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Buy Kiehl’s at Changi Airport Terminal 2 to enjoy Savings!

It has been using the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA ++ and Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution for a while and I love it! I’m done with one bottle of their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and the results are amazing. Of course not all my dark spots are gone after a bottle of use, but most of them has lighten up! The best of all, it prevents dark spots from forming! The last time when I went Phuket, before I started using both of these products, I came back with more dark spots after spending considerably amount of time under the sun. But after using these products, when I’m back from Langkawi, there aren’t more dark spots forming! Weee!

19 Mar, 2014 10:03 am

I bought the above Jumbo bottles for both products at Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure Hall Kiehl’s Booth and it is really much cheaper in these jumbo bottles without taxes. These Jumbo bottles are usually not available in our Singapore retail store, but once in a while, they have them as limited edition promo. But in Changi Airport Terminal 2, it is a permanent item!

Here are the prices I paid versus the prices in our Singapore retail outlet. So next time before flying, pick your supplies up first.

Kiehl Ultra Light UV Defense SPF 50 in 60 ml (jumbo)- SGD 64 (Airport Price). That’s $1.07 per ml. Same item in 30 ml in Singapore Retail Store – SGD 52. Do the math! $1.73 per ml.

Kiehl Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution 50 ml (jumbo) – SGD 99 (Airport Price). That’s $1.98 per ml. Same item in 30 ml in Singapore Retail Store – SGD 75 and for jumbo promo bottle – SGD 120! Do I even have to say more?

19 Mar, 2014 10:03 am

Recently, I’m also trying out Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml after my sister’s rave review. They don’t have jumbo bottles at the airport for this item, and I paid SGD 65 while it is sold at SGD 80 in our local retail stores.

Weee! That’s a lot of savings! On top of all that, always ask for some sample packs! These are great for traveling or after yoga session! Also perfect if you want to try certain products before purchase. I’m a happy girl!

The next product I’m going to pick up at the airport would be their Dermatologist Solutions Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque!

// The review was neither paid for nor advised by Kiehl’s. All opinions are my own.

Kiehl’s UV Defense and Corrective Dark Spot Solution

photo (65)

I am declaring war with the sun! My recent temporary posting to the Headquarter got me walking to the bus stop in the blazing sun in the morning and when out for lunch! RAWR! I can see my skin ageing with pigmentation and freckles! Nooooooo. Another impulse purchase! A few months back I recall my sister telling me that Kiehl’s has got a great sunblock so I popped by to grab one as a gift but was convinced to buy another one for myself! The sunblock was on sale at SGD 52 (OMG so ex!) On top of that, I got the corrective dark spot solution (SGD 90) to get rid of the existing spots. Vanity is a scary thing. Will try and share in a few months time!

Review of Uriage Skincare Products

photo (67)

Back in August I bought a range of skincare products from the brand Uriage out of impulse and I am still loving every bit of it! I have a oily to combination skin and these products work great for me.

Here is a mini review of the products that I’ve added into my daily routine.

Uriage Tolederm Soothing Cleansing Water is perfect for those lazy afternoon or nights where you don’t want to over clean your face which may strip off the natural facial oil! I use it in between my usual morning and before bed time cleaning! This is also great as an additional step after makeup removing and before facial wash to ensure that your face is clean but yet moisturize. It is extremely light, non-oily (it’s basically like water!) except that it cleanses your face!

Uriage Aqua Precis moisturizing refreshing cream gel and eye contour care are now my basic skincare routine. Even on lazy days when I just want to sleep, I will still use this moisturizer and skip everything else. It is also extremely lightweight, it’s also like you didn’t apply anything on your skin! I can feel my skin drinking up all the moisture after application!

Uriage Hyseac Pore Refiner is great too! It is also light and non oily and I can really skin my huge pores minimising a little after a month of using them!

Have you tried their products and what do you think?


Was at Plaza Singapura New Wing and grabbed a replacement brush head for my Clarisonic Mia 2 at Sephora. There after checked out Watson to see if there are any good deals and to my surprise, K-Palette 24 Hr Lasting Eyeliner is on sale at 2 for $30! At selected Watson stores (I suppose the ones with poorer sales) there is an ongoing promotion for Watson Members where a purchase of $30 will give you a $3 coupon with a minimum spend of $20!

This coupon led me to the evil of shopping. Haha. While I was walking around the store for other good deals, the promoter of Uriage then introduced me her range of products from France which are all water based. Each items were retailing at approximately $30 – $39 and so I added 4 more steps to with a discount of $3 (from coupon) for each items! This is what happened why you are ageing and you will try all means to slow that down and maintain whatever youth that is left in you. Haha.

