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Dreams & Confetti, Great World City

I’m so going to have a huge backlog of travel posts! I’m not done with Taiwan and I’m heading to Penang this weekend and Gold Coast end of the month! Rawr!

Let’s talk about something other than travelling! We headed to Great World City for movie over the long weekends and there is now another reason for me to head there! Other than I Wanna Go Home, which sells pretty home decor items at a reasonable price, I chance upon Dreams and Confetti !




They sell many pretty cake stands, party ware and decorations and also rent them out too! But more importantly, this shop which is less than 2 months old in Great World City is the exclusive distributor of Rosanna Inc!

Rosanna Inc has many lovely porcelain wares and if not for the fact that my imaginary home is far from reality, I would have cart home a lot more!





In the end, I got home this pretty pretty porcelain bunting which I couldn’t resist. I saw it before our movie and had to get it after movie. Heh.


We got the one which says, “Eat Well & Travel Often”, so us! Heh. How I wish I can fly straight to settle to lug all of them back! Haha.

The BIG way to shop at Warehouse Club, Singapore

With so much news coverage and social media going on about the latest retail format in Singapore, it will be hard to miss the news on Singapore’s first membership-only retail warehouse – Warehouse Club – right next to Joo Koon MRT!

I remember visiting Costco in Sydney and Melbourne during our incentive trips, buying lots of stuffs and envying that they have a place to buy items in bulk which has great savings and random and exciting items! I remember buying big bags of chocolates, a set of Sharpie markers and a big owl soft toy at great prices!

When I visited Warehouse Club today, it really resembles Costco in Australia! There are many bulk-sized groceries and brands which we’ve not seen elsewhere. Also, there are many limited stocks items where it is mainly a hit and run! Items with shorter shelf life going for a steal, limited stocks with great offers!


Cute and colourful Heinz bottled sauces!


Hor Fun Party anyone? Plenty of green chili here!


Any serious chefs out there? Lots of herbs and spices!


1 kg Japanese curry sauce! Wow!


1 kg Korean chili paste!


Anything with mustards!


Everyone loves Nutella!



Hellooooo Panda!



Cheap butter and huge tub of cocoas, in time for festive baking!


This is something I’ve been hunting down for the longest time and I’m surprised the price is similar to the one in New York! Peanut Butter & Co! OMG. *hyperventilating*


50 cents a bottle snapple anyone? What you see is what is left.


In the end, I resisted all temptation and got these for my friends. A friend told me “A moment on the lips. Forever on the hips.” Oh gosh, the harsh reality and especially when you are inching towards the big 30. Yikes.

I wish they had greater and more exciting and impulsive non-food items like Sharpies, cosmetics/health and beauty items and stationaries! Till then, you really should pop by just for fun! A lot of determination to say no to those snacks!

A Special Gift for Baby Seth and a deal for all!

Taking a break from my holiday posts (yes, I do lead a normal lead, and I do wish I’m a full time traveler), I’m here to share a great deal for all mummies or friends of soon to pop mummies!

You know social media works when someone like me knows exactly what to get for a friend’s baby shower! Back in March 14, I read Lady J’s post on a perfect present for her friend’s little one and I thought it was the perfect gift! I didn’t bookmark the page or note it down but I thought, wow, if I have a kid, I would love this too! And just two weeks back, when I was cracking my head to source for Baby Seth’s present, Lady J’s post on MyBabyGift popped right into my mind! Talk about brand recall and “Top of the Mind” brand!


“MyBabyGift is a luxurious baby gift boutique offering Personalized Premium Baby Hampers & unique babies gifts , both for babies and mummies. All gifts are elegantly presented in our MyBabyGift signature gift box. Our products are not only beautiful, they are also highly practical and durable! We spent considerable time researching, selecting and testing every product we sell. All products are 100% super soft cotton. The baby’s name is delicately embroidered on selected products and your baby gift is beautifully wrapped in our special signature box with a classic satin ribbon.”

