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Gold Loving

Taking a break from sharing on my holiday pictures, here’s a frivolous post on jewelries.I’m not sure if it’s age or I’m becoming more practical, when it comes to accessories, I now have a weakness for gold. Not gold plated jewelries, gold colour jewelries or brass jewelries, but those 24K or 22K gold accessories which my parents and grandma love! The ones which you can exchange for cash at  a pawn shop in time of crisis.

The thing is, I can’t wear silver, it tarnishes very quickly after the first wear. I’m also not the kind of lady who likes costume jewelries from luxury brands, this pair of pretty earrings cost SGD 620 which is made from glass pearls. You are basically paying for the brand and all the advertisements.


Source: Here

So instead of buying accessories which doesn’t quite last or has little value, my heart yearns for gold! This year, I decided to pamper myself and buy myself a little present. A 22K gold ring from Poh Heng. Before you scream, OMG, Serene is turning into a granny, look at this little pretty! And this, cost me slightly above SGD 500 and it is probably something that I can pass it on to my future grand daughter! Haha.



Onzie Yoga Pants

I’ve been following some of the popular US yoga guru on their Instagram and it keeps me motivated to work harder. But I realized one thing, all of these yoga gurus wear really nice yoga outfit and that must be one reason which makes them look good. Haha. My delusional self is acting up again.







Look at Laura Sykora with those beautiful yoga pants! Even her little girl has matching pretty pants!

photo (4)

photo (3)

photo (1)
While I was on the hunt for these pants, Stephanie recommended Onzie, a US brand which is sold by a local blog shop, My Spring Fling. Our local sports shops which carry major sporting brands do not have such beautiful prints, and in Singapore, it is kind of hard to come by affordable ones. Onzie long yoga pants are sold at US65 on Onzie page, which is approximately SGD 81, but I got mine from My Spring Fling for SGD 79 (excluding shipping) which wasn’t that bad a deal! The yoga pants are often out of stock on My Spring Fling and I am just lucky to order in time during their backorder period!

photo (2)
Received my Onzie and tried it during Hot Core class yesterday and gosh, I think beautiful prints does make me does yoga better. I feel oh so powerful in those pants! Haha. These pants however is not as breathable and cooling compared to my Adidas pants but those prints are just beautiful!

Any other brands to recommend for beautiful Yoga pants? I really need to stop shopping and start working out more often. Haha.

Dannii Minogue for Holster

photo (12)

I’ve been lusting for Holster Dannii Minogue Rockstar for the longest time since I saw it a while back! But I had no reason to buy a new pair of expensive sandals when I already own a pair of Saltwater Sandals and a pair of Holster St Tropez Jelly Sandals! That is two pairs of sandals which can probably last me a long time.

So with that, I had no reason to buy another pair of sandals until when I realized I need a pair of black and gold sandals for Cat’s beach wedding at Langkawi later this month! I’m going to match it with black and gold accessories and surely Holster Dannii Minogue Rockstar will be perfect for the event!

But I am reluctant to drag myself back to Not Too Big at The Forum for the sandals and am glad Pupsik Studio carries a wide range of Holster Sandals and offers free delivery for purchases above SGD 30! So yay! I got my sandals without leaving home at a discount too, bought them at SGD 79.90 which is reduced from SGD 89.90!

photo (11)

Please excuse my ugly toes. Haha.

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! I finally got my life back and I can’t wait to go back to my Yoga routine and get fit again. My jiggly arms are mocking me right in my face whenever I see myself in the mirror. Grrr.

photo (6)

Don’t ask me why my brother’s hair is the way it is. I have no idea why either. Haha.

photo (7)

Day 1 of visiting. I love my printed shift dress and those nails! I discovered Nail wrap stickers all thanks to my cool mum! This is an ingenious invention! No more late night nails painting, falling asleep with my hands apart and still ended up with messed up looking nails with strange alien invaded lines! It took me 20 minutes to get all my 10 fingers done on my first try! Also, no more boring but sexy red finger nails or expensive painted nails at nail bars!  I went on to take a look at Qoo 10 and spent more than SGD 50 on these nail wraps! Will share will I received them!

photo (5)

My first Melissa Heels! Gosh, aren’t they pretty but rawr, they are not for walking. Haha. I am so not used to 4 inch heels and thankfully, house visiting requires little walking. But they look so pretty and perfect for photo taking! Other than the height, it is actually very comfortable. No blisters or abrasion at all!

photo (4)

Day 2! Another printed dress with my new phone casing. Hoot!

photo (3)
Day 3! Matched these pretty bracelet I got online from Bits of Love. Like that it is delicate and yet the gold and leather made it all so rustic and vintage. Just my style.

