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All I wanted is some Curly Fries

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Ever since Mac Donald’s came out with their Prosperity Meal in celebration of Chinese New Year, I’ve been craving for their curly fries. But I’ve been working hard at work and at Yoga and was resisting the sinful temptation until today. Triggered by two episodes of frustrating incidents at work, (1)unreasonable customer and (2)unreasonable job applicant, all I wanted was some happy food. But lo and behold, Mac Donald stops selling curly fries!

Do you know how depressing that is? They should just include curly fries into their main menu! Sigh.

#1 Unreasonable Customer

To all unreasonable customers out there. Don’t ruin somebody’s morning just because you are a grumpy and angsty shopper. This woman has since reprimanded me three times since we opened and each time, before I can say anything, she started ranting and scolding. After hearing my explanation, she complained more and said it is unacceptable and continued ranting. This morning when I saw her, I intended to greet her good morning with a smile and inform her that the Fresh Dried Cranberries that she has requested a few days back are here. But after I said “Good …”, she started ranting and scolding me. Gosh!

Here are some insider tips if you have feedbacks.

Rule #1. Be nice. Usually the nice customers are the ones we make exceptions for, smile and wish them all the happiness and luck. The nasty ones, yes they do get their way this time round, but we will record it down and remember their face. The next time if they have similar request, it won’t be granted that easily.

Rule #2. Don’t kill the messenger. Most of the time, it is not the fault of the person or manager. Get your point across and we will do our best to assist.

#2 Unreasonable Job Applicant

This applicant was interviewed by me and has accepted the job offer. Thereafter, because he is a foreigner, we had to send him for medical checkup and applied for his work permit with Ministry of Manpower (MOM). After he went through the medical checkup and got his work permit, he changed his mind and got another job. He called me and ranted about the inefficiency of our HR department in canceling his work permit and how the HR personnel is rude to him. Hello? We don’t owe you anything. I told him calmly that first, he already wasted our time and resources for all the interviews, medical checkup and Work Permit application. Can’t he wait for a few days for MOM to cancel his work permit? Second, if he spoke to the HR personnel the way he just spoke to me, no wonder the HR personnel got frustrated at him. Third, the HR personnel do not report to me. I can pass his comment to the HR manager but please stop shouting and ranting in the phone, there is nothing I can do to further assist him. Someone please knock some sense into these job applicants!


Thankfully, I still love my job and went for a calming session of Hot Stretch Yoga. Ommmmm.


I am probably declaring war with the hashtags fanatics out there but yes, I can’t stand hashtags, period. What’s with uploading a picture of your meal and going #yummy #girlsnightout #foodporn #wine #happiness #whocaresaboutgettingfat and the list goes on. Come on people, write proper sentences! I think it is perfectly appropriate if the hashtags are used to link your pictures/videos/comments to certain events, brands, location or restaurants but excessive hashtags describing it is just strange. We have evolved from saying complete sentences, to short instant messages/texts to adjectives and random words?

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 9.33.04 AM

Sorry if I offended people who uses hashtags excessively but it seems that I am not the only one who find this trend amusing. I’m sure most of you have seen this video of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake making fun of hashtags which went viral online within a couple of days!

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 9.32.44 AM

But closer to home, a Malaysian short video team -dmingthing – came out with this – If Hashtags were a Language – in August which was funny too! Been wanting to share but was procrastinating until Jimmy and Justin’s video was out and around!Haha.

A Response to my Reader

Hi Serene

I have been reading your blog and I think you come across as a strong, confident woman who knows what you want in your life.

I would like some advice from you. I’m currently working and am very unhappy in my work environment. I have two female bosses and one is always picking on me and it has come to “bullying”, always finding fault with everything I do and humiliating me in front of the other people at work.

When I try to raise my problem to the other female boss, all she does is tell me that I should just accept it and not create trouble or the female boss bully will just find more trouble with me. I feel like there’s no one else I can turn to in the office.

I want to quit my job but I’m afraid of losing the ‘money’. I’m a graduate in the later part of my 20s. Would really like to hear what you think. Do not mind you publishing my post on the main page of your blog.

