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Put it back!


Source: Asia One

I’m really excited about Singapore Night Festival this weekend! Will be visiting the exhibits, watch some performance and pop by the flea market! But guess what? Some people stole 114 pieces of the artwork during the first weekend. OMG! This is so embarrassing for Singapore. The artist allowed us to interact with the exhibit freely but it does not mean it is free to bring it home! Put it back people!

// I caught a bad flu and am staying at home to clear some blogs! Haha.

Smoke gets in my Eyes, Singapore


I totally need to rant on this. For readers who are not from Singapore, you are probably unaware of the haze we are experiencing here. The sky looks gloomy, the air smells smokey, and people are falling ill and getting nose, throat and eyes irritation. This is one of the worst Haze since 1997!

I am pissed, so very pissed.

All because of the irresponsible farmers in Sumatra, Indonesia who decides to set fire to forest, we are experiencing this poor air quality for days! The Indonesian government is blaming investors from Singapore for this? This is a joke. If their government allows commercial interests to be of higher regard than the environment, who is to blame? It is happening in their land!

Instead of deploying aircrafts to drop water over Sumatra Island immediately, they deployed firefighters on ground. Hello?! We are talking about forest fires causing unhealthy haze to neighbouring countries! Shouldn’t there be greater urgency?

What pisses me off is that all our green efforts vanished just like that. We worked hard during Earth Hour, No Smoking Day, daily recycling and bringing my our bag efforts but all these efforts got wiped clean just because of their irresponsibility? Hmph. And we pride ourselves for being a clean and green city garden!

Enough ranting, with this depressing haze going on, Singaporeans are also getting creative. Here are some funny ones which I’ve collected from Facebook! Haha.

photo (65)

photo (64)

photo (61)

Singa throws in the towel


I can’t believe this. Even our Courtesy Lion, Singa, gave up on us. Many foreigners may laugh at Singapore for coming up with all sorts of campaigns and mascots to drive Singaporeans to do something. The Courtesy Campaign, Kindness Movement, Speak Good English campaign and what not. It may seems ridiculous to many that the government needs to teach Singaporean’s to be courteous, gracious and kind. But having Singa, our courtesy lion throwing in the towel? This is sad. I will miss Singa whom I’ve known all my life but the saddest part is having Singa giving up on Singapore, submitting a grouchy resignation letter and turning into one of the ugly Singaporeans. One who rants, one who complains and one who gives up and decides to do nothing. I expected him to have the never say die attitude. To keep going but I guess, Singa is also ordinary like us. Perhaps the government realizes that using a mascot is no longer effective but Singa resigning? GAWH.


I believe Singaporeans can be gracious. It is weird when the adaptable Singaporeans can be in all smiles when living aboard but seems ungracious and ugly back home. Perhaps it’s the stress, the environment, the overcrowding or whatever excuses we can come out with. But I believe Singaporeans can be kind, courteous and gracious just because I’ve seen it.

  • I know of someone who picks up snails from the sidewalks to the grass patch just to prevent them from being crushed by walking pedestrians.
  • I know of someone who befriends foreigners at work to ease them into our culture.
  • I know of someone who stopped the car in the middle of the road and let pedestrians cross the road. The same person also stopped the car, got off the car and helped an elderly crossed the road.
  • My sister volunteers every weekend despite her busy school and social schedules.
  • I say “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “Good night” to the taxi drivers every time without fail.
  • I will gently remind people to give up their seats if I spotted a pregnant woman or an elderly.

These people are Singaporeans and we are capable of being kind, gracious and courteous. So, get out and smile people.

One of the Dim Sum Dollies – Emma Yong has passed away. The art scene just lost a talented and beautiful performer. RIP Emma.

Earth Shattering News: Mandatory Maid’s Day Off

Imagine if you have to face your bosses every single hour at work.

Imagine sleeping at your office, your factory, your store, or your shop after every work day from dusk to dawn.

Imagine if your boss ask you to work every single day, and every weekend, every public holiday and from dawn to dusk.

Imagine if your company does not even offer to pay you your regular daily rate for every additional day you work on every weekend, every public holiday and from dawn to dusk.

Imagine if there is a law to grant you one day off in a week, the only saving grace to bring you out of insanity, but the rest of the world cries no, including your boss.

With all that, you are only left with a job which you have to face your bosses every single hour at work, to sleep at your workplace after work, to work every single day and to collect a misery pay at the end of the day.

If you can imagine yourself working in such an environment, then you have every single right to pour out your grievances on how tough it is to manage your daily life without a domestic helper. If you cannot manage without them, jolly well pay the additional day she works in a week. The salary they take home is not even a fair compensation; it is almost like modern day slavery. If you cannot afford to pay her, get help from the government, work harder, or work out something fair which both parties can agree on. If you are “concern” about their social life, it’s all about respect, motivation and drawing the lines. It is like managing a staff isn’t it?

Sorry, I just need to rant.

Cesar, come meet Barley!