– Extracted from MyBabyGift

There were many reasons to get a gift from MyBabyGift and I’m sure many of you can relate to them! Before I begin, I think I’m sounding like I’m writing a proposal to convince my boss to pick my marketing strategy! As a matter of fact, I thought I need a lot of convincing from the man to get this, but he just nodded and say, go ahead. Haha. And oh, to clarify, I didn’t received any monetary benefits from MyBabyGift but I did enjoy a $10 off their hamper using an offer code listed in their Facebook page!

So here are my personal reasons for picking this gift!

Baby’s Mummy is a Glamorous One: If you know my friend, she is one glamorous and stylish babe, you know her child can’t settle for an ordinary gift. It must be special! Extraordinary! Look at her baby shower’s picture! She has a dessert table for Seth’s One Month Old Party! This is even more glamorous than a wedding! Haha.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook (yes, this dude has a facebook page!)

Gift Differentiation: Many friends will be gifting baby clothes and toys, but after receiving 20 – 30 gifts from different friends and relatives, the receiver may not remember who gave what after a while. I want Baby Seth to remember, Auntie Serene bought her a towel with his name on it! I think it’s cool, but maybe not Baby Seth 20 years down the road.

Special Keepsake: I heard it’s really really fast for babies to outgrow their clothes and toys and soon, the regular gifted clothes and toys will be passed down to others, donated or kept in storage. But which mum will give away a towel/jumper/blanket with their precious little one’s name embroidered on it! I won’t! I will probably keep them for as long as it last!

A Romantic Gift: Some of my practical mummy friends prefer supermarket vouchers while others prefer cash, yes, baby can be expensive! I heard they drink a tin of milk within 2 weeks and used up diapers like toilet papers! Gasped! So yes, gift vouchers and cash is good, but leave those to their relatives! I believe this is one luxurious gift which even the practical mum will love. It is something that a new mum may not have the heart to splurge on but will be thrilled to receive! I know I would! Gosh, why am I getting excited about this.

Yet still Practical: It is after all still baby clothes and necessity, we are not talking about diamonds you know!

I don’t have to leave my home: This was one of the best reason! Everything was settled online, I bought the items using my iPhone in a car ride on a Saturday, received them within 3 days! Best of all, it included a card with my message, packed really nicely and delivered to my place! It is best for friends who are overseas and would like to send a gift to your friends in Singapore too! They deliver to hospital or home!


Look at how delighted Sue Ann (she is still a hottie, can’t believe she just popped!) is when receiving her gift! She squealed in joy and said, this was what Fann Wong received too!


Haha. Yes, Fann Wong received this for her Baby Zed too! Haha.

When we left her place, the man commented that, seeing how happy the mummy is, it was money well spent. What I forget to tell him was, that’s our Sue Ann. Ever happy and bubbly Sue Ann.

Seeing how thrilled my friend is with the gift, it got me really excited to want to share this deal with my friends! So I unabashedly asked the folks from MyBabyGift if they would like to spread the love to others!

So here’s a special deal for you:

Enjoy $10 off all hampers on by using the coupon code SbR (valid until 31 December 2014).

Ok, back to her baby shower! OMG. So beautiful!


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

Look at these close up shots of the desserts. OMG. They looked and tasted so good.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

I am really happy for her and am thrilled to have a new addition to SSSS girl’s group! I’m sure Seth will join us in many of our outings and it will be SSSS + s group! Haha.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

May the Lord bless Seth with lots of happiness, wisdom, and great health! And may the little one brings lots of joy and laughter to both Sue Ann and Tim! Congrats again!


In case you are looking for the deal, here’s the deal again!

Enjoy $10 off all hampers on by using the coupon code SbR (valid until 31 December 2014).

Lomo’Instant Camera by Lomography on Kickstarter

I used to own a Diana Mini Lomo camera until I spoiled it. I had trouble changing and putting on new films, often left the unfinished films in the camera and got really lazy to send the films in to develop into photos. I love the vintage and whimsical look but really dread taking pictures randomly just so I can quickly send them in to develop into photos. It also cost a lot to develop films nowadays and there were so many damaged or overexposure ones which I can no longer retake.


