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Franc Franc Singapore Quitting.

7 Mar, 2014 10:06 pm

I can’t believe it, it has only been two years and Franc Franc Singapore is calling it quit. Franc Franc is a Japanese retailer who specializes in modern decors at affordable prices!

Rawr! Perhaps the lease is up and the landlord is raising the rental or it must be really hard and expensive to hire good retail staffs. Retail business in Singapore is extremely volatile and really cut throat. I’m so going to miss Franc Franc.

7 Mar, 2014 10:06 pm

I still remember my complete set of Ceramic House from Franc Franc which I shared in my old post here.

photo (29)

Boo. On a brighter note, it’s shopping time! Hopefully I can spare some time to grab some lovely decors!

Singa throws in the towel


I can’t believe this. Even our Courtesy Lion, Singa, gave up on us. Many foreigners may laugh at Singapore for coming up with all sorts of campaigns and mascots to drive Singaporeans to do something. The Courtesy Campaign, Kindness Movement, Speak Good English campaign and what not. It may seems ridiculous to many that the government needs to teach Singaporean’s to be courteous, gracious and kind. But having Singa, our courtesy lion throwing in the towel? This is sad. I will miss Singa whom I’ve known all my life but the saddest part is having Singa giving up on Singapore, submitting a grouchy resignation letter and turning into one of the ugly Singaporeans. One who rants, one who complains and one who gives up and decides to do nothing. I expected him to have the never say die attitude. To keep going but I guess, Singa is also ordinary like us. Perhaps the government realizes that using a mascot is no longer effective but Singa resigning? GAWH.


I believe Singaporeans can be gracious. It is weird when the adaptable Singaporeans can be in all smiles when living aboard but seems ungracious and ugly back home. Perhaps it’s the stress, the environment, the overcrowding or whatever excuses we can come out with. But I believe Singaporeans can be kind, courteous and gracious just because I’ve seen it.

  • I know of someone who picks up snails from the sidewalks to the grass patch just to prevent them from being crushed by walking pedestrians.
  • I know of someone who befriends foreigners at work to ease them into our culture.
  • I know of someone who stopped the car in the middle of the road and let pedestrians cross the road. The same person also stopped the car, got off the car and helped an elderly crossed the road.
  • My sister volunteers every weekend despite her busy school and social schedules.
  • I say “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “Good night” to the taxi drivers every time without fail.
  • I will gently remind people to give up their seats if I spotted a pregnant woman or an elderly.

These people are Singaporeans and we are capable of being kind, gracious and courteous. So, get out and smile people.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

Remember a while back, I blogged about the shocking news of Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh (local celebrities)? 8 Days (local TV magazine) did a short followup article! I belong to the minority – the hopeless romantics. Hah.

photo (23)

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!


If you have not heard! It’s Ben & Jerry’s free cone day tomorrow! As part of work ah-hem, where our company have our first collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s, I will be manning the crazy queue, asking everyone to drop some pennies and dollars in support of their adopted charity program and serving myself some ice cream (I hope!). Haha. Have a blast tomorrow people!

Qi Yuwu & Joanne Peh are a couple!


If you have not heard, Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh are now attached! OMG! Here are some of my favourite snippets of the interview. They do sound genuinely in love and I hope they will stay in love for a long long time.

On the timing

He says: That’s life. Don’t tell me you need to be alone for three to five years before it’s considered normal or okay to date again? Sometimes, it just happens. We could plan it such that we don’t tell people for a few months, but what good is that? Sometimes, you break up with someone and walk out the door, and in the lift, you bump into Mr Right.

She says: To me, it’s not something that I jumped into immediately after [my break-up with Bobby Tonelli]. It’s something I struggled with. And put a lot of thought into, and had sleepless nights over. To me, it’s not too soon, ‘cos I’ve thought it through. I felt that the momentum was right, so i went into it with a 100 percent confidence. Actually, 200 percent, ‘cos he’s the other 100 percent.

My thought: I agree, at times, there is no best time and there is no point in timing it to make others happy.

On the confidence

He says: Unconsciously, this relationship has been 10 years in the making. It’s has been set up for 10 years. Of course, no one knows what’s going to happen from now on. There are definitely challenges. … But I have confidence. And it’s not a kind of empty, based-on-nothing confidence. I haven’t had a lot of relationships, and I don’t have a lot of experience. But my feelings about love and relationships are more mature now than before – it’s not like when I was young and ready to fall in crazy love. I’m ready to manage a long-term relationship. We don’t know what will happen, but I think she’s right for me.

She says: There’s no possibility that this relationship will fail. You know the cliche about finding your other half? I’ve never felt more strongly about that than now. We both know what we want in a relationship and we will work at it. We will not take each other for granted. How is this going to fail? I don’t see any possibility at all.

My thought: I hope their confidence can last them a long time.

