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Won a LoQi Reusable Shopping Tote!


You girls must really hate me! I won another giveaway! This time round by The Good Things! Haha. The Good Things is an edgy concept store in Clementi Mall which sells quirky, artsy and random lifestyle products best for gifts and to dress up homes! In their latest giveaway, they gave out LoQi reusable shopping tote in London print! They have many other pretty prints retailing at $13.90 which are eco-friendly and man-friendly.


I am a huge user for reusable bags and I am one of those who doesn’t take plastic bags in supermarkets! It is not use eco-friendly but very convenient to dump all your purchases in one bag. So how can I ever pass on this giveaway! Haha.


I almost always have a reusable bag in my bag, minus those times when I am carrying tiny bags for dates, and I love those which you can fold them up really tiny.

Here’s my random “collection” of my foldable reusable bag. All of them are from supermarkets or came free with purchases. As you can see, most of them are ugly except the Ben & Jerry’s one which is really cute, and most of them are flimsy.


This little one from LoQi is really pretty, looks hardy and dares us to test it out with 20 kg of groceries! I really like that it comes with a little pocket inside to throw the receipts and loose coins and it can be rolled and clipped up! The little square bag can probably be used for our sanitary pads! Haha.





Ok, I am rather random and I can actually write a post about a random reusable bag. Haha. Gosh, I’m random, but do try using reusable bags and stop taking plastic bags!

Ready to go shopping at Farmer’s Market

ready for farmer's market

Inspired by the upcoming Farmer’s Market – Pasarbella – mentioned in my previous post, this is something I would wear to tour the new Farmer’s Market!

  • Dressing up a simple white t-shirt and worn out denim shorts with a neon necklace.
  • Bringing a Saintsburry jute bag which I got my friend to lug back from London for me. Mine is not as pretty as this! I don’t believe in taking plastic bags from supermarket / grocers! I always have a fold up reusable bag with me!
  • Still dreaming about my Saltwater Sandals. I need to find the time to go get one.
  • My Rayban sunnies for the afternoon!

What a beautiful Sunday morning! Hopefully our morning glory can last!


Pot of Fern

We picked up a pot of fern at the nursery on Friday and I’m glad we finally get to use our pretty Ikea pot with lace like details we bought months ago!


Creepy Crawlies

As I was watering my plant in the dark I spotted two caterpillars on my plant. I don’t know if I should be happy about my nocturnal eye power! OMG. I hate creepy crawlies! I am going to judge a caterpillar by it’s look and I bet it’s a moth! Eek!

Specimen 1

Picture 002
A tiny green caterpillar on my mint leaf plant!

Specimen 2

Picture 003
This is damn ugly! It’s fat, brown and ugly! I know I’m not supposed to judge God’s creation but OMG.

I am going to consult three experts that I came across and hopefully they have an answer!

The three experts I am consulting are:-

  1. My all time favourite gardener Ms Green Fingers who previously helped identify my dying Carnation
  2. Another regular gardening blog I read, The Curious Gardener who has many years of gardening experience
  3. A random blog I found which was aptly named Butterflies of Singapore – Butterfly Circle. Looking at the name of this blog I am sure the blogger has the answers!

Helped! Can one of you please help? This is an emergency! Thanks a million!

Marimo Photo Contest

A while back I bought a Marimo from a street store at Clarke Quay and I shared it in my blog here. I love Marimo and they have been cheering me up after a bad day at work and I happened to take this picture with my latest Squareroom magazine featuring Eco Chic design ideas! Me feeling all greens and eco-ly decided to take my marimo with the front cover and it turn out pretty well! These Marimos will be sitting at my bathroom in my new apartment and I can’t wait!

photo (6)

The store owner, Give a Plant, invited me to take part in the Marimo photo contest and winners will win the following.

  • 1st prize – 2 x marimos in limited edition glass whale + 2 x marimos in limited edition glass apple worth $60.00 in total
  • 2nd / 3rd prize– 2 x marimos in (choice of limited edition glass apple or whale worth $30.00)

I’ve decided that I will be giving out all the prizes (if I win them) to my blog readers! As I don’t need any more Marimos but I’m sure one of you might need one to cheer you up! So depending on how much you want it, you can start voting for my picture! Do drop a comment here if you voted so that I can randomly select winners for this contest. So this contest is not mine, but yours! If I got the 1st prize, there will be 4 to giveaway and if I got the 2nd or 3rd prize, there will be 2 to giveaway! Also, the owner will be picking 3 voters to give them one Marimo each! After all, good things must share! Haha! Do remember to vote for the correct picture though. Haha.

So vote here, if you need a Marimo or if you think someone needs a Marimo!

His Green Fingers

Remember a while back I mentioned here that he found a pot of dying looking plant near the lift landing? It was abandoned and looking pitiful. He took pity of it and decided to adopt it. Also, he is a firm believer of not buying things but adopting things (hence Barley!). Haha.

With lots of love and care, daily watering and lots of sun, the plant actually bloomed! WOW. He definitely has got green fingers! Now, we need to identify this plant! Anyone has any idea?

Picture 040


photo (5)

Marimos and Terrarium!

photo (6)

I bought these Marimo from a stall set up by Give a plant at Clarke Quay last week and I love them! Give a plant is set up by a guy who has green fingers and who strives to convince people to own plants! Marimos are sort of self sustainable with little effort required except to change the water once a month! I am going to put this in our Masterbed room’s toilet! He thinks it’s a waste of money to buy a moss ball! Haha. These Marimo are from Hokkiado!

photo (7)

I also bought a Terrarium from they same store! This will be in the guest’s toilet!

Things you should not buy new

To save money and to save the Earth through waste reduction, I’ve decided to come out with a “Things you should not buy new!” Do add on to the list if you’ve got something to share!