I’ve heard of the Lomo’Instant Camera by Lomography on Kickstarter in May 2014 in a video but it never occur to me that I can pledge a sum and sort of pre-order one! It was only until last night when Alphania shared with me and I am so glad she did!

I no longer have to wait to develop a lomo picture and no longer have to take random pictures just to complete the film! The camera will have lomo effect but on a Instax print!

I love the idea of Kickstarter where creators try to raise funds and get people to pledge some money and if the goal is reached, the creator will then use the money and make it happen. It is an interesting way to fund individuals or projects which may not be materialized without the funds. There is definitely some risks in funding these projects as it may all go down the drain should the project fails.

But Lomography being a reputable company for making lomo cameras, many were sold with their latest project! They aim to raise USD 1 million and they reached the goal last night! If you wish to support this project and secure one of the cameras, you have less than 45 hours to go! If you support them through this project, you can get free FREE Close-Up lens, selfie mirror, colour lens, and camera strap! All because they hit the various milestones in their fundraising!  They aim to deliver the product by end November 2014 and I am keeping my fingers crossed! I got the San Remo one! Pretty!

If you are living in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, instead of paying USD 25 for shipping and handling, you will only need to pay USD 15. I almost missed out on this until Alph told me. Read up here on how to do that. If you didn’t managed to get a package which comes with Fisheye and Portrait lens, you can add them for USD 30. Read up here.



Onzie Yoga Pants

I’ve been following some of the popular US yoga guru on their Instagram and it keeps me motivated to work harder. But I realized one thing, all of these yoga gurus wear really nice yoga outfit and that must be one reason which makes them look good. Haha. My delusional self is acting up again.







Look at Laura Sykora with those beautiful yoga pants! Even her little girl has matching pretty pants!

photo (4)

photo (3)

photo (1)
While I was on the hunt for these pants, Stephanie recommended Onzie, a US brand which is sold by a local blog shop, My Spring Fling. Our local sports shops which carry major sporting brands do not have such beautiful prints, and in Singapore, it is kind of hard to come by affordable ones. Onzie long yoga pants are sold at US65 on Onzie page, which is approximately SGD 81, but I got mine from My Spring Fling for SGD 79 (excluding shipping) which wasn’t that bad a deal! The yoga pants are often out of stock on My Spring Fling and I am just lucky to order in time during their backorder period!

photo (2)
Received my Onzie and tried it during Hot Core class yesterday and gosh, I think beautiful prints does make me does yoga better. I feel oh so powerful in those pants! Haha. These pants however is not as breathable and cooling compared to my Adidas pants but those prints are just beautiful!

Any other brands to recommend for beautiful Yoga pants? I really need to stop shopping and start working out more often. Haha.

Send Ice Cream from The Inspired Chef

Are you running out of ideas to surprise your love ones? You may want to try sending them ice creams! Yes, you heard me, you can order ice cream online and get them to deliver straight to you or your love ones door step! The best of all, it is not the regular ice cream, it is ice cream created by famous local chefs!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

At The Inspired Chef, you can enjoy first-of-its-kind experience of signature ice cream flavours, lovingly handcrafted with local and international quality ingredients, by locally renowned chefs.

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

The minimum order is 2 tubs of ice cream and they lovingly throw in a pair of engraved The Inspired Chefs metal spoon and some serviettes. If it is meant for gifts, they can even assist to put up a gift card with your personalized message. Best of all, all you need to do is order online and get them to send over, so even if you are overseas, you can surprise your love ones in Singapore!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

I get to try the ice cream after I sent them over to a family who took care of my needs for 2 weeks plus, and it was really good. Very smooth and the flavours were fragrant and rather unique. Love the raspberry cheesecake creation by Pang, the cheese flavour plus the cheesecake crumble is just perfect. Yums. It is the best gifts for ice cream lovers!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

For my peanut butter lover!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

Oh so smooth!

