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It’s Friday and I’m on leave tomorrow! It feels so good to shout TGIF! Yes, my work has it’s sucky moment and it happens every Friday evening, it kicks in the moment I had to sleep early knowing that I’ve got to work for four hours on a Saturday. Boo. But otherwise, work is treating me well. Haha.

Back to TGIF! I’m heading out for Brunch and hopefully get to laze by a pool. Dear Lord, please grant me a beautiful day tomorrow without haze or rain! Let it be mightily sunny! Haha. Amen.


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Damn, if know I can have her body. Haha.

Had a bad Monday and I can’t wait to get rid of Monday to start Tuesday!

I hate Mondays!

// It feels good when the cab driver you booked greets you by name in the early morning!

I love peanut butter wafer! Extra crispy please!

For the longest time, I can finally say, “Happy Monday!”.

It’s only Wednesday! Hurry! Another week to my long awaited Taiwan Trip! Shit. But I don’t have any nice clothes for my trip!

Tick tock tick tock. A few minutes to weekend! Yippee!

Welcome October!

This October is going to be a blast!

Octoberfest @ Timbre!

Our fifth year anniversary!

Placing of deposit for our church venue!

Halloween party!



It feels great to wake up early to go marketing with my granny and spend the afternoon watching Dvds before heading down to chalet for a family BBQ and mini getaway!

Yippe I’m on leave tommorrow and the day after! A long weekend ahead! Happy Thursday!

I’m experiencing Monday blues. It’s going to be a long and dreadful one because I’m on afternoon shift and work just started. BAH

Start of a Friday

It’s supposed to be a happy friday until I slipped and fell on a puddle of water! I shall not let the puddle get me down! Thankfully it’s a small puddle! Time to get a new pair of crocs for better friction!

It’s a holiday and I woke up at 730. What is wrong with me!?

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Happy Holiday Friday!

Almost Weekend.

It’s almost weekend. Off to training today and I can see the plane to Beijing! We are flying via SQ! Weee!


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Whimsical Friday!

In case you’ve been working too hard and didn’t notice that Friday is here!

Happy Friday!


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It’s Monday. HMPH.

come to work happy

Campaign: “Come to work happy.”