On things they talk about

He says: We talk about family. Trust. Our relationship. Her problems and my problems. Her shortcomings and my shortcomings. It’s a bit deep, but we don’t care about the frivolous stuff. We are very honest with each other, and we can talk about everything – the good and the bad. I’ve always wanted – expected, even – a mental and quite ‘high-level’ kind of connection with my partner. I don’t just want to be with someone for the sake of having someone there. I don’t think a lot of people have this high0level connection and exchange.

My thought: This is the core essential. To be able to build the foundation and set expectation and connect on a high level rather than on frivolous stuffs. Because everyone can have fun and be happy with most people but not everyone can connect with everyone in good times and bad.

On her

He says: I always thought she was such an expressive person. She’s so bilingual, and she can talk. But sometimes when we talk about deeper things, i think she finds it hard to express herself. This is new to me. i also thought she was very independent and has her own way of thing, that she was mentally strong and not easily influenced. But now I think she’s actually very soft. If she had a choice, she wouldn’t want to be so independent. If she had someone to depend on, to protect her, she would choose that.

My thought: It is true. The way he describe her sounded a lot like me. I may appear strong, assertive and even aggressive on the outside and especially during work, but all I need is someone to depend on, to protect me and treat me like I am the most precious person on earth.

This interview touched my heart. I am not a fan of either of them. But their interview surprised me and made me think a lot. It was a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling to read about how deeply they are in love. Awww.

// There are people bitching about them where one being gay and the other being a SPG. Oh well. Regardless if those news are true, I just think their interview is oh so sweet. Haha.

Indecent Ad by Abercrombie & Fitch

This is all over the news!

When I first saw this at Orchard, I first blushed then shyly ogled at the poster. You know when girls go covering their eyes with their hands yet stealing peaks in between their fingers? Yeah. That was what I my mind did when I first saw it.

Now, when I go pass it I openly ogle and analyze his abs. I thought if he didn’t pull down his jeans almost revealing his you-know-what; it won’t have caused such an uproar.

In my view, it is marketing at its purest form. I remembered my marketing lecturer once told me, sex sells, and so I guess, marketers use this as an easy way out? I mean, how else can you differentiate your polo tees? If it’s not the cut, the print, the material, the price, it has got to be its brand, specifically, the association to the brand. A & F is selling dream (or hope) to guys, when someone puts on an A & F with his collar pulled up; he feels sexy and saw the non-existing abs in the mirror.

I don’t want to judge and analyze the moral value behind this, but this goes to show that yes, even though Singaporeans are well travelled, some are in many ways, conservative Asians. Despite the vast American media exposures, some are not accepting when it happens on home ground?

Ignoring all negative news of A & F’s ads, I’m looking forward to the topless hunks at the store and will probably go take a silly Polaroid and grin like a girl in the candy store.

Photo taken in March 2010 at Ginza, Tokyo

A note to guys out there who booed at this ad, don’t blame your girls for ogling, work harder! HAH.

Shucks, my flabs just reminded me to start working out too.

Dogs eat their own poop

I’ve sometimes heard of other people’s dogs or pets eating their own poop and do you know why? Even though our Princess Barley who is very much lady like do not do that, I bet some animals do that! Haha.


News that seriously won’t make a difference

I think I have at least 20 blog posts left to update my readers! HAH. Instead of updating the post to clear my logs, I’m posting random news here cause I can’t resist!

  • A long-haired Chihuahua named “Momo” has passed exams to become a police dog in Japan. (Source: here) See size does not matter! Hehe.
  • A Japanese company has made a realistic robot nurse complete with facial expressions that could possibly be used in hospitals in the future. (Source: here) This is freaky! If I’m ill, I do not want Sadako looking robots nurse to serve me!

Survival Rates of Cat Fall.

There is an article on the survival rates of cats who fell from a height and I can’t help but wonder how they made the cats jump in the study! Or perhaps they look through all the cat jumping cases reported to the police / civil defence / SPCA? Let’s hope it’s the latter.

According to the study conducted by Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, with a sample size of 132 cats falling from an average of 5.5 stories and as high as 32 stories, the latter have a survival rate of about 90%, assuming they are brought in to treat their various injuries that may occur because of the impact with the ground.  Of those 132 cats included in the study, about 2/3 required some sort of medical treatment as a result of their fall, and about half of those that required treatment (1/3 of the total cats brought in) would have died without medical aid.


I’m not a fan of cats but still! Russell, a reader, commented, “This was probably the result of stimulus funding in part to study cat survival statistics and in part to reduce the feral cat population.” It’s shocking but also funny. Gosh. I’m sick.

nuffnang_bid = “cc2264b000f96c2e5fe3797afb26020f”;

6pm. The magic hour.

If you want your man to grant your wishes, try asking at 6pm.
If you want to ask for a promotion, try asking at 1pm.
If your man argue with you at 3pm, wish him luck, cause women usually win an agreement at 3pm.