The only thing that irks me was during the ordering process, as the website do not support Safari browser during payment, I can only order them through my laptop instead of my phone. The payment was via paypal and I had to register myself as a member. Not that I mind as I will most likely order again. You also got to remind them on the delivery window you prefer as it was not indicated in the payment screen. Other than that, the entire process was hassle free. The service was impeccable and the email reply was prompt. After payment, there will be an email confirmation and on the day of delivery, they will also send you a reminder SMS on your delivery window. Read up more at their FAQs page for more details!

Recent Shopping Loots!

20 Apr, 2014 10:46 am

In my previous post, I was saying I shopped a lot this week and broke the bank, and I wasn’t even kidding. Here are the rumbles and a random post. Guys, stay away from this post, it’s all about shopping. Thankfully my mum don’t read blogs, otherwise she will nag again.  Sister, shhhh.

After spending close to SGD 150 on my yoga outfit, I bought 2 tops on sale at Springfield, another SGD 40, a brand new pair of Owndays sunnies was SGD 69 but got a SGD 20 discount, a new pair of specs from Owndays(which deserves another review post on its own) was SGD 179 but got yet again another SGD 20 discount, 2 sets of Bikini from H&M at SGD 85 and lastly a new backpack from Timbreland, was SGD 109 but got some credit card discount plus 313 somerset vouchers and was reduced to SGD 76. And that is my friend, how I set myself back by SGD 560 this week. BOO.

In my defense, it was all a need and not a want for all my purchases. Plus, I hardly go shopping!  There are often many valid reasons for our purchases isn’t it? Haha

Yoga Outfit: Obviously for the need to workout and I always need more Yoga Outfit in case they don’t dry in time. Especially

Springfield Tops: I need more tops for my after yoga outfit. I am now almost always spotted in tops and shorts after my classes.

20 Apr, 2014 10:44 am
Owndays Sunnies: I need a new sunnies which actually fit my lack of nose bridge! My Rayban sunnies is an impulsive purchase which can’t stay on my face. I can’t take it on a speedboat ride! Haha and my vintage sunnies I bought at Brooklyn Flea market has tons of scratches on the lens!

Owndays Specs: Come on! The pair of specs I own has been with me since school days and again, has tons of scratches on it. I only spent SGD 70 on that.

20 Apr, 2014 10:46 am
H&M Bikinis: Ok, why would I need 2 sets on top of the current 2 sets I own. I love H&M Bikinis because it’s affordable and good enough for me. It is only available once a year when they release their Spring/Summer collection! I need to grab them before it is out! I wish I can own one or two Zimmermann pieces but frankly speaking, I don’t have the boobs or the abs for that. So don’t waste it! Haha. I love the push up range from H&M and yes, I got a little wild in picking the Leopard print one. They have many others colourful printed ones they are not from the push up range and can only accentuate my flat chested self. The other classic blue bandeau one is pretty too! It comes with removable straps which is perfect for a swim.

Timbreland Backpack: This is a little pricey in my opinion for a backpack which I hardly use, but I need one for the impending holiday to Taiwan and Hanoi and hopefully Sapa trip! If it’s a trip which requires a lot of walking, my usual sling bag or Longchamp can’t get me anyway.

I’m almost ready for my holiday, except that I need a good pair of walking shoes! Any recommendations?

Latest Adidas ClimaChill!

I went a little shopping crazy this week and probably busted SGD 500 of purchases accumulated this week, will share the rest of my loot in another post! It all started with this set of yoga clothes and I have a story to tell.

20 Apr, 2014 10:44 am

I left my office on time on one of the weekdays this week to Orchard for my workout. Reaching the destination an hour before my class, I had some time to shop around. Was browsing through clothes but resisted to save some money. When I reach Centrepoint, where my Yoga studio is, a sudden realization struck me. I left my Yoga Bag at work. It is a choice of going home or buying new workout clothes! As it was pouring outside, I chose the latter. Went to Sportslink at Centrepoint, picked out a top, a bottom and a sports bra and broke my bank which set me back approximately SGD 150. RAWR! After I bought the clothes it was around 7.12pm, thinking that my class starts at 7.15pm, I quickly rushed to class before realizing that it starts at 7pm! OH MY! I’m unmistakably the blurrest person ever known to mankind. So off I went to the 8.30pm class instead.