Obsession with Mel.

melissa shoe

Source: StarAve

Pre-Ordered one of these for CNY and make a guess which one I picked! I hope it can match with some of my new year clothes, below! Even if it doesn’t, I got another black heels that will go with it. But which ladies can resist a pretty heel!


So, did you managed to guess it? Haha. I opted for the pure nude one! I need a good excuse to buy a new shoe and every girl needs a nude heels. Haha. I think it can probably go with the white floral print one or the green one. I got a black heel for the middle one, and a backup blue velvet one. What do you think?


Source: Facebook 

LOTD: Cheap loots from Bangkok

photo (91)

That’s me with my after facial glow. Haha. In a pretty green polka dot peplum top (SGD 10~), second-hand denim shorts (SGD 4), leather bracelet (SGD 6~), vintage leather bag and sea salt sandals.

I love leather accessories and I bought these pretty leather bracelets at Platinum Mall on the level of fashion accessories! I got them between SGD 6 to SGD 10 each!

photo (90)

photo (89)

I used to own one of these but lost them a while back, decided to get a replacement but got a little obsessed over it and bought three at once. Haha. Oops.

Shopping Loots from Bangkok, 2013

For girls traveling to Bangkok, it is mostly for shopping. The clothes are cheap and fashionable and it is a shopping paradise. Unlike for guys, we are not that into cheap booze and food, we want our clothes. Haha. Ok, before I make myself sound like a helpless shopaholic ready for rehab, we did make a trip to Ayutthaya and cycled around the island! More on that later with lots of beautiful pictures.

First up, here is a summary of my purchases and it can be a great reference on what to expect if you intend to go shopping in Bangkok!


Melissa shoes which I paid approximately SGD 74 for each pair! Decided to not buy cheap shoes that won’t last and invest in a few pair of good ones instead.


My favourite buy other than my Melissa shoes! These beautiful printed shift dress are so well fitted and good in quality! With double layers and beautiful fit. They are the most pricey of the lot at 650 to 750 baht for each dresses. But they are considered cheap in Singapore! The sales girl even wrapped them up in plastic, gave a free hanger and put them in these reusable bags! Wow! They are found in Platinum Mall level 2, near an escalator and their store is called Trust. The prints varies from time to time.


Second Hand Denim Shorts from Chatuchak at 100 Baht each! They were first introduced to me by my sister in our last trip and at SGD 4 a pair, it was a steal! Not for those picky but do remember to wash them thoroughly with antiseptics! Haha.


From a Vintage dress shop in Chatuchak which is also recommended by my sister! At 300 Baht each! I love vintage dresses as they are often well made and has that swing that modern dresses don’t have.


Dresses from Platinum Mall. All between 300 to 400 Baht.


Pretty tops between 200 to 350 Baht.


Cheap waist belts! Not so adventurous me got them in brown, black and gold. Leather accessories which I love! And two necklaces. Didn’t buy any chunky necklaces this time round.


Pretty bracelet for my sister and I at 150 Baht each!


Dog treats for my friend’s dogs from Chatuchak! They are only 3 for 100 Baht which is dirt cheap! In Singapore, they are retailing for around SGD 4 – 7 dollars! Heartguard for Steph’s dog at SGD 20 a box! In Singapore they are retailing at SGD 48! Thailand manufacturers a lot of the dog treats and medicines and so you can find them at really low prices!


My sister’s favourite garlic bread from Chatuchak which was freshly baked daily. I lugged these and hand carry them just for her!


Naraya Bags for our friends.


Pretty little baby girl’s dress for Little Alph. So cute! Haha.


Pretty printed laptop bag for a friend.

For my little brother! Short sleeve shirt and t-shirts!

Melissa Shoes, Jelly Dreams Bangkok



Melissa Shoe is all the craze right now and in Singapore it is selling at quite a high price at some stores and online shops.

I love rubber shoes, even before my Crocs days I already own a few random rubber shoes! I love that I can splash them in puddles and it is so light and comfortable! During this trip, I’ve decided to pop by Jelly Dreams, Central World – the official Melissa Shoes store in Thailand!

It is indeed comfortable and really light! They have many crazy designs and really stylish ones with spikes and all. But I am someone who likes my shoes in basic colours and design so that they are versatile and I can wear them everywhere with any outfits! Haha.


Wanted to get this in nude, but the entire Bangkok ran out of my size despite it being part of the New Arrival


Got this design in Nude and Black instead! Yes, I’m crazy. Getting two shoes of same design in different colour. Haha. Because it is simple and comfortable! Nude for going out and black for work! Price at 1990 Baht, tourist has got a 10 percent discount and so in the end, I only paid for SGD 74 for each pair! A saving of SGD 31 compared to the ones sold at MDreams Singapore and it is not even on sale! Can you imagine how much they will be when on sale?