I love reading and collecting books! But books are often never read more than once! Try scouring books from eBay, library book sales, thrift stores, garage sales and second hand bookstore and never, NEVER, buy them new! If you really have to buy the latest title, form a book club among your besties, split the cost, and take turns to read them!

I’ve been looking for two books by Candace Bushnell – Lipstick Jungle and The Carrie Diaries! Let me know if you want to sell them!

I’m a movie junkie! I love to give all movie titles a chance even though critics struck them down with harsh reviews. Try going through the piles of used DVDs / VCDs that rental stores try to get rid at a low price! Sometimes you may be surprised to find some classics in there!

Gift wrapping materials
Instead of buying a box from Daiso, try making one from an old box. Instead of using expensive gift wrappers, get creative and make use of old magazines, paper bags or old cloth!

They are supposed to be your friend, your buddy who stayed behind to listen to all your sobs and grumbles. They shouldn’t be bought at a hefty price tag! Try adopting from SPCA or other animal shelters!

Children’s Toys / Clothes
I often tell my fiancé that if I can dress our future child (I’m not having one anytime soon!) in rags I would! They outgrew them too quickly! Plus, their appreciation for clothes often involves poo or puke! So, get the toys / clothes from your siblings, relatives, friends or friendly neighbours!

What are some items you would not get them new?

The Age of Stupid

A couple of weeks ago, I received a pair of tickets to watch the screening of this indie documentary.

In the movie,what struck me most was this…

“When we looked back at the various holocaust that happened in the past, we wondered what the heck were those people thinking, killing innocent mankind. In fifty years time, our future generation would asked, what the heck were we thinking, ignoring the obvious signs of global warming, killing innocent mankind.”

These are probably not the exact words but it’s along this line. SIGH. I can hear our future generation blaming us when I’m seventy. Some chose to believe that such movies are mere propagandas, others believe that the situation is not as bad as the media depicts, even if these are true, it doesn’t change the fact that the environment is changing and it is changing for the worst.

Eco-friendly reusable bags, Channel 8, 10pm, 29 May 2010

Many people are unaware that many recycled bags are not biodegradable and if they are disposed of in large quantities, they may cause more environmental problems than plastic bags. When the ‘Bring your own bag’ campaign first started three years ago, only 3% of shoppers brought their own bags to supermarkets. Subsequently, the number rose to 10% in the second year. Although recycled bags are considered environmentally friendly, they are difficult to dispose of if they have imprints on them or are stained with oil. Moreover, it is more expensive to produce these recycled bags, as compared to plastic bags, leading to greater wastage. However, these recycled bags are deemed environmentally friendly as they can be reused and that prevents wastage. They can help to cut down resources and protect the environment if they are better utilised.

I need to rant about this.

People, stop hoarding those reusable bags when you have no intention to reuse them or to stop taking plastic bags while shopping!

Company, stop giving out these bags as goodie bags! It’s nothing but wastage when people are not using them!

DIY: Shopping Bag to Gift Bag.

There are many ways to save money and reduce waste! Making use of a pretty shopping bag, I cut it open and use it as a gift wrapper. Adding a simple ribbon, tadah! You have a beautiful gift waiting for its rightful owner!

Poor handles! I wanted to incorporate it in the gift wrapping but decided not to in the end.

Reusable Bags.

I was at Daiso yesterday and I came across the perfect reusable bag! Compact in size, water proof and decent looking! I always wanted one of these but they are either overpriced or comes with ugly prints! So I was really excited when I found this compact reusable bag! I picked brown because he refused to hold anything that is pink or girly! HAH. It’s always good to plan for the future, in case my shopping gets too heavy!

Picture 129

Picture 130

Now you have no more excuses not to carry a reusable bag around! Save the Earth!

Earth Day

google earth day

Source: on Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day today! Here are three things you can start doing to make our Earth a better place!

(1) Bring your own reusable bag during shopping trips! Here’s why you should do just that!

(2) Create your own recycle bin in your house for paper, plastic, cans and glass! Remember to empty them once in a while or when they are full! You don’t want Mr Cockroach lurking around!

(3) Print only what you need not what you want! (I’m trying really hard in this area! My work is killing a lot of trees!)

Greener Home Challenge.

energy saving

I participated in our company’s Greener Home Challenge and won a consolation prize! The main challenge is to achieve at least 10% of energy saving over a span of 4 months and I managed to reduce 30% of the energy used at home! Save electricity, save money and save the Earth!

Energy Saving Tips

  • Reduce the usage of air-conditioner. Why would you turn on the air-conditioner only to wrap yourself in thick layer of blanket?
  • Stay out of home. HAHA. Use electricity elsewhere! (E.g Library or BF’s place!) On a serious note, isn’t it more energy efficient if more people are sharing the lights, air-conditioner and TV together?
  • Do not switch on all TVs to watch the same TV channel! My granny loves the TV near the door, my mum loves her LCD TV at our second living room, my sister loves her TV in her room, my dad loves his TV in his room and they all love Channel 8 / U!

Hippo, Friend and Chocolate.


CW sent me an email about how a baby hippo that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise. One of the key takeaways is that our differences doesn’t matter much when we need the comfort of another.

A touching story indeed, however, another ending quote caught my attention, “Save the Earth… it’s the only planet with chocolate!”

How true!

Save our planet. Save our CHOCOLATE!

5 Top Reasons why you should BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)


You can save the Earth by reducing waste




You will look cool because expats, young educated executives and celebrities carry one





Many stylish grocery bags are available in the market so there’s no excuse for chic individuals



You can comfortably carry all your groceries.





You can save ten cents (for penny saving individuals) if you BYOB and spend more than ten dollars in the largest supermarket chain here