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I am probably declaring war with the hashtags fanatics out there but yes, I can’t stand hashtags, period. What’s with uploading a picture of your meal and going #yummy #girlsnightout #foodporn #wine #happiness #whocaresaboutgettingfat and the list goes on. Come on people, write proper sentences! I think it is perfectly appropriate if the hashtags are used to link your pictures/videos/comments to certain events, brands, location or restaurants but excessive hashtags describing it is just strange. We have evolved from saying complete sentences, to short instant messages/texts to adjectives and random words?

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 9.33.04 AM

Sorry if I offended people who uses hashtags excessively but it seems that I am not the only one who find this trend amusing. I’m sure most of you have seen this video of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake making fun of hashtags which went viral online within a couple of days!

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 9.32.44 AM

But closer to home, a Malaysian short video team -dmingthing – came out with this – If Hashtags were a Language – in August which was funny too! Been wanting to share but was procrastinating until Jimmy and Justin’s video was out and around!Haha.

A disaster at the beach, Phuket

This post is about what not to wear or do at a beach to avoid looking like a disaster.

I will probably sound like a bitch in this post and I accept that, but it’s not surprising if you get photobomb by tourists in almost all your pictures.

Another couple commented that this is the worst place on earth, and even though that is a little of an exaggeration, it is definitely not some where I would want to be.

So here goes!

photo (6)
Do not wear granny long dress to a beach. Unless it is a really sexy one with a resort vibe and preferably worn at a pool or beach villa, than it is fine. Otherwise you will not only end up looking like a disaster, it will also be an impractical and a messy business.

photo (59)
An umbrella at a sunny beach? That’s a sin! If you can’t embrace the glorious sunny day blessed for a day at the beach, stay indoor! Otherwise you end up sticking out like a sore thumb.

photo (4)
I know neon colours are trendy these days but clashing bright neon colours are not for the faint hearted.

photo (2)
Floral top matched with floral bottom? I’m speechless.

photo (1)
Big bright and large beach hat. That is so Fong Fei Fei.

photo (60)
Huge flowers on your head? Checked. A huge bright scarf ? Checked. A beach? Checked. Waving a huge bright scarf on a beach with a huge flower on your head while getting your picture taken? Definitely something you see out of an MTV from the 1980s.

photo (3)
Never ever attempt to take girly-acting sexy-unnatural looking photo right in front of a big wave. You look more like a drench chicken. Try something strong and sexy instead. Like a standing or walking towards the beach pose. Imagine the girls from Baywatch.


Source: Jay Mug

Too cute. Haha.

Fuzzy Superheros.


Aww so cute. I think I can make this. Haha.

Source: Jay Mug

Funny Superhero Pictures at Chelsea Market, New York





These are hilarious and I regretted not capturing all of them! Haha.

Get one which runs on fat


Haha. It’s true! Go get your butt moving!

Mean vs Taken


I choose to believe that I am in between Mean and Taken. Haha! You may can me delusional but I think I can be Hot, Smart and a little nice when I want it. HAHA.


If Barley can do this, we would have cycle to a park or a beach for a picnic! Haha.


Source: here

Haha. Hunger games overkill.

Babarella Honey Bunny

We saw Babarella Honey Bunny at Bugis Junction today and she is crazy hilarious!

Tanks everybody tanks!


Sheldon says.


Hahaha! I can identify with some of the quotes but I’m not sharing in case people hate me. Lol!

Ears and Nose just keep growing.

They say our ears and nose never stop growing even when we grow old. OMG! I hope this is not true, my nose is huge enough (even though my mum keeps insisting that big nose brings wealth to an individual!). Sister, your huge ears will continue growing too (even though mum also insist long ears represent longevity!) OMG.

So I guess the longer you live, the older you grow, you generally earn more and live longer than yesterday? HAHA. Sorry, this topic is just random.

Smile People!

This is not exactly V-day related but gosh, it cracks me up! Smile people!

lawak bom321 (2)


Buy an ATM.

I overheard a young girl asking her dad at a supermarket.

Girl: Daddy, we should buy a ATM for our home.

Dad: …

The reason? Her mum always withdraw money at ATM. Haha. Kids ask it all.

American’s Geography/History lesson


I spotted this on Facebook and thought it is hilarious if you don’t take things too seriously. I thought the one on Canada and New Zealand is hilarious. For a fact, we are indeed too small to be labelled in this map.  American’s Geography/History lesson.

Letter vs Bill

It is so true but I still look forward to receiving a parcel or a handwritten card or letter!

internet memes - Never looking at the mailbox again
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The Noose Christmas Song

Saw this post at Bookjunkie’s  Singapore Actually blog and totally love it! I think Jason will like it too! He is a big Noose fan. Haha. Happy New Year people!

Old Horny Layers

I found this in a local supermarket. HAHA.

His Retro Fever Night

I wanted to write more for this post, but I can’t. I’m laughing too hard.

Spot Wally!

P.S. Since it is on his FB, I guess he won’t mind. HAHA. Shhh. By the way, I am resorting to this to pull in some traffic for my blog because I need to pay $X amount next year to maintain this blog add. BAH!

The head store said something…

I’m always tickled when I see signs like this overseas! Haha. Basically, it is asking people not to bargain.

// I have a feeling my neuro system is wired up wrongly. My fingers and eyes failed to communicate with my brain. Whenever I typed a sentence which my mind conceived, my fingers will typed something else, my eyes will then read the sentence as though it is in accordance to what my mind thought. I’ll then save and publish the damn post. A minute later when I read it again, I’ll always spot some glaring mistakes. Someone please save me!