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Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! I finally got my life back and I can’t wait to go back to my Yoga routine and get fit again. My jiggly arms are mocking me right in my face whenever I see myself in the mirror. Grrr.

photo (6)

Don’t ask me why my brother’s hair is the way it is. I have no idea why either. Haha.

photo (7)

Day 1 of visiting. I love my printed shift dress and those nails! I discovered Nail wrap stickers all thanks to my cool mum! This is an ingenious invention! No more late night nails painting, falling asleep with my hands apart and still ended up with messed up looking nails with strange alien invaded lines! It took me 20 minutes to get all my 10 fingers done on my first try! Also, no more boring but sexy red finger nails or expensive painted nails at nail bars!  I went on to take a look at Qoo 10 and spent more than SGD 50 on these nail wraps! Will share will I received them!

photo (5)

My first Melissa Heels! Gosh, aren’t they pretty but rawr, they are not for walking. Haha. I am so not used to 4 inch heels and thankfully, house visiting requires little walking. But they look so pretty and perfect for photo taking! Other than the height, it is actually very comfortable. No blisters or abrasion at all!

photo (4)

Day 2! Another printed dress with my new phone casing. Hoot!

photo (3)
Day 3! Matched these pretty bracelet I got online from Bits of Love. Like that it is delicate and yet the gold and leather made it all so rustic and vintage. Just my style.

Christmas with people who matter

I heard you, I know you guys missed me! Haha. Work has been busy and I’ve successfully set up the store and it is currently up and running! The Lord heard my prayers as He has bless me with a smooth sailing set up. To top it off, the store is a beautiful one. Thank you Lord.

For the past weeks, it was all work and commuting from West to East every day. No time for Yoga (boo) but lots of time for a good read! Will share more about that the next time.

But among the busyness, I didn’t forget Christmas! This Christmas, we spent meaningful time with my family! All thanks to my sister, we gathered at home and feast our hearts out with her lovingly prepared home cook food! Grilled salmon, baked vegetables and Shepard’s pie, all prepared by my sister and assisted by us! We also had a supermarket bought turkey (reheated to perfection by yours truly!) and we brought along an Ice cream log cake which my family gladly polish them off! Everyone had room for dessert! Haha.




The Chef and her Sous Chef! I’m the Pseudo Chef. Haha.


My dad always has that weird gleeful smile in pictures.


My Gram gram and bro.


Here are some presents which I’ve received this year for Christmas! My mum is lame, she bought me Young Hearts panties, size S. OMG. My butt is huge and seriously mum, I’m turning 29 this year. I cannot believe it. My sister got me a gold plated owl bracelet, Chomel ear stubs which will not tarnish, and a pretty belt! My cousins got me an Owl phone case which I can’t wait to change the covers. A random red pouch from my another cousin and the best gift this christmas! An iPad Air from him! I almost cried and want to kill him for spending so much on a Christmas gift! As you can probably see, my family buys random token gifts for each other. We don’t buy luxurious gift! It’s the thought that count! I remember my sister buying me Wind chimes, Mugs, Photo frames from a neighboring gift shop when we were young. Haha. But I love love the iPad Air! Will come in handy during our trips! Weee!

Vintage Suave Owl by elicollarbones

So a while back, I wrote a post on the winning of a little challenge at Elicollarbones and was awarded with one customized painting from Elicollarbones! I’ve requested for a Vintage Suave Owl and look how pretty this is! Oh so cute! Can’t wait to receive it and add to my owl collection! Hoot!

Elicollarbones on Instagram

photo (1)
A while back my ex colleague Elisa started an Instagram / Facebook page for her quirky doodles and illustration elicollarbones which have been gaining popularity in the instagram-sphere. Till date, she has got 316 followers and it is increasing daily as we are speaking. It started out as a random doodle site but gained popularity during the Minions-Craze where she started drawing and posting pictures of her own versions of cute and silly minions.

photo (2)

Recently she came out with her #collrbnsHIDEandSEEK challenge where she doodles and hides them in a secret location. Whoever finds it and shares it on her page will get a customized drawing in the size of a name card!