On a good note, I stumbled across Adidas latest outfit! Bought their latest range with a new technology, their ClimaChilll range! Did I tell you I love Adidas outfit? It is often always flattering and so comfortable! And I got the addiction from Chengwei, I am loving and unknowingly collecting purple workout outfits! Haha.

20 Apr, 2014 10:44 am

To cut the long story short, this latest technology which was launched in March 2014 features “ … innovative fabric woven with titanium and industry-first 3D aluminium cooling spheres. The technology provides an instant chilling sensation to help athletes’ performance in warm conditions – lowering their body temperature so they can train harder, run longer, retain their focus and compete at the highest level. “ Source: Here

It is the perfect outfit for my hot classes! When I stepped out of the Hot room, I literally felt the chill! I’m not sure if it is a good thing, but I actually felt cold and chilled out after the class. Strange heh? Wore it twice to my hot class and am loving it and really proud of my purchase! Can’t wait to share my purchase! Convinced my hot man (literally and figuratively, he has a strangely high temperature and perspire immediately in room temperature) to buy one and hopeful that he will love em.

By the way, this is not a paid advertorial/write up. I’m just too excited and am the biggest fan of Adidas, plus David Beckham is hot. Haha.


Buy Kiehl’s at Changi Airport Terminal 2 to enjoy Savings!

It has been using the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA ++ and Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution for a while and I love it! I’m done with one bottle of their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and the results are amazing. Of course not all my dark spots are gone after a bottle of use, but most of them has lighten up! The best of all, it prevents dark spots from forming! The last time when I went Phuket, before I started using both of these products, I came back with more dark spots after spending considerably amount of time under the sun. But after using these products, when I’m back from Langkawi, there aren’t more dark spots forming! Weee!

19 Mar, 2014 10:03 am

I bought the above Jumbo bottles for both products at Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure Hall Kiehl’s Booth and it is really much cheaper in these jumbo bottles without taxes. These Jumbo bottles are usually not available in our Singapore retail store, but once in a while, they have them as limited edition promo. But in Changi Airport Terminal 2, it is a permanent item!

Here are the prices I paid versus the prices in our Singapore retail outlet. So next time before flying, pick your supplies up first.

Kiehl Ultra Light UV Defense SPF 50 in 60 ml (jumbo)- SGD 64 (Airport Price). That’s $1.07 per ml. Same item in 30 ml in Singapore Retail Store – SGD 52. Do the math! $1.73 per ml.

Kiehl Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution 50 ml (jumbo) – SGD 99 (Airport Price). That’s $1.98 per ml. Same item in 30 ml in Singapore Retail Store – SGD 75 and for jumbo promo bottle – SGD 120! Do I even have to say more?

19 Mar, 2014 10:03 am

Recently, I’m also trying out Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml after my sister’s rave review. They don’t have jumbo bottles at the airport for this item, and I paid SGD 65 while it is sold at SGD 80 in our local retail stores.

Weee! That’s a lot of savings! On top of all that, always ask for some sample packs! These are great for traveling or after yoga session! Also perfect if you want to try certain products before purchase. I’m a happy girl!

The next product I’m going to pick up at the airport would be their Dermatologist Solutions Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque!

// The review was neither paid for nor advised by Kiehl’s. All opinions are my own.

Franc Franc Singapore Quitting.

7 Mar, 2014 10:06 pm

I can’t believe it, it has only been two years and Franc Franc Singapore is calling it quit. Franc Franc is a Japanese retailer who specializes in modern decors at affordable prices!

Rawr! Perhaps the lease is up and the landlord is raising the rental or it must be really hard and expensive to hire good retail staffs. Retail business in Singapore is extremely volatile and really cut throat. I’m so going to miss Franc Franc.