Will try it out and share if it is good!


Groupon Deal: Unlimited underarm IPL at Musee

photo (32)

A while back, I bought a Groupon deal from Musee for an unlimited session of underarm IPL session at SGD 98 and it was a great deal!

Before you book for a session at Musee, you need to book a consultation session to speak to their advisors. They will share with you the before and after care, terms and conditions and other useful information.

I went for my first session and enjoyed every bit of it. They provided good service, the room was clean and a little clinical (unlike the usual spa service) and the result is fantastic! After one session, the hair is visibly finer and more sparse! I can’t wait to complete more sessions to get rid of them totally! I understand from the therapist that frequent shaving causes dry, patchy skin with hair ingrowth and thicker hair but with IPL, it makes the skin visibly smoother and hair finer and I agree!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.46.41 AM

Source: Musee Website

If you have missed the deal, you can also sign up at SGD 138 at their outlets. But they have the SGD 98 deal at and Groupon occasionally, so do keep a look out for it!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.46.48 AM

Source: Musee Website

Reivew of Clarisonic Mia 2

photo (31)

Here’s a review on the Clarisonic Mia 2 that I bought two weeks back from Sephora while shopping in the latest mall in the west – JEM.

I’ve been using Clarisonic Mia 2 for two weeks daily and I love every bit of it. I’ve read that some people experience breakouts when they used daily, scrubbing their skin squeaky clean and causing the skin to generate more natural oil to keep the skin moisturize.

So I have been really caution when using my Mia 2 and here are some general guidelines when using it.

  • Read the instructions before using. There is a guide to share how much time should be given to each area. E.g 20 seconds on your T-zone and 10 seconds on your cheeks.
  • Stick to your face cleanser that you are currently using. Even though my Mia 2 comes with a sample size face cleanser, I stick to the one I love from my beautician. Gentle and natural.
  • Use it only in the evening or before bedtime. Once a day. After a long day at work, with cosmetic, sun block, dusts and other pollutants (haze!) on your face, this is the best time to use my Clarisonic to ensure that my face is all clean.
  • The Mia 2 comes with the brush head for sensitive skin, so it is really gentle. So stick to that for a start.
  • Mia 2 also comes with two speeds, try the slower speed for a while to allow your skin to get use to it.
  • Moisturize your skin after use to prevent over-drying the skin. I use my Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion.

What I love about Clarisonic Mia 2:-

  • It is entirely waterproof, the bristle is easy to change and it is easy to charge (and you don’t have to charge frequently).
  • It comes with a travel box and that means you won’t miss a session even while travelling.
  • If you buy it from Sephora (the only legal distributor in Singapore), it comes with 2 years warranty

What I love about the effects of using Clarisonic Mia 2:-

  • It keeps my skin really clean. Cleaning all the dirts from the pores, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It allows my skin to absorb all the moisturizers and serums when my skin is all clean!

My take on Eyeshadows and Material World’s Anna Sui Giveaway!

Did I mention I love participating in Giveaways? I think I did. Did I mention that Material World is awesome with lots of interesting Giveaways? I think I did. Gosh, participating in giveaways is like buying lottery except that you don’t have to spend a single cent! Yay! And winning giveaways make me happy! What’s not to like when you can enjoy tiny victories in the form of giveaways! Haha. Of course, I do not participate in every giveaway just to win something. I participate in something I can relate to and things I really like! Just that there are plenty all over. Haha.

So back to the latest Material World giveaway! Material World is giving away Anna Sui Limited Eye Shadow Palette 2013 in No. 2, and it triggered some thoughts on my views on eyeshadows colours.

Basically, I am boring when it comes to the colours of eyeshadows. I stick to natural, earth and brown tones most of the time. I declare that it looks best for Asian girls. At least for me!

Here are some colours I tried previously:-

  • Pink: I tried and looked like I have swollen eyes. Freaking puffy goldfish.
  • Blue: Please don’t ask me why I even bother. I look like someone from Mars. Blue and creepy.
  • Green: Yes. I tried green. The makeup artist must have hated me. She applied green eyeshadow and blood red lipstick in my Varsity Pageant Finals. Yes, I participated in pageants before, that is a story for another day. But freaking green eyeshadow and blood red lipstick? She explained that she thinks I can carry it off. Did I mentioned my gown was pastel blue? Gosh. I almost burst out in tears.
  • Black/Grey: I saw Steph doing her smokey eyes during our D&D one year, tried and ended up looking like a Panda with two black eyes.

