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Elicollarbones on Instagram

photo (1)
A while back my ex colleague Elisa started an Instagram / Facebook page for her quirky doodles and illustration elicollarbones which have been gaining popularity in the instagram-sphere. Till date, she has got 316 followers and it is increasing daily as we are speaking. It started out as a random doodle site but gained popularity during the Minions-Craze where she started drawing and posting pictures of her own versions of cute and silly minions.

photo (2)

Recently she came out with her #collrbnsHIDEandSEEK challenge where she doodles and hides them in a secret location. Whoever finds it and shares it on her page will get a customized drawing in the size of a name card!


So with some sheer luck, I happened to pass by Orchard Central for my late morning Yoga session yesterday and decided to give it a try to see if it is still around! And TADAH! I found it! Haha. I’ve submitted my request and guess what have I requested for? A Vintage Owl of course! I’m really excited to see elicollarbones‘ creative interpretation of it! Stay tuned for an update!

If you enjoy the drawings of elicollarbones, do follow her on Instagram! Oh, and if you are curious about my random life, follow me on Instagram at somethingboutrenes too!

The Milk Toof!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.07.56 PM

I used to subscribe to The Milk Toof in my reader but am not sure why my latest reader did not have them. Recently, their release of their second book popped up in one the blogs that I subscribe to and I’m glad to reunite to this lovely blog and add them to my reader again! Yay!

Sue Ann, Cheng Wei and Siqi, this article from Material World is for you girls! Haha. Say No to Babies.

After I read it the first thought is you girls!

I want! From A Beautiful Mess

I often see many beautiful white and wood kitchen. They look all so pretty, bright and cheery but it made me ponder if it is a practical choice given Singapore’s hot and humid weather and all the grease and oil will probably stain the wood. So it is a nice change to see this pretty wood and black kitchen featured in A Beautiful Mess!

black and wood kitchen

guest room trolley

Another nice idea from A Beautiful Mess is this trolley filled with goodies for your house stayover guests! I’m sure your guests will love you after receiving these carefully curated goodies with love! There are practical items like towels, toothbrush and sunblock, sweet items like mid night snacks and all complete with a loving touch of fresh flowers! Wow.

ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution

A follow up of Natalie’s post which I’ve reblog earlier on. Haha.


Indonesia forest fire

(Photo — Reuters)

The PSI has hit 190 as of 19 June, 8pm. 290 as of 19 June, 9pm.

So I got a teensy bit worried and for some reason thought that googling “haze” might make me feel better.

And I stumbled onto its wikipedia page, and found this

Since 1991, haze has been a particularly acute problem in Southeast Asia, Indonesian forest fires burnt to clear land being the reason. In response to the 1997 Southeast Asian haze, the ASEAN countries agreed on a Regional Haze Action Plan (1997). In 2002, all ASEAN countries except Indonesia signed the Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution, but the pollution is still a problem today.


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How to make jokes about the SG Haze

I totally need to reblog this. This babe is way too funny! Hahaha.


SG Haze Singapore Flyer

(Facebook — Straits Times)

Yesterday, the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) in Singapore hit 155, which is well into the unhealthy range (101-200) set by the National Environment Agency. For anyone who isn’t from Singapore, we get this insane haze like once a year because our neighbouring country, Indonesia, likes to organise nationwide barbecues to unify their people.

Just kidding, they like to burn down forests for plantations.

But anyway, naturally, Singaporeans’ immediate reactions were to make jokes about it. We are, after all, a funny people. So if you’re feeling left out and don’t know how to jump in with your own joke, here’s a guide to help you out!

1. Talk about how you don’t need a filter for Instagram anymore!

SGAG Instagram SG Haze

Like in most other tech-savvy countries, Singaporeans loovvvveeee Instagram – we’ve even come up with an acronym for it: IG. Thanks to the haze, we no longer need…

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GRRRR. Why did stupid Google give up their Google Reader application?! I’m busy adding those links to my blog here just so I won’t lose it. Even though there are other similar apps out there, I can’t get use to them! Yikes. Meanwhile, you will see lots of random links popping up in my blog rolls at the right side! Have fun clicking and reading blogs from other bloggers!

My take on Eyeshadows and Material World’s Anna Sui Giveaway!