7 Mar, 2014 10:06 pm

I still remember my complete set of Ceramic House from Franc Franc which I shared in my old post here.

photo (29)

Boo. On a brighter note, it’s shopping time! Hopefully I can spare some time to grab some lovely decors!

Weekend Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Back to posting about my Bangkok trip, there are actually a few more to go, but I was getting a little lazy.

So all Bangkok trip must include the Weekend Chatuchak Market!

photo (83)

This is the little vintage dress shop in Chatuchak that I return without fail. My Fair Lady is along the main road near to Entrance 3.

photo (86)

photo (82)

photo (85)

Spotted a Spanish Chef cooking Paella in Chatuchak! Haha. What in the world is he doing here? It was really popular among the Caucasian tourists and it is not exactly cheap! SGD 6 for a plate! It was good but just a tat oily and pricy by Bangkok standard.

photo (84)

photo (84)

Another must eat is the coconut ice cream with different toppings. Yums.

photo (93)

Oh, I missed these BBQ Pork Meat which I had a plenty in Phuket!

photo (82)

photo (83)

Shopping is a must in Chatuchak but Chatuchak is like a labyrinth! This fashion street which is cooling does exist! At Area 4 also near Entrance 3! Have fun girls and helpful boys! Haha.

Shopping Loots from Bangkok, 2013

For girls traveling to Bangkok, it is mostly for shopping. The clothes are cheap and fashionable and it is a shopping paradise. Unlike for guys, we are not that into cheap booze and food, we want our clothes. Haha. Ok, before I make myself sound like a helpless shopaholic ready for rehab, we did make a trip to Ayutthaya and cycled around the island! More on that later with lots of beautiful pictures.

First up, here is a summary of my purchases and it can be a great reference on what to expect if you intend to go shopping in Bangkok!


Melissa shoes which I paid approximately SGD 74 for each pair! Decided to not buy cheap shoes that won’t last and invest in a few pair of good ones instead.


My favourite buy other than my Melissa shoes! These beautiful printed shift dress are so well fitted and good in quality! With double layers and beautiful fit. They are the most pricey of the lot at 650 to 750 baht for each dresses. But they are considered cheap in Singapore! The sales girl even wrapped them up in plastic, gave a free hanger and put them in these reusable bags! Wow! They are found in Platinum Mall level 2, near an escalator and their store is called Trust. The prints varies from time to time.


Second Hand Denim Shorts from Chatuchak at 100 Baht each! They were first introduced to me by my sister in our last trip and at SGD 4 a pair, it was a steal! Not for those picky but do remember to wash them thoroughly with antiseptics! Haha.


From a Vintage dress shop in Chatuchak which is also recommended by my sister! At 300 Baht each! I love vintage dresses as they are often well made and has that swing that modern dresses don’t have.


Dresses from Platinum Mall. All between 300 to 400 Baht.


Pretty tops between 200 to 350 Baht.


Cheap waist belts! Not so adventurous me got them in brown, black and gold. Leather accessories which I love! And two necklaces. Didn’t buy any chunky necklaces this time round.


Pretty bracelet for my sister and I at 150 Baht each!


Dog treats for my friend’s dogs from Chatuchak! They are only 3 for 100 Baht which is dirt cheap! In Singapore, they are retailing for around SGD 4 – 7 dollars! Heartguard for Steph’s dog at SGD 20 a box! In Singapore they are retailing at SGD 48! Thailand manufacturers a lot of the dog treats and medicines and so you can find them at really low prices!


My sister’s favourite garlic bread from Chatuchak which was freshly baked daily. I lugged these and hand carry them just for her!


Naraya Bags for our friends.


Pretty little baby girl’s dress for Little Alph. So cute! Haha.


Pretty printed laptop bag for a friend.

For my little brother! Short sleeve shirt and t-shirts!