Ever since these incidents, I’ve stick with my safest brown, earth and slightly shimmering gold hues. I believe there are nothing wrong with the colours, it is probably just me. I am contemplating if I should go for makeup workshops. HMPH.

Here’s my faithful eyeshadow from L’Oreal which I’ve used for a long time. This is my daily palette and also the palette I used during fancy dinners.

photo (58)

But when I read that Material World is giving away Anna Sui Limited Eye Shadow Palette 2013 in No. 2, the palette is perfect! Something for a change. I want it! This is definitely in time to replace my almost gone L’Oreal eyeshadow! Keeping my fingers crossed. Haha.

annanumbersSource: Material World



I suck at taking self portraits, so don’t laugh. I always imagine myself to look better than the pictures but ended up with crappy and awkward pictures of myself. Haha.

Anyway, in this post, I want to share my favourite lippie! A few weeks back, I bought a Chanel Lipstick for my cousin and realize that I love it too! Now, this is my all time favourite colour. Natural and sweet with a hint of glittery gold. Love it.

photo (37)

photo (36)

Pardon my poor complexion.

photo (39)

After a few use

If you are wondering, this shade is under the Rouge Coco Shine, No. 70 Sourire. Sourire means a grin or a smile in French. No wonder I’m smiling whenever I put this on! Haha.

Groupon Deal: Brazilian IPL by Beyond Beauty

A few months back, I bought a Groupon deal for 3 sessions of Brazilian IPL at Beyond Beauty. I like that it is near my yoga studio and my sister tried it and think it is effective. So after the third session, I bought a 12 session Bare Bikini package at $686 (inclusive of GST) and it came with free whitening every session. This deal is made possible by quoting my sister and her friend’s contact number and it is a previous promotional price and given by referral only. At least I hope it’s true.

Anyway, if you have never tried IPL session before, you can get the Groupon deal and give it a try. It is less painful than waxing but it is definitely not painless. It is however, very tolerable. Almost like eyebrow tweezing. Haha.

photo (20)

The environment at Beyond Beauty is comfortable, clean and spa like. Their service is also fairly good and not extremely pushy.

photo (21)

photo (16)

photo (17)

IPL illustration

After 2 Groupon sessions, this is what’s left down under. Hopefully with 12 sessions, it will be gone for a very long time. Haha.

photo (18)

While walking around Orchard Central, I also chanced upon a poster with their mall promotion details! Apparently, customers can redeem SGD 30 Orchard Central vouchers with more than SGD 300 charged to Mastercard! It is a shopping habit I frequent practice, to always look out for such mall promotions! So I happily received SGD 30 Orchard Central Vouchers which I can use for some ice cream treat the next time after Yoga! Haha.

photo (15)

Review of Twistband Hair ties

photo (5)

A while back, I spotted these Twistband retailing at Watsons and couldn’t resist buying one of them! I hate it when my hair has this HUGE bump at the back whenever I let down my hair after a day of tying them up in a ponytail! I tried those hairbands that looks like springs but it wasn’t tight enough for me. So when I came across this, it was a godsend.

photo (1)

It claims to not create any dent when you tie your hair and it was founded by a mother in the states. Here’s a little history about Twistband which is extracted from their site.

“Like all great inventions, Twistband was born out of necessity. After having a baby, Jessica Frandson grew tired of having her hair tugged by the little one and quickly learned the least painful hairstyle for a new mom was a ponytail. She made sure to always have her hair up and kept a second band on her wrist as a backup. Traditional hair bands hurt her head and her wrist, so she twisted a soft piece of elastic trim to hold back her hair, thus creating the first Twistband. A few weeks later she was looking to write down a phone number and in the absence of a notepad, she wrote the number onher Twistband, and the custom message Twistband was born. In 2009 she officially launched the Twistband brand and began selling the product at retail stores nationwide. Jessica serves as the president of Twistband, overseeing all aspects of the emerging brand.”

– Source: Twistband

It doesn’t help that it comes in these pretty prints!

photo (3)

photo (4)

The only and major setback? It is too pricey and is definitely overpriced! The printed ones is priced at SGD 10.90. But I had to buy them to try it on my own! So I got the basic ones at SGD 6.90!

photo (2)

I tried it, had my hair tied up with these for five hours and there is still a little bump. But probably five times smaller than the usual bump! I still love it! I will be using them whenever I have a dinner date or an event which requires me to let my hair down!

I did a simple googling and found this posts which teaches us how to DIY these twistbands by using Fold-Over Elastic (or FOE) material! It is incredibly easy if you manage to get the material, you can probably find them in Spotlight or Chinatown! Also, I will suggest burning the ends of this band to prevent it from fraying!

