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Review of Silver Jewellery Making Workshop by JDMIS


Remember a while back where I shared about a Groupon deal by JDMIS to make pretty silver jewellery? I can’t believe there are not many online reviews about this workshop! I went for the 3 hours class during the Easter weekend and enjoyed the class thoroughly! I always wonder how people in Etsy create pretty and customisable jewelries and am really excited to learn this new type of precious metal medium – Art Clay – where creating jewelries is almost as easy as messing with Playdoh!

I got to take home three pieces of fine silver (999 silver) and not just regular sterling silver (aka 925 silver). Fine silver is generally softer and more malleable than sterling silver and some people are worried that it will break. But we tested the silver by throwing it around and it is still intact.

Here are some pictures I took during the class. My phone died midway so I didn’t manage to take the entire process.



The tools we used and no we can’t take home the tools in the Groupon class! We only paid SGD88!




The ring I created. A rope knot ring.


This is the last picture I took before my phone died. A pendant for my sister and a pendant for myself. After moulding them into shape like a playdoh (just that you got to do it very quickly!), you will have to dry it, trim it, fire it, and scrub it before it turns into this! Ba bling!


Am I talented or what! Haha.


In the class, you are able to make at least one ring and one pendant out of the 10 grams of Art Clay provided. But because I made a thinner ring, I had excess Art Clay to make another pendant! As for the design of the ring, it is really up to your creativity as long as it is rounded and follow a certain guideline. THe way you twist and turn it is up to you! As for the pendant, you can also either use a mold or a clay cutter (like those cookie cutter).

Two days after the class, I received a call from JDMIS (Jewellery Design and Management International School) to ask if I am interested in taking their Certificate in Creative Silver Modelling Techniques! Of course I’m interested! I had so much fun in the Groupon class but I’m broke. I can’t believe the certificate class is $2,500! If it is say $800, I will sign up for sure! That being said, the class includes all materials and tools! I’m so tempted, so so tempted. But I am also very broke.

I may really consider it if I ever become a stay home mum. This route is tough given my situation now but oh well. Selling customized jewellries on Etsy sounds too fun! But would I sign up again in the future, yes! Just for the fun of it! Will I recommend this class to my friends? A huge YES!

Perhaps I can get a scholarship for this new found interest? Haha. Any kind souls out there who is willing to sponsor this course for me to turn this interest into hobby and possibly a new business? Haha.

Pledge your blog to preserve memories in Singapore

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 9.24.45 AM

I received an email invitation by National Library Board to pledge my blog to preserving Singapore Memories! If you are a Singaporean blogger, a foreigner residing in Singapore or anyone who shares about Singapore, you may like to pledge your blog here! This is a very meaningful project and I am all for preserving Singapore Memories for the many generations to come!

If you have pledge your blog, you will receive a badge like this!

Another dose of My Lovebites


The sweet owner of My Lovebites, Olivia, sent more cookies to me of some of the new flavours in mini bags a while back!


I love Mint Chocolates and when she came up with this new flavour, I knew I had to try it! It is so good! The hint of mint is not too strong that it overpowers the chocolate and yet it is not too subtle that you can’t taste the mint. A well balanced mint chocolate chip cookie! I finished the mini bag in one seating!


This is one unique cookie! If you love chai tea you will love this. Exotic tea taste perfect with my chamomile tea. Yums! Thank you babe for the cookies! Do check out their handmade and preservative free cookies made with the finest ingredient with love by the people from My Lovebites!

Get Real!

Source: here

It has been almost six months since we picked up Yoga at our neighbourhood community centre and we never regretted it. It is a great introduction to Hatha yoga and we learn all the basic poses like Sun Salutation, Warrior 1 & 2, bridge poses and all. However, after six months, we felt that there is little growth and it is no longer a challenge.

Thanks to Steph, who introduced me to Real Yoga via Groupon, I tried out three lessons and love what it did to my mind and body. It is tough, much tougher than our classes at the community centre, it almost felt like boot camp, but you can really feel the difference it does to your body. Also, I am the competitive sort and I love that it made me push myself harder during each lesson. Plus, when yoga is practiced in a hot studio, it made us sweat like a dog, which is great for our skin!

I just signed up for Real Yoga’s unlimited promotion package at $1860 + GST for a period of 12 months plus 4 months! What prompted me to sign up with Real was the fact that they have a new branch in Tampines in addition to their Centrepoint branch (which is closer to our home), their hot yoga studio, affordable package (compared to other yoga studios) and their yogi master’s no-frills, no-nonsense attitude in class. In addition, Lydia, sales personnel that Steph referred to me, was experienced, patient and friendly! I was sold.

If you are interested to get in touch with the sales personnel who assisted me, drop me a message / mail and I will let you know privately. Meanwhile, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will stay strong and persevere to enjoy the benefits of this ancient knowledge. You can also read more about Steph’s sharing on other yoga studios here!

Almost all gloom and doom.

Today is not the best day of my life. In fact it’s rather gloomy.

I went for facial yesterday and ended up looking like crap today. What’s with all the scabs, redness and swollen nose!

I hate working with fickle-minded boss and one who asked the same question over and over again. Worst still, one who don’t bother remembering the answers you provide repeatedly.

Tried out a new class in Amore and ended up feeling like a lump of fats with two left feet. What’s with all the twirling, hopping, skipping and jumping?!

My day was all gloom and doom until I read A Beautiful Mess. Reading Elsie and Jeremy’s adventure on a road trip to Chicago makes me happy.  I need a road trip too! Found out about iPhone’s Hipstamatic application through Elsie and it’s one app worth paying a dollar ninety nine for! I took random shots on the way home, smiling like a child at the wonderful effects it created! Love it!

Here are some random pictures I took using the hip app!