So with some sheer luck, I happened to pass by Orchard Central for my late morning Yoga session yesterday and decided to give it a try to see if it is still around! And TADAH! I found it! Haha. I’ve submitted my request and guess what have I requested for? A Vintage Owl of course! I’m really excited to see elicollarbones‘ creative interpretation of it! Stay tuned for an update!

If you enjoy the drawings of elicollarbones, do follow her on Instagram! Oh, and if you are curious about my random life, follow me on Instagram at somethingboutrenes too!

photo (9)

Jasmine, my travel buddy to Kobe / Tokyo work trip just got back from her honeymoon in South Africa and got me an Owl to add to my collection! Isn’t she the sweetest girl? Hoot!


Alph got me an owl ring for Christmas! Thank you babe for adding to my owl obsession collection! Felt so bad that I didn’t get a nice gift for her. Next year then!


CW sent me this last night! Thank you girl! Even though she stole it off somewhere, but it was very meaningful to me and I love owls! I really do hope that us SSSS girls will grow old and wiser together. Thank you girls for standing by!

I have lots of backdated entries to share but lunch and yoga is more important! Till then!

Merry Christmas and have a joyful New Year. Stay happy and healthy!


Added a new friend to my owl collection! Isn’t the Japanese print pretty! I’m just wondering what am I going to do with all these owls when I ran out of space. These owls cheer me up every morning when I put on my makeup at my dressing table! It makes me happy but it is a whole bunch of clutter!


We went shopping and I found a cute owl earring to add to my collection! Hoot!

Post Christmas SSSS Gathering!

//Psss. CW, I need the picture of us! Haha.

We finally had a SSSS gathering last night! We were supposed to meet in town but my work commitment had me back at Frontline till midnight! Thanks to the girls who came to dine near my workplace, I managed to have a good break in between a 15 hour work day! I have the best girlfriends one can ask for!

photo (8)

We had our belated Christmas gift exchange and all three well travelled girls brought home souvenirs from all over the world, spreading over a few continents! Haha. It feels like Christmas all over again and we each brought home a bagful of goodies!

photo (9)

Siqi also gave me my belated birthday gift and I totally adore it! A card filled with owls which has that pop-out effect! To top it off, an owl bangle! HOOT!

In my next post, I will share with you the exciting gift I gave to the girls!

Leather Owl Key Ring from San Lorenzo Market, Florence

owl keychain
Most of my readers probably know of my owl obsession and there are so many owls products in Italy! I resisted most of them except this one little owl leather keyring I bought from the leather market at San Lorenzo Church in Florence. Isn’t it cute! Haha.

Owl Addition.

We were supposed to go Ikea to look at the lightings but look what I cart home! And it’s at an unimaginably affordable price! Haha.

Picture 021


Was told by Cheng Wei that Typo is here in Singapore! It is from the same parent company that operates Cotton On and it is extremely popular in Australia! There are many beautiful things that I want to lug home from this store but Jason stopped me! He predicted that there will be a periodic sale just like Cotton On. BAH. See! I told you engineers are tough cookies and tight on your purse string!

Picture 008

It’s here in Wisma!

Picture 007

Pretty wall decals!

Picture 006


Random blue things I like!


This picture was sent to be from CW by the time I went to the store (24H later) this item is gone! Pff! Gone! Can you believe it? I wanted to get this for our new place and wedding decor since the colour is just right! Just not my day.

Picture 004

This will be perfect for my owl collection except that it is a tad oversize and my tiny loft (I know oxymoron here) may not have a space for it. BOO.

Owl Addi(c)tion!

Over the past weeks, I’ve added 3 owl items to my collection! Hee.

CW bought this little scrabble tile necklace from an online shop! Lovely! Love the colour too!

Got this canvas reusable bag from Cotton On! It is only $2 and part of the money goes to a charitable organization.

Wai Mun spotted this owl when we were shopping at Daiso! I had to get it! Love the big eyes.