So will I pay for it? Yes I guess but I will buy one pack and use it preciously and try to see if I can get FOE to make some on my own! If it is cheaper, say SGD 3, I will buy plenty to use it every other day and save the trouble to DIY!

Going bare down south at Fabulous Tan

Always thought about going bare down south but didn’t had the courage or the need to do it. Chatted with Steph and she recommended Brazilian Wax and I was toying with the idea before plucking my courage to buy a deal off! For $18, you get a Brazilian Wax at Fabulous Tan. After speaking to my sister about it, I realized she has been going bare for a while and was using IPL treatment instead! So I also bought a deal off Groupon for 3 IPL session.

After my UTI scare, I was even more determined to pay attention to my feminine hygiene!

To cut the story short, here is a short review of my experience at Fabulous Tan. It was my first time going for a waxing service and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

The heat of both the hard and soft wax are tolerable and it was kind of comfortable for me. It is probably because I love taking hot shower and am used to hot water on my skin! The pain was uncomfortable but bearable, definitely not the scream-your-head-off kind of pain! It wasn’t shocking either. It’s either because I had a higher pain tolerance or I imagined the worst! Haha. Fabulous Tan at Cineleisure is more like a no frill and fuss free environment. Unlike a spa environment, everything is basic and efficient. Haha.


Fabulous Tan at Cineleisure


Wash yourself clean before the session


The hard and soft wax. This is a bad picture, I was stripping and fumbling with my phone!


The view from my bed. Not much of a view there.


The bed. No towel to cover yourself, just you and a sheet of paper.


My lovely therapist – Chester – who is really attentive and gentle. She kept checking on me if I’m ok or still alive. Haha.

If you asked me if I would recommend anyone to Fabulous Tan via Groupon/Deals, I would say, yeah, go for it, cause it’s really cheap and I like that they will send reminder SMS on your appointment and even an SMS to get you to rate the service after your session. The session was also fuss free and comfortable. But having said that, I would like to try IPL next!

Here are some tips from this session:-

  • Do not shave em before the session, let it grow for 2 – 3 weeks. The hair must be long enough to allow sufficient grip on the wax. I shave them a week ago and it was too short. In the end, the therapist had to use a few more rounds of wax, a tweezer and put her face really close.
  • Wear loose fitting bottoms. Preferably a skirt or a dress. This also includes your inner wear. Wear some loose fitting granny cotton pants to let her breathe!
  • Inform your therapist that it’s your first time! They will be more attentive and gentle!
  • Distract yourself with your phone. Thankfully I had my phone with me and I just chatted, took pictures, and surf online. Hah.
  • Relax and breathe! I know laying there without your pants may seem intimidating at first, but if you imagine yourself as a piece of meat, like a turkey waiting to be marinated, it’s not that bad. Haha

Can you remember your first waxing experience? Where and how was it?

The Odbo in Singapore


When I went to Korea, I was introduced to this brand of skincare products which I am currently using! I am using their BB cream (love that it is very light and it doesn’t make my skin feels oily), UV Sunpact (similarly it is light and not oily) and eye mask. I’ve never seen this brand sold in our departmental stores here and was googling online and found an online store founded by Odbo users. But over the weekends, I came across Odbo roadshow at Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium (apparently founded in Hongkong and not China) in Chinatown! I was there looking for Lunar New Year decorations (to no avail) but came across this! The good news is that they are selling all the products I’m currently using, the sad news is that, it costs two to three times the price I paid in Korea! Can the good people in Odbo make it more affordable and accessible please?!

Flower by Kenzo


Flower by Kenzo is my favourite scent and I bought this during Christmas for myself! It is a mildly floral and powdery scent which smells fresh and happy! Love the size of the bottles which I can spray on after my yoga sessions!

What is your favourite scent?

// My blog posts are getting random and I know it. This is what happened when one is stuck in bed for two days.

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Christmas Shopping 2012

This year I finally got to spend time with my sister to do some Christmas shopping for our family! It has been a long while since we did this together and she blamed me for making her do this alone for the past years. I’m glad this year, we get to spend sisterly time together! We bought gifts for my parents, brother, sister, two cousins, two God mothers, staffs and myself! We did well and was very focused and efficient to get everything within hours.

Here are our total loots. Haha.



Initially we bought a Chanel lipstick for my mum and after seeing the pretty packaging both my sister and I couldn’t resist. I never really bought myself a lipstick before and have been using lipgloss. I thought a lipstick would make a perfect gift for myself this year! A brand new me with a sexy lip to brave the brand new year!



Daily Beauty Routine

The number of steps involved in my skincare routine is ever increasing with my skin getting all saggy and wrinkly; I have to work hard to fight against time and gravity!