Your reader

Hi Babe,

I may appear strong and confident but really, we all have our weak and insecure moments.

Personally, being happy at work is extremely important because we spend a good amount of waking hours at work. But not everyone is lucky to have a good boss or work environment. If you enjoy your work but not your boss, then learn to manage your boss.

But if she is a really mean person and it is impossible to work with her, perhaps you can talk to your other trusted mentors or seniors on how to deal or work with her.

For me, if I hate my boss but love my company, I will explore opportunities to transfer to another department. Job transfers in the name of learning new things and exploring new areas, may be welcomed by certain company to retain and develop staffs. This is very common in the company I work for where there are people transferring among Operations, Marketing and Purchasing departments.

If this is not possible in your company, and if you have little attachment to this company, don’t be afraid to look out and find another job! You will be surprised that there are many other opportunities out there! Even though I’m still at my first job since I graduated, I have many friends and colleagues who eventually found something they enjoyed!

As for the money, even if you get a slight pay cut, it doesn’t quite matter if that can give you greater job enjoyment! Most importantly, talk to your family about your decision to prepare them mentally. If you can find another job before you resign, that will be the best but if you can’t wait to resign and take a sabbatical, talk to your family and get their support!

Be strong and keep your chin up! You deserve so much better than this!

That’s my take and it may not be the best so my dear readers, please help! You girls will probably have greater experience to share! What’s your take and what would you do?

How to make jokes about the SG Haze

I totally need to reblog this. This babe is way too funny! Hahaha.


SG Haze Singapore Flyer

(Facebook — Straits Times)

Yesterday, the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) in Singapore hit 155, which is well into the unhealthy range (101-200) set by the National Environment Agency. For anyone who isn’t from Singapore, we get this insane haze like once a year because our neighbouring country, Indonesia, likes to organise nationwide barbecues to unify their people.

Just kidding, they like to burn down forests for plantations.

But anyway, naturally, Singaporeans’ immediate reactions were to make jokes about it. We are, after all, a funny people. So if you’re feeling left out and don’t know how to jump in with your own joke, here’s a guide to help you out!

1. Talk about how you don’t need a filter for Instagram anymore!

SGAG Instagram SG Haze

Like in most other tech-savvy countries, Singaporeans loovvvveeee Instagram – we’ve even come up with an acronym for it: IG. Thanks to the haze, we no longer need…

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Smoke gets in my Eyes, Singapore


I totally need to rant on this. For readers who are not from Singapore, you are probably unaware of the haze we are experiencing here. The sky looks gloomy, the air smells smokey, and people are falling ill and getting nose, throat and eyes irritation. This is one of the worst Haze since 1997!

I am pissed, so very pissed.

All because of the irresponsible farmers in Sumatra, Indonesia who decides to set fire to forest, we are experiencing this poor air quality for days! The Indonesian government is blaming investors from Singapore for this? This is a joke. If their government allows commercial interests to be of higher regard than the environment, who is to blame? It is happening in their land!

Instead of deploying aircrafts to drop water over Sumatra Island immediately, they deployed firefighters on ground. Hello?! We are talking about forest fires causing unhealthy haze to neighbouring countries! Shouldn’t there be greater urgency?

What pisses me off is that all our green efforts vanished just like that. We worked hard during Earth Hour, No Smoking Day, daily recycling and bringing my our bag efforts but all these efforts got wiped clean just because of their irresponsibility? Hmph. And we pride ourselves for being a clean and green city garden!

Enough ranting, with this depressing haze going on, Singaporeans are also getting creative. Here are some funny ones which I’ve collected from Facebook! Haha.

photo (65)

photo (64)

photo (61)

Choose Happy


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When we were young, we imagine our life to be perfect. Graduate from good school, find our dream job, marry our prince charming, move into our dream house, have a couple of kids and still look darn good. At least that’s what I imagine my life would be.

But being an adult now, I realize life is not all that simple and smooth going.

On Life and Marriage

There are people around me who choose to remain happily single, to cohabit with their other half, who is divorced and started dating, who is dating a single mum, to date freely and openly, who fear commitments but don’t mind a friend with benefits and who decided to leave their fiancée/ fiancé.