Did I mention I love participating in Giveaways? I think I did. Did I mention that Material World is awesome with lots of interesting Giveaways? I think I did. Gosh, participating in giveaways is like buying lottery except that you don’t have to spend a single cent! Yay! And winning giveaways make me happy! What’s not to like when you can enjoy tiny victories in the form of giveaways! Haha. Of course, I do not participate in every giveaway just to win something. I participate in something I can relate to and things I really like! Just that there are plenty all over. Haha.

So back to the latest Material World giveaway! Material World is giving away Anna Sui Limited Eye Shadow Palette 2013 in No. 2, and it triggered some thoughts on my views on eyeshadows colours.

Basically, I am boring when it comes to the colours of eyeshadows. I stick to natural, earth and brown tones most of the time. I declare that it looks best for Asian girls. At least for me!

Here are some colours I tried previously:-

  • Pink: I tried and looked like I have swollen eyes. Freaking puffy goldfish.
  • Blue: Please don’t ask me why I even bother. I look like someone from Mars. Blue and creepy.
  • Green: Yes. I tried green. The makeup artist must have hated me. She applied green eyeshadow and blood red lipstick in my Varsity Pageant Finals. Yes, I participated in pageants before, that is a story for another day. But freaking green eyeshadow and blood red lipstick? She explained that she thinks I can carry it off. Did I mentioned my gown was pastel blue? Gosh. I almost burst out in tears.
  • Black/Grey: I saw Steph doing her smokey eyes during our D&D one year, tried and ended up looking like a Panda with two black eyes.

Ever since these incidents, I’ve stick with my safest brown, earth and slightly shimmering gold hues. I believe there are nothing wrong with the colours, it is probably just me. I am contemplating if I should go for makeup workshops. HMPH.

Here’s my faithful eyeshadow from L’Oreal which I’ve used for a long time. This is my daily palette and also the palette I used during fancy dinners.

photo (58)

But when I read that Material World is giving away Anna Sui Limited Eye Shadow Palette 2013 in No. 2, the palette is perfect! Something for a change. I want it! This is definitely in time to replace my almost gone L’Oreal eyeshadow! Keeping my fingers crossed. Haha.

annanumbersSource: Material World


Material World

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 10.29.16 PM

Source: Material World

I am going to share with you this little precious find of mine. A local blog launched in April 13 by four ladies from the world of our favourite magazines! If you grew up with Cleo, you will know who they are! And come on! Who doesn’t love Cosmopolitan and the people from there!? If you have a slight inkling of what I’m about to share, you must be a very savvy local blog reader! Haha.

Now, formally introducing Material World – a blog/website created by four Material Girls from the publishing industry! Yes, Deborah Tan, Denise Li, Tan Lili and Vanessa Tai have come together to set up this blog just for us ladies! It’s Deborah Tan! Hello!

This blog is like a magazine but way better! That’s because the subscription is FREE without tons of annoying advertorials! It is not tied to any magazines and it is a business created by the four ladies, so you can be guaranteed with lots of independent reviews and opinions! On top of that, the ladies’ wit and brilliance in churning out insightful contents and interesting reads had me clicking away!

Material World is also loaded with lots of giveaways! Damn. It is not in my natural instinct to share this with you girls because it will severely lower my chance of winning their giveaways when more people find out about it! Their giveaways are really awesome! But being the kind hearted and ever generous me, how can I not share? Right??

Ok, so go on and have fun reading and participating their giveaways! This is one time when I wish no one reads my blog. Haha.

Stiches and Maps

I stumbled upon Stiches and Maps while reading on Saltwater Sandals (yes, still dreaming of it) and am in love with this new blog!

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 8.21.40 AM

Lovingly crafted by two young Singaporean ladies four months ago, the blog focuses on DIY projects, food and travel! On top of that, these pretty ladies also take beautiful pictures and write in an engaging manner! This is the first local DIY blog that I’ve come across and so remind me of those popular reads from the states. I am betting on them to become popular in a big way! Surely Singapore needs a new blog on DIY, food and travel!

Well done ladies and do keep writing! Check them out here! I have also linked them under Local Bloggers!

