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The Boy’s Captain America

photo (57)

I spotted a young boy at a supermarket yesterday and I stopped him for a picture. I probably seem like a strange old lady to this boy but I love Captain America! He is courageous, good looking, hot, and kind. Just the kind of guy I like. Haha.

Wireless Nano Router that saved our day!


This is the little one which works like magic! This is essential for Wifi starved Singaporeans who can’t live without Wifi / 3G / LTE. Essential for individuals who subconsciously click on the email, Whatsapp, Safari, and Google Map icons when in overseas! I am guilty of that! It is worst if you are stuck in a land where buying a data SIM card is impossible and renting a mobile phone is exorbitantly priced. Using data roaming is way out of question. It will be a total nightmare if you realized that your hotel do not provide free internet or worst still, provides free internet but via Lan cable! You will be staring at the Lan cable hoping that somehow you can plug it into yourself and cross your fingers and use your body to transmit Wifi. Haha. Ok this is a lame joke and not too funny. This is what age does to you. You become lame. Gosh.


Found it in Challenger and it is not really that expensive.

Moving on, this little one will save your day and let you indulge a little whenever you are in your hotel room! This little one is powered via a power point and does not require any battery. It is simply a matter of plugging the Lan cable into this like you would into your computer. Do note that at times, even though you are “connected” into the Wifi, you need to go to your Internet Explorer and sign into the hotel webpage or connect via the hotel webpage.

Amao Strawberry from Japan


Japanese Strawberry is the best in the world. Much better than Korean Strawberry and surely beat those sourish ones from US and Australia. It is the best! Even though strawberries are available almost all year round in Japan, it is in abundance and the nicest in Spring. If you do not know, there are also various brands of Japanese strawberry and the best and the most famous Japanese strawberries are the Amao (pronounce as Ah-ma-O). They are almost like the Champagne of all sparkling wine and look for this packaging or this words if you are grabbing some strawberries in Japan! Yums.


Pretty Vintage and Zakka in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Let me continue with the post of Shimokitazawa, Tokyo with some pictures of the Vintage / Zakka shops I saw! Oh, I miss that place already!



Pretty Zakka shop! Oh how I wish I can cart home some goodies from here!


A couple of vintage shops like these are there too!


A random second hand store in one corner! Isn’t the chair cute?!



A colourful and cute vintage shop filled with old toys!



A second hand store.


Spotted a leather shop with the master at work on a small shop at the second level! So look up at the stores on level two too! You never know what you can find!


Other than Zakka / Vintage stores, we also spotted a Sen Bei (rice cracker) shop! Full of sen bei!

Ok, that’s all about this place! Isn’t it a pretty place? Read my older posts about Shimokitazawa, Tokyo over here or on their Cafes and Tea and Coffee!

I have lots of backlog blog posts to clear before my Tokyo/Kobe trip! Better clear them now before I get lazy and the pictures will never see the world. Haha.


Lady J hosted a simple Bio-essence Bio-Water giveaway and I won one travel size bottle! Can’t wait to try it during my Japan trip! I will have 3 free days in Tokyo and 1 free day in Kobe, any must dos to recommend?! This will be my second trip to Tokyo and first visit to Kobe!

Nothing a hot cocoa can't solve

Having bad cramps again. Sigh. But nothing a hot cocoa can’t solve.

Decors from The Verge



The Verge
2 Serangoon Road

In a few weeks time, Lunar New Year will be here! Together with a few of my colleagues we head over to The Verge (formally Tekka Mall) to pick up some affordable plastic flowers and Lunar New Year decor for The Frontline. It is also a good place to buy plastic flowers for weddings and other decorative use! There are also shops which sell party needs. We had fun picking some flowers and carting home random decorative items.


Nearing to Christmas last month, The Frontline had balloon sculpting to entertain our customers. I asked for a pink balloon flower just to brighten up my day. I want my life this babydoll pink with happiness!


Someone in the neighborhood put this up! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

I’m so dead. It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. Jet lag. Urgh


See! I told you I’m bringing home a tan! We went to a friend’s wedding yesterday evening and am super jetlag now! I keep falling asleep in New York hours!

// I have a lot to share about our New York trip but at this rate, it will probably take me a few months to finish sharing them. Hah.

Ooo so cute!



If I know I can have such cute baby, I would form a football club! Haha. This little one is Jason’s colleague’s little boy! He is of local Malay and American descendent! Cute!


The weather is turning warm in Seoul and we decided to chill in a cafe to people watch. Love such luxury which you only get to enjoy during a holiday.

The snacks I bought once I got off the plane. Can you imagine the amount of snacks I will lug home? Haha.


We rode to Changi City Point on a Saturday morning and love that it has got a nice place to park our bikey!

Had a busy and bad day! Thankfully during lunch I bought these pretty stickers to cheer me up!

On other news, thank God for the grace and mercy showed upon Jason! Hopefully you have something nice planned for him!


Mustard and French Toast.


In a Mustard top ready for church! I’m glad I went church today after 3 weeks of missing service because of work commitment! Praise the Lord!


He made us French Toast and pan fried chicken fillet for a light brunch before heading out! Thank you dear!


He is flying off to France tonight for a week! I’ll have a lot of free time to do what I do best! Laze around, blog, hook on cable TV, read magazines and books, and do housework when I like it. Haha

White Bike

Picture 038

Lennel is giving me this pretty white Muji bike! It just needs a bit of clean up, rattan basket and new wheels! Can’t wait to pick it up at his place! Thank you Lennel!