and perfect for photo taking! Other than the height, it is actually very comfortable. No blisters or abrasion at all!

photo (4)

Day 2! Another printed dress with my new phone casing. Hoot!

photo (3)
Day 3! Matched these pretty bracelet I got online from Bits of Love. Like that it is delicate and yet the gold and leather made it all so rustic and vintage. Just my style.

Vintage Suave Owl by elicollarbones

So a while back, I wrote a post on the winning of a little challenge at Elicollarbones and was awarded with one customized painting from Elicollarbones! I’ve requested for a Vintage Suave Owl and look how pretty this is! Oh so cute! Can’t wait to receive it and add to my owl collection! Hoot!

My new found weakness for tiles.

Previously in one of my post a long while back, I shared about my love and my style as per below. I now have to officially add in another weakness!

My style and weakness


My friend’s new floor tiles.

Untitled #10

My weakness for tiles! After seeing my Facebook friend Eva’s new floor tiles for her home, I feel like jumping around her floor and rolling around it! It’s so pretty! Apparently, she got her Vintage style cement tiles from Unlimited Enterprises! I want!

So here’s my weakness for my future home.

  1. Pretty floor tiles. It’s a must.
  2. Leather sofa. Oooh, those soft buttery sofa.
  3. Wooden furniture.
  4. All things vintage.

Elicollarbones on Instagram

photo (1)
A while back my ex colleague Elisa started an Instagram / Facebook page for her quirky doodles and illustration elicollarbones which have been gaining popularity in the instagram-sphere. Till date, she has got 316 followers and it is increasing daily as we are speaking. It started out as a random doodle site but gained popularity during the Minions-Craze where she started drawing and posting pictures of her own versions of cute and silly minions.

photo (2)

Recently she came out with her #collrbnsHIDEandSEEK challenge where she doodles and hides them in a secret location. Whoever finds it and shares it on her page will get a customized drawing in the size of a name card!


So with some sheer luck, I happened to pass by Orchard Central for my late morning Yoga session yesterday and decided to give it a try to see if it is still around! And TADAH! I found it! Haha. I’ve submitted my request and guess what have I requested for? A Vintage Owl of course! I’m really excited to see elicollarbones‘ creative interpretation of it! Stay tuned for an update!

If you enjoy the drawings of elicollarbones, do follow her on Instagram! Oh, and if you are curious about my random life, follow me on Instagram at somethingboutrenes too!

Hidden Finds Market by Public Garden Flea at Triple One Somerset

photo (50)

In partnering with the F1 event, the Public Garden Flea held a Hidden Finds Market at Triple One Somerset in one of their empty office building on Level 16. I love Public Garden Flea and there are always something to buy/see and something new every single time I went.

Here are the past two times I went, once in March at National Museum and lately at Chjimes during Singapore Night Festival!

This time round there were two exciting vendors who were hawking their loots at the flea!

photo (44)

photo (43)

photo (42)

MT Tape (it’s actually masking tape)! MT Tape has also decorated the flea area with their huge colourful Washi tapes and many ladies (old and young alike) were squealing at how pretty the tapes are. I unconsciously also picked up some rolls and it all added up to twenties for a small pretty tapes. Bad Serene, bad bad Serene.

photo (41)

photo (40)

photo (52)

These are my loots! 3 rolls of solid colour MT tapes for SGD 10, pretty floral and checkered tapes at SGD 3.90 each and my favourite map tape at SGD 7.90!

photo (49)

Up next, I spotted Tinkr, a 3D printing stall! A few weeks back, 3D printing was much talked about in the press and it is so cool to see it live! It is still a relatively new technology for consumers and hence it doesn’t come cheap! But you can print a 3D model of yourself at the stall! I overheard that it will take almost half a day just to print a 3D model of oneself!

photo (48)

photo (46)

photo (47)

The lady at the booth gifted this to me and I am so thrilled to take home a piece of freshly printed 3D shark!

photo (51)

When up close, you can actually see how it is painstakingly printed line by line!

photo (38)

Also spotted my friend at this booth by Chubby Chubby and was thinking hard if I should get it. Did you spot him? Yes the owl! It is adorable isn’t it!

photo (54)

A lovely Owl plus for SGD 28.90. I am not sure when will I stop my obsessive collection. Too cute.

photo (53)

Also bought an Ang Ku Kueh postcard (SGD 1.80)for someone who loves Peanut Ang Ku Kueh. Haha.