Posts I Like: Finding Happiness

The thing I love about WordPress is the free themes and the widgets which comes along with it! I’ve added a widget at the side called “Posts I Like” and yes, it is essentially, blog posts of others that I’ve “liked”. How convenient! Whenever I like a posts while surfing other wordpress blogs, it will appear in this widget to share with you guys! So now, if you are bored of my posts or are done with them, you can read those blog posts I like to keep yourself occupied! Hah.

The first post that I’ve added to this widget is “Finding Happiness” by Randall Krantz in Bhutan Chronicles where he shared about his experience on how happiness is achieved in Bhutan. In this blog, he and Antonia Gawel shared about their lives and observations while in Bhutan.

Newly Weds on A Budget

Was blog surfing and saw “Newly Weds on A Budget” at Steph’s blogroll! This is so us and it is not bad a read! We busted all our credit cards and would have probably accumulated $40k debt on credit cards after our wedding and honeymoon. With all our hard earned savings all poured into our house, wedding and honeymoon, we are starting from ground zero. It reminded me that yes, we need to be the newly weds on a budget too!

Neighbour Blogger

I found another neighbour blogger and I’m glad! These days people blog less, stalk more, talk less, tweet more, write less, tag more.


// You may realize I’ve been blogging a little too much, because I am BACK! Haha.


You know I’ve always been ranting to my friends about the lack of interesting local blog read?! It is not an easy task to find decent blog reads in our tiny island! I enjoy reading blogs with pictures that tell stories, an intriguing write with a fascinating humor and all these in perfect English (which I’m lacking of!)! And I think I found one! All thanks to bookjunkie’s link. I found Yannisms! I love her introduction!


“Hello, my name is Yann. I live in Singapore and I am the quintessential wordsmith. My brains are always filled with words. These days, I try to complement my words with pictures. I’d like to be a better photographer.”

Listening to Feist’s Mushaboom and reading Yann’s posts gave me a warm cozy feeling. It’s perfect for a cool Sunday night. I know… the topics discussed may not be relevant to most of you but I’m sure you can’t resist her charm and wit reflected in her writing!


Ziyu, I’ve added your link here under “Neighbour”! Hope you don’t mind!

P.S.: Peeps, if you are from PL too, let me know!

Diana Mini Love

diana mini

I’m glad I found Diana Mini Love to guide me through this mini journey! Created by Elle, she shared many lovely photographs taken with the mini, techniques to perfect our photography skills and introduced us to other Diana Mini loving bloggers! If you are a new Diana Mini owner, you will surely find this blog useful! It motivates me to brush up my skills and I’m all excited to finish a roll of film to see the results!

the girl at the traffic light junction

steph blog

I’ve wanted to share my work bff – Stephanie’s – blog with my readers! Her blog is one of my favourite read now! She is one lady who is fearless in trying new things, enthusiastic in life and  passionate in her favourite things! She recorded her adventure, inspiration and journey in life and supported many little meaningful projects here. Have fun reading!

My Owl Barn

Steph dropped me a mail over the weekend with this link and I was thrilled! Intelligent looking owls, pretty and dainty looking owls, vintage looking owls, clumsy looking owls and many others can be found here! GOSH. Their huge eyes always amazed me and “wise image” makes other birds look silly. But they are all pretty! Hee.

owl barn

My owl obsessions only revealed itself very recently and it started off with a simple necklace I saw on Steph.


And it led to another which I bought together with Waimun.


Then I realized that Chinese Owls from Beijing are cool too!


Then I spotted this ceramic one for our little loft!


And recently, Siqi added this to my collection!


Pencil Tip Micro Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

I stumbled across this site and wow, I’m amazed. Scroll down to see more of it or click here. It’s so intricate and I see how old pencils can be put to good use!

My personal favourite!


Hot Guys Reading Books

CW recommended this new blog a while ago, the first question I asked upon hearing the blog name was, “Is it about gay guys?”. To my relief (I thought she’s now into alternative guys!), it’s just about guys (gay or happy) but she did mentioned, “They may just enjoy them as much as we do!”. HAH.

I have to agree with the owner of this blog, “There are plenty of attractive men in the world, but unfortunately few of them that are avid readers.”. After looking through this site, I started noticing guys who are reading on the train, especially the hot ones, and the titles they read (hopefully not some erm you know)! And I must agree, it is kinda of rare (especially in our tiny island) to find Hot Guys Reading Books. HMPH.