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A lazy Sunday afternoon at in-law’s place accompanying Barley!

I want a dog run like this!



At Central Park, there is a dog run which I thought is a brilliant idea! How I wish a space like this is available for Barley to run free! Yes, we do have dog runs in Singapore, but nothing like these.


They actually have a law that governs picking up their dog’s poo! Looks like we are not the only “fine” city! Haha. We love that bins, scoops and sweepers are available for dog owners to pick up their dog’s poo at the dog run! How thoughtful and considerate of the people who manage the dog run!


There is also a two gates system where you can safely leash up furry friend and prevent it from running all over!


The best part of this dog run is the fact that it is covered with gravel and stones instead of grass! That means it will be dry and no bugs can hide in them! Isn’t that nice? Our greatest fear when bringing Barley to our local dog run is the bugs that she will bring back, the dog poop that inconsiderate dog owners leave behind and all the mysterious wet patches in the grass. Yikes. Yes, I know.



We adopted Barley when she is 1 year and a few months old and yes we enjoyed these benefits too!


If Barley can do this, we would have cycle to a park or a beach for a picnic! Haha.

The Garden Slug.


The Garden Slug
Bright Centre 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, Singapore 425500
Tel: 6346 0504

We were going to bring Barley to her groomer at Upper East Coast and thought we will drop by for lunch at a pet friendly cafe. Googled “pet friendly cafe in the east” and we found The Garden Slug.


We took the pet friendly outdoor seats and it was a little warm in this crazy February month. We spotted their in-house fat cat lazing around!


Barley who looks friendly but is not! Haha.

My all day breakfast. The sausage was not that toasted but not sure why it appeared that burnt in the picture. Love the muesli yogurt and fluffy scrambled eggs!


Their tomato and corn soup was tangy and good!


We would have enjoyed the food much better without the heat! The Garden Slug is location among pet shops, groomers and animal clinic so you really get a lot of pet owners / lovers walking around! We saw a sad family with a trash bag walking out of the animal clinic and he quickly look at Barley and asked her to not die young. Sad.

Cesar, come meet Barley!


Cesar Millan is coming to town! It is confirmed that he will be in Singapore in JUNE! OMG OMG! I am hyperventilating! There is a cure for Barley! Cesar please come and save Barley!


Yes, she is too cute. But she has a couple of flaws too! One, she hates other dogs! Manly, cheery, affectionate, small, big, skinny, fat, short hair, long hair, curly hair, male or female, she hates them all. She is a total bitch and is socially awkward. HAHA. Two, she gets overly excited when she sees us! She stops barking only if we carry her for close to 10 seconds. Any shorter she will go crazy chasing after her own tail! So Cesar, please visit Singapore and come see Barley!

Another good news, NatGeo is having a Free Pet Shop Event at East Coast Park next weekend! There are many dogs up for adoption! Even though most of them are strays there are many with that heart melting smile! If you need a companion, pop by the event and bring a friend home!


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Barley met Flare



Barley finally met Flare! Even though they didn’t hit it off (I think Barley doesn’t enjoy socializing with other dogs) we were glad we tried! Barley behaves like a diva. Enjoying the environment, galloping around and almost hissing (in a barking manner) at Flare when she irritates her. Haha. Both of them looks really cute together! Jason and I concluded that we need to find a more active playmate for Barley! Flare just couldn’t keep up with Barley’s speed and stamina but who can? She is a fur ball on fire!



Flare is sociable, friendly and curious unlike Barley who is a snob and impatient to other dogs!





Barley, you better learn to socialize or you will be left on the shelf with no mate nor friends!

// We went to Steph’s place to meet Archie and Frosty there after and Frosty (also a Jap Spitz) is worst than Barley! Extremely feisty and not friendly! Archie loves Barley though! At some point, he looks dejected when he was rejected by Barley! Haha! Too bad we didn’t take any pictures! Next time!

// Al the pictures except the first one are taken by Jiehui! (Cw’s bro’s gf) haha

Anti Dog Pee Poem


We found this at the life lobby and I thought it is hilarious! Haha.


During a stay cation at our place, I made Barley stay on top of our bay window!


Isn’t she the cutest!


She is so Fluffy I can die.


Wizard of Paws
178 East Coast Road
Tel: 64403297


We brought Barley to the groomers at Wizard of Paws! They did a great job in making her look pretty! For once, she doesn’t look like she is booking in for Tekong after her haircut! HAHA! She smells fluffy and clean!

Barley loves Garden by the Bay


We brought Barley to the east wing of Garden by the Bay after a family lunch on Sunday! She loves it there! There isn’t much of a crowd and there are many small open space for her to let loose! Whenever there is no one around we will let her run wild! Hahah. It is quite dog friendly in my opinion because of the lack of crowd! Haha. But I don’t particularly love it because of the lack of shade! Haha. It was blazing hot!



Look at her legs move! It’s funny!

Barley gone wild!

Barley’s Third Birthday!

Barley turned three today but I was not able to celebrate with her! Boo! My in-law made her a cup from her dried food and corn! I heard Barley loves it and violently ate it all up! Haha. Happy Birthday Barley!

barley 3rd bday

Barley Time!

Picture 060

Had a great time with Barley yesterday (minus the bites from mozzies!)! I miss Barley and wish she stays with us everyday instead of living across a grass field with my in-laws. But we can’t bear for her to be alone in the day!

Advertorial: Flair Flare in the house!

As part of the new agreement to SbR’s sponsorship deal for this coming Financial Year (starting August), SbR has agreed to write a Monthly Advertorial for my sponsors – Lennel and Cheng Wei who started sponsoring this site since 2009 (History: Here). To entice them to continue their sponsorship (they recently complained that this is a poor sponsorship deal!), I’ve thrown in a Monthly Advertorial write up of anything under the sun! Haha.

This month, we will be featuring a new kid on the block – Flair Flare! It’s not a new café or a new blogshop, it’s a fur ball with a huggable and a lovable nature!

photo (3)

She loves ice cubes, jogging, high society music (only live piano performance and no trashy “Who let the dog out?” pop) and is really shy! At her prime age of 21 years (aka 3 dog years), she has attracted countless wolf whistles and stares when going for her daily walk!

photo (5)

If you are keen to befriend Flair Flare, do add her on her facebook page here! A “Flair Flare Meet & Greet Session” is in the pipeline and all other fur balls are welcome to join! Barley has already registered her interest so what are you waiting for!

photo (7)

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I Love August 2011: And Barley too!

During National Day holiday we brought Barley out for a walk! She loves excursion! I winded down the windows the moment we were near ECP and she started sniffing away! HAH. She also met many other paw pals along the way and she was really cool and calm about it (unlike her usual overly excited self). She must be in a really good mood.

Picture 024

Picture 030

Picture 031

Picture 034

I Love Barley!

Barley in Yellow

His mum wanted to get Barley a top for her car ride to prevent her fur from flying around! We spotted some baby clothes at a wet market and got her this for $2 bucks. HAHA. I don’t think it actually helps, but she looks insanely adorable! Haha.

I wanted to get her gender identifying clothes (e.g pink!) but he prefers something neutral. Does that means our future kids are going to wear gender neutral clothes too! OMG.

photo (2)

photo (1)


Funnel on her Head


Barley chewed her fur bald at her back causing a huge bald spot the size of 3 fifty cents coin! We had to make her wear a funnel to stop her from doing that!

Barley was all clumsy and confused with a funnel on!

Dogs eat their own poop

I’ve sometimes heard of other people’s dogs or pets eating their own poop and do you know why? Even though our Princess Barley who is very much lady like do not do that, I bet some animals do that! Haha.