From a no frill 10 minutes routine a year back, it has expanded to a 20 minutes routine. This is probably nothing compared to women who slather on 10, 20 products on their face, spending up to 30 and 45 minutes of spreading, patting and massaging. They are much more diligent compare to me!

Other than basic cleansing, here are my current routine and I hope I can stop at this before I discover more products and add them to my list! It is so hard to resist!


Step 1: Acidic potion from my beautician. She sources her products from HK and repackages it and I have been using them for years. Don’t ask me why I dare to use unbranded products but I have been using them for years and it works. It is supposed to destroy bacteria in my enlarged pores.

Step 2: Derma-R Comedone Formula which removes blackheads and whiteheads. This is from my sister’s dermatologist and she swears by it, I started using a few months back and like the results. So I added this to my routine too!

Step 3: Louis Skin Clinic T40 Anti Acne Toner, a type of calamine lotion toner which prevents ache. This is also from my beautician and the best solution to kill those aches.

Step 4: L’Oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence. Tried their pre-essence and love it! Hence, I couldn’t resist trying their eye essence of the same range. I hate my wrinkly eyes.

Step 5: Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour LIfting Serum. Have been using this for years and I found out that it works. I used to only apply anti ageing products around my eyes but not on my face! There was once where I got my skin analyzed at a SKII beauty counter and the sales assistant commented that the skin around my eyes is “younger” than the rest of my face, and that is how I know it worked! But because I don’t drink enough water to keep my skin hydrated, there are many fine lines under my eyes. Boo.

Step 6: L’Oreal Youth Code Pre-essence. Love this. I can feel the immediate effect once I slather it on.

Step 7: Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Age Reverse Clear Cream. My friends commented that my face looks sharper after many years of applying this. It is either that I lost weight or my face got lifted by this and it could be both! Happy like a bird!

Step 8: Hada Labo Hydrating lotion. I don’t use any moisturizer because I don’t like the oily feeling, this is the best! I tried using SKII miracle water but it gave me outbreaks, I later switch to this which works wonder!

Step 9: Odbo Sun Block Pact, got introduced to this half a year back during my Korea trip and I like that its lightweight feel on my skin!

For now, I have nine products on my face plus SunPlay Skin Aqua SPF 25 PA ++ in the day and Jergens Overnight Repair lotion in the night for my body! I’m not even sure if I got the steps and orders right or if my face will be overwhelm by this! I realized I don’t have any night specific products. Oh gosh. What is your daily facial routine? Any recommendations? If you are going to blog about it, drop your link in the comment box!

Aspiring Yoga Goddess.

With my obsession with yoga these days, practising a minimum of three times a week and occasionally two sessions each time, it only makes sense to grab more workout clothes! I bought two yoga pants, one top and one sports bra all from Royal Sporting House. They are having a sale and major brands are having a one for 10% and two for 15% discount.


Here are my favourite brands for my workout outfit:-

Reebok: For their yoga tights! It is comfortable, doesn’t give you camel toe, stretchy, looks good and affordable.

Addidas: Love their sports bra / padded top! They tend to have those with more support and paddings which is excellent for flat chested individuals like me!

With my new outfits, I’m on my way to becoming a yoga goddess. Ohmm.


I’m one of those lazy people guilty of only washing my brushes whenever I like it, and that can mean six months or more. Yikes. But if I do wash them, like today, I use baby wash to wash my natural bristle makeup brushes. I never knew it can trap so much color pigments.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? What do you use to wash them?

Mt Sapola

We recently got a home spa set and tried it once. Love the texture of the body scrub, the scent of the essential oil (lemon grass!) and the scent and feel of the massage oil. Mmmm.



I love my green fingers!

Ettusais Wonder

My sister recommended this a few weeks back and I have been using it for more than a week. It has been very good at clearing acne spots! Within 2 – 3 days, the spot disappeared! This is better than The Body Shop’s tea tree oil collection! I am just wondering what’s in the magic gel!


Medicated Acne Clear Spots Superior

How it Works:

A transparent gel to give emergency care to areas where pimples appear. Refreshing moisture is absorbed quickly, calming the skin and treating pimples. It also prevents new pimples from appearing!

Now that this product works, I am wondering if the one below is equally good! I need to lighten the scars! Girls! Any idea?

White Serum Dual Effect

Concentrated care for treating and lightening blemishes and acne scars.

How it Works:
Containing the goodness of the white shooter, this serum works overtime to deliver intense care to your blemishes and acne-prone areas.

How to Use:
Apply a little on areas of concern with your finger tips.