Singapore Night Festival 2013

photo (74)

Last night, I was at Singapore Night Festival 2013 and it was great to soak in the atmosphere of the spirit and enjoy the artwork on display. The only grumble I have? It is way too crowded and it was a humid warm night. Oops, that’s two.

photo (73)

National Museum of Singapore

photo (72)

photo (71)

photo (70)

An outdoor short feature of Light Seeker, a musical by Resort World Sentosa. It was an interesting experience to watch a musical at an outdoor stage.

photo (69)

photo (62)

Singapore Art Museum. Love the lights and colour, reminds me of pretty colourful tiles.

photo (65)

The only souvenir I took home? An Owl fan! Haha.

The highlight of the event is definitely Public Garden Flea at Chijmes. Saw many pretty stuffs in there!

photo (68)

Love these watercolour illustration from Catherine May Tang! I need more wall space for these pretties!

photo (63)

photo (67)

These customisation illustrations from E’von LeAngelis blew me away! They offer customise cards and prints with your story! It will make perfect gift and wedding invites!

photo (66)

Love these handpainted leather clutch too! Didn’t managed to grab their card! The colours are really pretty but I thought it is too small a clutch! I need bigger ones to put my long wallet, keys, phone and makeup! Haha.

photo (64)

Saught. My favourite local jeweller. Love their cause and have been eyeing their Pursuing Peace Bangle for the longest time but couldn’t bear to part with my money. Took up the courage to buy last evening but they ran out of stock! Alas! I had no fate with it. But I am loving their Knots collection, love the Knots ring and necklace! The nice lady at the booth showed me their upcoming collection, a ring that reminds me of the Romans empire. Haha. And I am loving that too! Hopefully they will have a sale soon and I will take the plunge to grab one of their lovelies! Haha.

Won a LoQi Reusable Shopping Tote!


You girls must really hate me! I won another giveaway! This time round by The Good Things! Haha. The Good Things is an edgy concept store in Clementi Mall which sells quirky, artsy and random lifestyle products best for gifts and to dress up homes! In their latest giveaway, they gave out LoQi reusable shopping tote in London print! They have many other pretty prints retailing at $13.90 which are eco-friendly and man-friendly.


I am a huge user for reusable bags and I am one of those who doesn’t take plastic bags in supermarkets! It is not use eco-friendly but very convenient to dump all your purchases in one bag. So how can I ever pass on this giveaway! Haha.


I almost always have a reusable bag in my bag, minus those times when I am carrying tiny bags for dates, and I love those which you can fold them up really tiny.

Here’s my random “collection” of my foldable reusable bag. All of them are from supermarkets or came free with purchases. As you can see, most of them are ugly except the Ben & Jerry’s one which is really cute, and most of them are flimsy.


This little one from LoQi is really pretty, looks hardy and dares us to test it out with 20 kg of groceries! I really like that it comes with a little pocket inside to throw the receipts and loose coins and it can be rolled and clipped up! The little square bag can probably be used for our sanitary pads! Haha.





Ok, I am rather random and I can actually write a post about a random reusable bag. Haha. Gosh, I’m random, but do try using reusable bags and stop taking plastic bags!

French Windows by Butterpaper Studio

I’ve always been an avid reader of Velle Yeo’s blog and love her creativity in the DIY projects and beautiful houses that she did up for her client. But these designs simply blow me away! I love love the tiles at the breakfast counter area, the black and white blinds and the French windows at the second level. I didn’t know this can be done!


Source: Butterpaper Studio


Source: Butterpaper Studio


Source: Butterpaper Studio

photo (38)

Worn this pretty piece by Strangely Yours and I’m a happy girl. I got mine at the Public Garden Flea and I realized Stephanie bought the exact same one at Pasarbella! Haha. I’m glad these pretty ones are appreciated! Get them at the flea as it is cheaper compared to their Etsy store!

Picture Taking at Haji Lane

Did I already mention that Haji lane is perfect for photo taking? Took lots of pictures with the beautiful graffiti wall art and pops of colours everywhere!

photo (9)

photo (10)

photo (11)

photo (13)

Complete Set of Ceramic Houses from Franc Franc


In March, I lugged home a Ceramic House from Franc Franc Japan, and I made a promised to myself that if I saw it in Singapore’s Franc Franc, I will surely buy the other two! Look what I’ve found today! Their buddies! The best of all? Franc Franc is having a 15% discount for all purchases when you use Mastercard! Yay! But I have a problem, it is kind of blocking my TV. Haha. But it looks so pretty!

photo (21)

photo (29)

photo (28)

Tadah! With their residents!

Other than these country style houses, I also spotted their walk up apartment style ones! OMG! Ok, I will be good and stopped at three. I promise.

photo (22)

Your cup of tea?

photo (11)

Grabbed this off Facebook and can’t remember from where! If anyone knows where is this from, do drop me a message!

I love tea and am a tea drinker rather than coffee! See, tea has got so much more benefits than coffee! I love Chamomile and Green Tea!