Cesar Millan is coming to town! It is confirmed that he will be in Singapore in JUNE! OMG OMG! I am hyperventilating! There is a cure for Barley! Cesar please come and save Barley!


Yes, she is too cute. But she has a couple of flaws too! One, she hates other dogs! Manly, cheery, affectionate, small, big, skinny, fat, short hair, long hair, curly hair, male or female, she hates them all. She is a total bitch and is socially awkward. HAHA. Two, she gets overly excited when she sees us! She stops barking only if we carry her for close to 10 seconds. Any shorter she will go crazy chasing after her own tail! So Cesar, please visit Singapore and come see Barley!

Another good news, NatGeo is having a Free Pet Shop Event at East Coast Park next weekend! There are many dogs up for adoption! Even though most of them are strays there are many with that heart melting smile! If you need a companion, pop by the event and bring a friend home!


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Stay Fertile.

I came across an article on Fertility and thought it is really funny! Ok, but I should take it seriously!

Couples should:
• Maintain a normal weight, exercise and eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and antioxidants (I am of normal weight so is baby, but we should exercise more and I should eat more fruits, vegetables and antioxidants.)
• Stop smoking – smoking impairs sperm quality and female smokers are 1.6 times more likely to be infertile (We are both non-smokers. Baby, stop thinking of the cigar you smoked at your boss’s place)
• Limit alcohol intake to two drinks per day (If you average it out, we are surely drinking less than two a day but we are looking at 4 glasses to 0)
• Use lubricants (if they use them) which will not hinder conception (We can explore. Haha)

Women should:
• Limit coffee intake to one cup a day; high levels of caffeine are associated with decreased fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage (I don’t drink coffee but I love tea.)
• Take folic acid to prevent certain birth defects (Not yet I guess)

Men should:
• Wear loose-fitting undergarments (This is the funny one! Yes but true! Skip those skinny jeans!)
• Avoid extremely hot temperatures, such as hot tubs or saunas (Another funny one. No more trips to Japan / Taiwan for their Onsen, haha)

Indecent Ad by Abercrombie & Fitch

This is all over the news!

When I first saw this at Orchard, I first blushed then shyly ogled at the poster. You know when girls go covering their eyes with their hands yet stealing peaks in between their fingers? Yeah. That was what I my mind did when I first saw it.

Now, when I go pass it I openly ogle and analyze his abs. I thought if he didn’t pull down his jeans almost revealing his you-know-what; it won’t have caused such an uproar.

In my view, it is marketing at its purest form. I remembered my marketing lecturer once told me, sex sells, and so I guess, marketers use this as an easy way out? I mean, how else can you differentiate your polo tees? If it’s not the cut, the print, the material, the price, it has got to be its brand, specifically, the association to the brand. A & F is selling dream (or hope) to guys, when someone puts on an A & F with his collar pulled up; he feels sexy and saw the non-existing abs in the mirror.

I don’t want to judge and analyze the moral value behind this, but this goes to show that yes, even though Singaporeans are well travelled, some are in many ways, conservative Asians. Despite the vast American media exposures, some are not accepting when it happens on home ground?

Ignoring all negative news of A & F’s ads, I’m looking forward to the topless hunks at the store and will probably go take a silly Polaroid and grin like a girl in the candy store.

Photo taken in March 2010 at Ginza, Tokyo

A note to guys out there who booed at this ad, don’t blame your girls for ogling, work harder! HAH.

Shucks, my flabs just reminded me to start working out too.

All because of this stupid guy, my baby had to go back to work at 8pm on a Saturday. HMPH.

Al Qaeda link in failed plane attack?

WASHINGTON (AFP, Reuters) – The suspect in an attempt to detonate an explosive device on a Delta Airlines flight outside Detroit is thought to have al Qaeda connections, Representative Peter King told CNN. The 23-year-old Nigerian, who was subdued by passengers and flight crew, “did appear in a database as far as having a terrorist connection,” King said in an interview. King is a Republican member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

He was aboard an Airbus 330 carrying 278 passengers and was subdued after he attempted to ignite a device as the plane was preparing to land in Detroit, an airline spokeswoman told AFP. “My understanding is … that he does have al Qaeda connections, certainly extremist terrorist connections, and his name popped up pretty quickly” in a search of intelligence databases, King said.

US boosts air security after possible airliner bombing attempt. President Barack Obama on Friday ordered increased security for air travel after a man reportedly attempted to bomb an airliner flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.


Don’t come corrupting my Disney Princesses.


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The news pertaining to Disney’s acquisition of Marvel is depressing for both sides of the camps (Disney vs Marvel). I don’t want any violent and sexist characters befriending my Disney princesses!

yasmin ahmad

Her passing is a huge loss to the film and advertising industry. Not just in terms of her capability and creativity as a remarkable film-maker and creative executive director but also in terms of her ability to stir the hearts of many in the most thought-provoking and childlike honesty.

Here’s an earlier (it was so recent!) post about her work that touched my heart.

Michael Jackson passed away at 50.

I, like what my sister said, am beyond words and am shocked.
R.I.P. Michael.



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