If you ask me if you should believe in such studies? My experience in my thesis research told me to take it with a pinch of salt. But for the fun of it, why not? HAH.

nuffnang_bid = “cc2264b000f96c2e5fe3797afb26020f”;

30th Anniversary of Pac-Man

Do you remember playing Pac-Man game on the old computers in your younger days? I do! Whenever my mum has to work in the office during weekends, I’ll tag along just to play Pac-Man at her colleague’s computer! Now, you have 48 hours (or less as the second goes pass) to enjoy this game on Google homepage! Their first ever interactive illustration! Awesome!

“Web users can still perform a search through the Google home page, but those who want to play the game have to click on the “Insert coin” button. Clicking that button twice allows you to play a two-player game, with one player taking the role of Miss Pac-Man, and controlling her progress using the W, A, S and D characters on the keyboard.

Google said it had commissioned the doodle, its first ever interactive illustration, to mark the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man‘s release. Google said the launch of Pac-Man marked “a significant moment in popular culture”, and said that web users had 48 hours to “re-live the nostalgia” of the 1980s by playing the game on the Google site.”

Lolly Wonderland.



Determined to help himself with those lollies, this little greedy lad got himself trapped in a lolly machine! HAHA. He was very calm. I’m sure he was very reluctant to leave the lolly-wonderland. Amazing. Is he Baby Copperfield?

Miniature Cards.

If only SingPost allowed us to post these miniature cards during Valentine’s Day! I love receiving letters / cards via slow mail! It will be cuter if we can also mail miniature ones! Maybe I should test the system. HAHA

smallest letter

Source: Telegraph

Pretty Edible Pretties.

I love chocolates. I love shoes. This can be perfect.

But I don’t think I will ever put these pretties in my mouth. It’s just so wrong.


“Frances Cooley, a cake maker, launched the range after discovering a vintage chocolate shoe mould in Belgium. She has developed a collection of individual shoes – including zebra stripes and polka dot versions – which she makes by hand in her own kitchen. … She said: ”People are wowed about them because it’s the perfect gift for a woman – chocolate and stiletto shoes put together.”



Imagine this Christmas, your child / niece / nephew sings “Paedophile, Paedophile, Paedo all the way.” This would be the greatest fear of all parents! For this very reason, concerned parents lodged complaints against the distributor and they had to recall their Paedophile Singing Toy Mouse. HAHA.

Divorce Cakes.

The world is getting weirder as people are getting more liberal. I personally feel that to certain extend marriage is sacred and I do not encourage divorce but I have nothing against people who are divorced. But divorce cakes?!


Even though the baker – Fay Millar, claims that her cakes are not meant to be spiteful but are fun and celebratory, but looking at the designs I can’t help but imagine a bunch of people torturing the edible figurines of their ex-husband / wife like a voodoo doll in their celebratory mood. Right. Not spiteful at all, just pure innocent fun.






Haha. But I must agree some designs are hilarious, very creative and rather quirky but others are plain evil. I guess this is yet another smart entrepreneur tapping on a growing trend.

Warning: Please do not try to imitate the figurines above.

View the entire collection here.

She can’t wear pants.

This is technically illegal in Paris unless she is riding a horse, holding the reins of a horse, on a bicycle or holding it by the handlebars.


[Source: ]

Women banned from wearing trousers in Paris
A decree banning women from wearing trousers in Paris is still technically in force, it emerged on Monday, making the laissez-faire French capital theoretically stricter than hardline Sudan in the fashion stakes.


Nice Cup in Bra.

bra for golf[Source:]

Lingerie makers Triumph have unveiled the ‘Nice Cup in Bra’, which can be removed, rolled out and used as a putting mat for the keen and busy golfing lady. The green corset-style garment can be removed and unrolled to create a 1.5m-long putting mat (WTH!). When the user sinks a putt into one of the cups, a built-in speaker pumps out a congratulatory “Nice shot!(TALKING BRA!). The bra also features pockets for extra golf balls and tees, and a detachable flag pin that serves as a score pencil. Quite how the user is supposed to do cover herself when she removes the underwear is unclear (BRRRR. COLD….).

This is ridiculous and this can only come from the crazy Japanese. Even though they mentioned that this “Nice Cup in Bra” is generally designed to raise awareness of an issue (-_-), rather than be worn regularly, the idea is just insane! HAHA!

Ho White.

Ho White and the Seven Dwarves’ beer advert angers Disney


A beer advertisement featuring a raunchy version of Snow White has reportedly raised the ire of Disney.

The x-rated advertisement, for Jamieson’s Raspberry Ale, depicts the fairytale heroine blowing smoke rings while lying in bed with seven semi-clad dwarves. In this Disney dystopia, Snow White has been renamed “Ho White”, while the loveable dwarves Sleepy, Happy and Doc are rebranded Filthy, Smarmy and Randy – supposedly to represent different types of drinkers.


Advertisers often forget to view the ads / products / services from the eyes of the consumer. To them it’s a harmless joke but to the consumers it is a vulgar and cruel act of destroying the perfect image of Snow White from their childhood memory. If they did this to Ariel – my favourite Disney princess – I will surely write them a hate mail. HAHA.