Life is indeed imperfect. But who am I to judge, as long as one is happy, there is no need for an explanation to others.

On Jobs and Career

Graduated top of the class twice in my life, I am earning peanuts and many might think that I’m stuck in the rut. But what define success?

There are people in jobs which requires 14 to 16 hours of work to earn big bucks. As long as you enjoy what you do in that 14 to 16 hours, you don’t have to explain to others why you are working so hard. Even if you hate your job but love the money, you don’t have to explain to others why you are still working in that job. It’s your choice and be happy about your choice.

Similarly in my job, even though I’m paid peanuts and probably earning below my cohort’s average, I don’t have to justify why I love my job. I don’t have to stuff them with reasons like work life balance, sense of satisfaction or the fact that I’m contented with life. After all, I’m the one waking up in the morning to greet myself in the mirror to start a fresh new day at work.

Choose Happy

So whatever you do and whatever life stages you are in, be happy with your choice. If you are unhappy, change it, and choose to be happy. La la la.

Singa throws in the towel


I can’t believe this. Even our Courtesy Lion, Singa, gave up on us. Many foreigners may laugh at Singapore for coming up with all sorts of campaigns and mascots to drive Singaporeans to do something. The Courtesy Campaign, Kindness Movement, Speak Good English campaign and what not. It may seems ridiculous to many that the government needs to teach Singaporean’s to be courteous, gracious and kind. But having Singa, our courtesy lion throwing in the towel? This is sad. I will miss Singa whom I’ve known all my life but the saddest part is having Singa giving up on Singapore, submitting a grouchy resignation letter and turning into one of the ugly Singaporeans. One who rants, one who complains and one who gives up and decides to do nothing. I expected him to have the never say die attitude. To keep going but I guess, Singa is also ordinary like us. Perhaps the government realizes that using a mascot is no longer effective but Singa resigning? GAWH.


I believe Singaporeans can be gracious. It is weird when the adaptable Singaporeans can be in all smiles when living aboard but seems ungracious and ugly back home. Perhaps it’s the stress, the environment, the overcrowding or whatever excuses we can come out with. But I believe Singaporeans can be kind, courteous and gracious just because I’ve seen it.

  • I know of someone who picks up snails from the sidewalks to the grass patch just to prevent them from being crushed by walking pedestrians.
  • I know of someone who befriends foreigners at work to ease them into our culture.
  • I know of someone who stopped the car in the middle of the road and let pedestrians cross the road. The same person also stopped the car, got off the car and helped an elderly crossed the road.
  • My sister volunteers every weekend despite her busy school and social schedules.
  • I say “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “Good night” to the taxi drivers every time without fail.
  • I will gently remind people to give up their seats if I spotted a pregnant woman or an elderly.

These people are Singaporeans and we are capable of being kind, gracious and courteous. So, get out and smile people.

I dropped my phone tonight and my friend picked it up. Thank goodness! I will be meeting him to pick it up tomorrow morning. Now, I am going to have a sleepless night without my phone by my side. Gosh. I’m thankful for my Macbook, Internet, Gmail and FB. Communication is still possible but just not on the go. I’m back to the old school communication system where you inform the person the location and time to meet, and keep my fingers crossed that he/she will turn up and not be late. Because I don’t even have a pager now. Hmph.


I hate falling ill. Not because of how queasy, giddy or cold I will feel. But the tons of medicine I have to take. Yikes. Why can’t they add flavourings to these pills or make them chewable like candies!


Source: Words Over Pixel

After not practising Yoga for slightly more than a month because of the festive peak and the trip to Japan, it hurts to start all over again. Last week I managed to go for three sessions and can’t wait to get up to the level I was before. Will be attending two sessions today! This week is going to be another busy week and I seriously need to get tone up again. Boo. I want to live simply and be contented with life.

Google Reader to Netvibes

Remember a few posts back, I was ranting that Google Reader is retiring! I chance upon this article recently “8 Google Reader Alternatives” and it is a god send. I’m now trying out Netvibes and the transporting of all my RSS subscription is really easy!