With Kaimal Mark II lens. Yes this is how my desk looks like. I need a Trash ‘Em Day!

With Jimmy lens. I love random stuffs.

With John S lens. This is my personal favourite! My favourite Dino Bank talking to a random dude! Dino Bank accompanied me since I was ten. I love him except that he holds my life savings. HAH.

Go get your hip app! Haha!

Take them home!

Puppies for AdoptionI saw this on Caffeine Free and thought since I can’t keep these cuties in my little place I’ll help do a shout out to all my friends (sincere pet lovers only)! Take them home!

Cowboy Caleb agrees Jean is good!

Remember a while ago I wrote a post about a talented local singer – Jean Tan? Cowboy Caleb thinks she is good too!


Red Ribbons Giveaway.

Read the news and it reminded me it’s World AIDS Day today. It has been more than a year since our “Hearts of Hope” project with the Patient Care Centre and I would like to take this opportunity to shout out to all SbR readers to support this cause, to not discriminate this group of people and to give them a second chance to live a fulfilling life.


I’ve collected a bunch of these beautifully handmade beaded red ribbons when I was in the project and I would like to give these red ribbons to my readers.


These ribbons will be given free with postage but with one condition, you need to prominently display these pins (e.g on your clothes, as a necklace, with your keys on your bags etc) and , if possible, send me a picture of how you display these pins! International readers welcome! To participate, simply drop me a comment!

Brown Brothers.

Remember in one of my earlier post I raved about how awesome Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rose is? It’s still as good as I first tasted it! It is also unbelievable cheap! It was $23 – 25? But I spotted it at one of the FairPrice stores going for only $19.90! YUM YUM.



He loves it.

Moove Love.

Stephanie gave us one of these during our dinner gathering after our training! This is not a condom even though the packaging may look like one. It’s actually a Moove Love badge!

Moove Love is a 3 month long charity campaign till 31st Dec, targeting to raise $100,000 for The Home Nursing Foundation through the sales of Moove Love Merchandises. The merchandises come in 5 personality cows – fun, crazy, rock, cool and sexy, created to bring joy to the land. (Read all about it here!)

Through random selection (just like the Ti-Kam, Ti-Kam from the olden days) I got myself a Fun Badge!

The Fun personality cow is full of excitement, merriment and playfulness (just like me!). With the Fun personality cow, you never need to experience another dull moment, for he is simply full of life (that’s me!). Endowed with an optimistic outlook, his mojo comes from being able to just let loose and enjoy the moment. A lively personality that would surely brighten up your day!

Thank you Stephanie!

Go get yours today or tomorrow!

Drink Milk.

anlene chocolate milk

To avoid becoming a wrinkly old woman with a hunched back and brittle bones obviously suffering from osteoporosis, I’ve decided to start drinking milk heavily infused with calcium. If you hate the taste of fresh milk just like me, you can try drinking Anlene’s 19-50YRS HI-CAL LOW FAT Chocolate Flavoured Milk Powder! It tastes just like Milo!

Shopping in U.S.A.

Some friends have been asking where I got my wallet from at such a ridiculous discount. Here’s my secret. USAshoppingspree is based in Washington. It is set up by a Singaporean who is now residing in the United States.

We aim to bring you the best by conducting Sprees on popular American brands such as Kate Spade, Coach, A&F etc.


The lady, Amanda, is friendly, reliable, helpful and responsive in all questions posted! Highly recommended by friends and myself who used her service! Look for her during the sale season and you will be awed by the ludicrous savings you can enjoy!

SbR goes International.

I realized Nuffnang is not just beneficial in terms of monetary sense, it also aids in understanding your readers.

Besides providing statistical information such as views information (general views, unique views, per hour/day/week/month) and referrals information, it also provides readers information (if you’re also a Nuffnanger) and reader’s geographical location (in terms of country). How cool is that!

This can be useful information if you have friends / lover(s) / enemies / families overseas and you wonder if they ever visit your blog!


Because of this information, I am pleased to announce, SbR is international! We have readers from United States, France and United Kingdom! Ok. I must be mad, even though they probably contribute to less than 10% of my readership and I can probably guess who these people are, I am still thrilled! I’m insane.

5 Top Reasons why you should BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)


You can save the Earth by reducing waste




You will look cool because expats, young educated executives and celebrities carry one





Many stylish grocery bags are available in the market so there’s no excuse for chic individuals



You can comfortably carry all your groceries.





You can save ten cents (for penny saving individuals) if you BYOB and spend more than ten dollars in the largest supermarket chain here

VOIS. Manicure.

I was supposed to meet my friend this afternoon for lunch at 1230pm but because of some miscommunication I thought it was 12pm. Anyway to cut the long story short, my friends got there at 1.15pm. -_- Instead of baking myself in the sun or touring the only decent store – Cold storage for 1 hr and 15 minutes, I went for a manicure.

VOIS Pte Ltd
The Village Centre
3 South Bouna Vista Road, #02-15
Singapore 118136
Tel: 6778 0050

VOIS[Picture Credit:

VOIS is having a weekly promotion, deluxe Manicure at $12 (Originally $25) till end of this week, and that was just what I needed! It was awesome.

What is good!

  • Friendly service!
  • Enjoy a relaxing massage on the massage chair!
  • Choice of coffee or tea!
  • Good manicure skills!
  • Extremely good hygiene! [They change their filers and buffers for every new customer! The staff asked if I will be coming back for their services in the future, I answered probably no because of the location (definitely not because of their service). Instead of snubbing me, the staff then asked if I want to keep the filers and buffers (for free!) since I will not be back. How awesome!]
  • Promotional price at $12 is awesome! The usual price at $25 for full (not express) manicure with simple hand massage was good too!


Conclusion: If not for the location, I will definitely be back!