Got another pair of the black version for work at the same price. The cat is too cute! Meow.


All their shoes come with a cotton shoe bag! Nice!

A disaster at the beach, Phuket

This post is about what not to wear or do at a beach to avoid looking like a disaster.

I will probably sound like a bitch in this post and I accept that, but it’s not surprising if you get photobomb by tourists in almost all your pictures.

Another couple commented that this is the worst place on earth, and even though that is a little of an exaggeration, it is definitely not some where I would want to be.

So here goes!

photo (6)
Do not wear granny long dress to a beach. Unless it is a really sexy one with a resort vibe and preferably worn at a pool or beach villa, than it is fine. Otherwise you will not only end up looking like a disaster, it will also be an impractical and a messy business.

photo (59)
An umbrella at a sunny beach? That’s a sin! If you can’t embrace the glorious sunny day blessed for a day at the beach, stay indoor! Otherwise you end up sticking out like a sore thumb.

photo (4)
I know neon colours are trendy these days but clashing bright neon colours are not for the faint hearted.

photo (2)
Floral top matched with floral bottom? I’m speechless.

photo (1)
Big bright and large beach hat. That is so Fong Fei Fei.

photo (60)
Huge flowers on your head? Checked. A huge bright scarf ? Checked. A beach? Checked. Waving a huge bright scarf on a beach with a huge flower on your head while getting your picture taken? Definitely something you see out of an MTV from the 1980s.

photo (3)
Never ever attempt to take girly-acting sexy-unnatural looking photo right in front of a big wave. You look more like a drench chicken. Try something strong and sexy instead. Like a standing or walking towards the beach pose. Imagine the girls from Baywatch.

Zebra Maxi Skirt from H&M

photo (55)

I am back from my Phuket trip and am toasted and had great fun! Love this new skirt I bought at H&M during the sale at SGD15! Worn this to the airport but had to change out upon checking into the hotel as it was raining that day! Boo.

photo (40)

Love my new black and white Aztec print skirt from Valley Girl! The only few things I bought in Australia for myself. Haha.

Happy Owner of these Threadless Tees!

photo (53)

I ordered my Threadless tees on 18 June and it’s here! That took only 15 days! All the pieces are lovely and the size is just right! The colour and design is also just like how it is shown on their website! Wheee! Will I buy more from Threadless? Absolutely! When I’m in need of more cute tees and when there is another USD 10 sales! Haha.

photo (31)

Really love the one with the girl and a bear! Sweet.

photo (35)

All the tees came printed with the name of the design, the artist and where it is made in. A lot of effort and thoughts are put into each tee! I like it already.

Rocking Floral in the heat

Rocking Floral in the heat
Rocking Floral in the heat
This is how I will rock my new floral dress in this summer heat!
// I’ve just downloaded Polyvore app and am loving Polyvoring on the go!

Floral in Full Bloom!

photo (60)

Photographed from Cosmopolitan Singapore June 2013

Looks like floral prints are all over the place this summer! I am loving these prints and got myself two pretty floral prints dresses from Pull & Bear! Woot!

photo (59)

Won Holster Jelly Sandals!

Remember a while back I was raving about Material World’s giveaway? I actually won something! This is just getting better! Haha. I won a pair of Holster sandals!

photo (60)

photo (61)

OMG! I am all ready for a beach holiday! I redeemed it at Not to Big at Forum and picked from a range of sandals! My final pick? True to my original pick – Holster’s St Tropez Jelly Sandals!

photo (69)

photo (68)

Not too big is having a push cart outside the store and their Holster sandals are on sale! It seems like it has been here for a while because Lady J scored a pair on discount a while back!

photo (67)

photo (66)

The range which I get to pick from! I wanted the one in gold but they ran out of sizes so the grey one is my next pick! I heard these range is on a 15% discount!

photo (65)

There are many pretties for the little ones too! When mummies loves it, you know for sure they are comfortable. But when non mummies also love it, it has got to be fashionable. I’m lucky to score a pair of stylish and comfortable sandals!

photo (63)

I badly need a pedicure. Yikes.

photo (62)

That’s me. A lazy Sunday after Yoga with my new Holster Jelly Sandals!

dreaming of a beach holiday
Now all I need is a pretty beach coverup and I am all armed for my beach holiday! Thank you Material World for the giveaway!