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 1.04.56 PM

All thanks to Google Reader which allows you to export your subscriptions in a standard format called OPML and Netvibes which allows you to import all your subscriptions in this format too. So within a few minutes, TADAH, the transfer is done! You don’t have to subscribe one by one with this new site. I’m so glad! Enough of tech jargons! I shall go explore this new site and keeping my fingers crossed that I will love it as much as Google Reader.

Google Reader is retiring!

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 8.04.35 PM

OMG! Google reader is retiring on July 1, 2013! OMG! Isn’t Google reader too young to retire!? I am hyperventilating. Calm down Serene. It’s not the end of the world. But how else can I ensure that I get an update of all the blogs that I follow!? Can someone please share some good sites that allow me to read the updates of blogs? Hurry! I got to bookmark them all up!

I’m so tired. Mentally and physically. I can’t wait for busy festive period to end and I need a holiday soon! Boo.

Email Reminder!

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.19.47 AM

I love service providers who go the extra mile just with simple technologies and reminders like this. Our National Library Board allows us to create an account with them and sign up for email reminders when the books borrowed are nearing the due date. I love this as I am always forgetting my due dates especially when it comes to credit card payments! This can be costly with all those late charges, interests fees and fines. But I am glad service providers like NLB has email reminders like this and even a link for book renewal! Now you don’t have to lug yourself and the books to the library just to renew your books! Another service provider I love is Standchart who often send SMS reminders on bill payment nearing to payment date too! Kudos to these two service providers!


We got to thank CW for introducing us to this expensive but awesome magazine! Hah. This issue is about livable city and Singapore is ranked #15 while Vancouver is ranked #19. I would pick Vancouver any day! I want to stay in a country with four seasons!

To Leave or To Stay

A blog reader, K, asked when do one know if he/she needs to leave the company.

This is a very personal question and I’m sure everyone has his or her own opinion on this. So, do leave a comment if you have something to say.

In my job, I manage a team of 8 supervisors and 90 staffs and dealing with resignation and recruitment is almost a common affair.

Generally, people leave because of these reasons:-

  1. Poor relationship with reporting officer: If you have an unappreciative, mean, non-inspirational boss, it is likely that you won’t spend your waking hours striving for him/her.
  2. Job misfit in current job: You love your team but you hate what you are doing.
  3. Slow progression in current job: In your learning journey or in your career.
  4. Better opportunity: An opportunity you can’t resist comes knocking at your door either in terms of industry, position or compensation package.

For J, he claimed that the reason is because of a better opportunity. From my observation, I have a feeling that he hates his job or the people he has to deal with.

To me, instead of asking when will I know if I have to leave, I would rather ask myself, when do I know if I should stay. It is just another side of the same coin.

My parents often question about the career I picked. It is not glamorous, it doesn’t pays well, and it requires one to deal with a lot of annoying stakeholders. People may even call it a dirty job and most will shun away from it.  I have to admit, it is a humbling job.

For some simple reasons, I enjoy what I do, I am happy where I am, I can proudly say, I love my job (how many can say that?). If I ever wake up feeling a need to leave my current job, it must be the day when I stop learning or when my career is on a standstill.

You will probably have to ask yourself what motivates you and what makes you happy in a job. This surely sounds familiar, but not many stop and give it a thought.

I’m having blog diarrhoea on a Friday night. Lucky you! You will have random things to read tomorrow! I’m going to stop here and go get a life. Hah.

Goodnight World.

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If you have been an avid reader of Somethingboutrenes, you will have noticed that I hardly blog about my bad days, sad memories, or unpleasant encounters. I don’t live in a little happy and perfect world. I do feel pain and sadness just like anyone of you out there, but I want SbR to be a place where I document my happy memories.

Today maybe one of those days, but I am looking into my own happy perfect world through SbR.

J resigned and got a new job at Coral (a nickname to hide the identity of his company) and he is out with his colleagues for his farewell drinks! I’m home alone on a Friday night with my best friends – TV and Internet. Haha.


Both of us experienced severe jet lag last night. He got out of bed at 4 am to bake bread while I watch Grand Designs on cable. I was wide awake from 11.30pm till the next morning. We even have time to sit down and have a nice breakfast. A first in a weekday work day. Hah. I had insomnia. It’s too painful.