My own Saltwater Sandals from Soon Lee

I finally bought my Saltwater sandals from Soon Lee at Haji Lane and am glad to spend a Saturday afternoon exploring this area and Kampung Glam like a tourist! If you have never been to Haji Lane area you totally should! Took tons of pictures while exploring this place. Haha. Ok, back to my Saltwater sandals!

photo (34)

photo (30)

photo (31)

SGD 89 for metallic ones and SGD 85 for basic colours. This is so pricey especially when it is only selling at US 39.90 on Modcloth! But with all the shipping and all, it will probably add up to be about the same or I will probably save SGD 10 plus minus.

photo (29)

Tadah! I tried it for a short while last night and it is absolutely comfortable and felt really sturdy! Love the retro look and tan leather! This same design has lasted for over 60 years!

photo (28)

The only not so exciting factor about this sandals is that, it is actually made in China! There are currently made in USA and China and gosh, China is indeed the world’s factory.

photo (25)

photo (27)

Anyway, back to these sandals, they are water, saltwater and sand resistant and even their buckles are made of rust proof brass material. I love that the sole is double stitched with a vulcanised rubber outsole which is made to last! Perfect for beach holiday and even everyday wear in this unpredictable weather in Singapore. They are extremely comfortable, durable (will let time be the test) and perfectly ok to run around in them at the beach!

photo (26)

The sizing is a little confusing because they are not in your regular sizing and is in UK size. Here is something I found online for our reference. Upon trying out the sandals, it is supposed to be a little snug when worn as the leather will expand and before your first wear, you can run it in water, put your foot in and wear them. This will allow the sandal to conform to your feet making it even more comfortable! I’m a 6.5 US size and European 36.5. In the end, I bought a size 4/w6.

Sizing Reference

4/w6 – 23cm (european 36)
5/w7 – 23.5cm (european 37)
6/w8 – 24cm (european 38)
7/w9 – 25cm (european 39)
8/w10 – 26cm (european 40)
9/w11 – 27cm (european 41)

Dreaming of a Beach Holiday with Holster’s St Tropez Jelly Sandals

dreaming of a beach holiday

Material World is having a giveaway and one of the items that they are giving away is this pair of gorgeous Holster’s St Tropez Jelly sandals! I need a pair of beach sandals! My cheap sandals from Bangkok is giving way and in one of my older posts, I was sharing that I am dreaming up a Saltwater sandals, but this gorgeous and glamorous beach sandals totally blew me away! I’ve not had a chance to go get my saltwater sandals, maybe this chance to win this pair of Holster sandals is a sign! Haha. I can so win this to complete my beach basics! This is how I will style it! With a glamorous cover up, gold coral earring, emerald green bikini and a beach towel to tan on a beach!

I’m planning a trip to Tioman which I hope it can happen in July! Whee!

Pretty Little Knot Gold Earring

photo (24)

Got this pair of pretty knot earrings from F21 a while back and am loving every bit of it. But the thing with fashion accessories is that they tarnish so easily! See! It is turning a little dull after less than five wears! Am looking around for a similar design in real gold or perhaps I should get it customized!

Shopping Loots

I had a fun day shopping yesterday and bought lots of stuff while busting the bank! It’s not even the start of our nation wide Great Singapore Sale (GSS) and I have already started. Gosh!

photo (11)

The very comfortable calf leather brown wedges for a weekend! Originally priced at SGD 139, it was marked down to SGD 97.30. I spotted a little scratch on the leather and try my luck if I can get a further discount. In the end, the kind lady from Aldo Wisma Atria gave me an additional 5%, reducing the price to SGD 92.40! Whee!

photo (8)

Also from Aldo, I got myself some cheap accessories! Selected accessories are going for Three for the price of Two. So I got a belt at SGD 14.50 (marked down from SGD 29.90 , a necklace at SGD 8.50 (marked down from SGD 27) and got a third necklace free!

photo (9)

Got a figure hugging dress from Pull & Bear at SGD 59 and really love it. It made my ass looks huge but made my waist looks tiny. So it is a really sexy piece. HAHA.

photo (10)

Lastly, my sister asked me to go Chanel to get a lipstick for my cousin’s birthday. I got a nude pink lippie and couldn’t resist and got myself one too! Sister, your fault! Spent SGD 49 on a lippie!

I’m a happy girl! But I really should be saving. Haix. In my next post, I will share what makes your friend / yourself the best shopping companion! Haha.

Ready to go shopping at Farmer’s Market

ready for farmer's market

Inspired by the upcoming Farmer’s Market – Pasarbella – mentioned in my previous post, this is something I would wear to tour the new Farmer’s Market!

  • Dressing up a simple white t-shirt and worn out denim shorts with a neon necklace.
  • Bringing a Saintsburry jute bag which I got my friend to lug back from London for me. Mine is not as pretty as this! I don’t believe in taking plastic bags from supermarket / grocers! I always have a fold up reusable bag with me!
  • Still dreaming about my Saltwater Sandals. I need to find the time to go get one.
  • My Rayban sunnies for the afternoon!