Melissa Shoes, Jelly Dreams Bangkok



Melissa Shoe is all the craze right now and in Singapore it is selling at quite a high price at some stores and online shops.

I love rubber shoes, even before my Crocs days I already own a few random rubber shoes! I love that I can splash them in puddles and it is so light and comfortable! During this trip, I’ve decided to pop by Jelly Dreams, Central World – the official Melissa Shoes store in Thailand!

It is indeed comfortable and really light! They have many crazy designs and really stylish ones with spikes and all. But I am someone who likes my shoes in basic colours and design so that they are versatile and I can wear them everywhere with any outfits! Haha.


Wanted to get this in nude, but the entire Bangkok ran out of my size despite it being part of the New Arrival


Got this design in Nude and Black instead! Yes, I’m crazy. Getting two shoes of same design in different colour. Haha. Because it is simple and comfortable! Nude for going out and black for work! Price at 1990 Baht, tourist has got a 10 percent discount and so in the end, I only paid for SGD 74 for each pair! A saving of SGD 31 compared to the ones sold at MDreams Singapore and it is not even on sale! Can you imagine how much they will be when on sale?


Got another pair of the black version for work at the same price. The cat is too cute! Meow.


All their shoes come with a cotton shoe bag! Nice!

Hidden Finds Market by Public Garden Flea at Triple One Somerset

photo (50)

In partnering with the F1 event, the Public Garden Flea held a Hidden Finds Market at Triple One Somerset in one of their empty office building on Level 16. I love Public Garden Flea and there are always something to buy/see and something new every single time I went.

Here are the past two times I went, once in March at National Museum and lately at Chjimes during Singapore Night Festival!

This time round there were two exciting vendors who were hawking their loots at the flea!

photo (44)

photo (43)

photo (42)

MT Tape (it’s actually masking tape)! MT Tape has also decorated the flea area with their huge colourful Washi tapes and many ladies (old and young alike) were squealing at how pretty the tapes are. I unconsciously also picked up some rolls and it all added up to twenties for a small pretty tapes. Bad Serene, bad bad Serene.

photo (41)

photo (40)

photo (52)

These are my loots! 3 rolls of solid colour MT tapes for SGD 10, pretty floral and checkered tapes at SGD 3.90 each and my favourite map tape at SGD 7.90!

photo (49)

Up next, I spotted Tinkr, a 3D printing stall! A few weeks back, 3D printing was much talked about in the press and it is so cool to see it live! It is still a relatively new technology for consumers and hence it doesn’t come cheap! But you can print a 3D model of yourself at the stall! I overheard that it will take almost half a day just to print a 3D model of oneself!

photo (48)

photo (46)

photo (47)

The lady at the booth gifted this to me and I am so thrilled to take home a piece of freshly printed 3D shark!

photo (51)

When up close, you can actually see how it is painstakingly printed line by line!

photo (38)

Also spotted my friend at this booth by Chubby Chubby and was thinking hard if I should get it. Did you spot him? Yes the owl! It is adorable isn’t it!

photo (54)

A lovely Owl plus for SGD 28.90. I am not sure when will I stop my obsessive collection. Too cute.

photo (53)

Also bought an Ang Ku Kueh postcard (SGD 1.80)for someone who loves Peanut Ang Ku Kueh. Haha.

Singapore Night Festival 2013

photo (74)

Last night, I was at Singapore Night Festival 2013 and it was great to soak in the atmosphere of the spirit and enjoy the artwork on display. The only grumble I have? It is way too crowded and it was a humid warm night. Oops, that’s two.

photo (73)

National Museum of Singapore

photo (72)

photo (71)

photo (70)

An outdoor short feature of Light Seeker, a musical by Resort World Sentosa. It was an interesting experience to watch a musical at an outdoor stage.

photo (69)

photo (62)

Singapore Art Museum. Love the lights and colour, reminds me of pretty colourful tiles.

photo (65)

The only souvenir I took home? An Owl fan! Haha.

The highlight of the event is definitely Public Garden Flea at Chijmes. Saw many pretty stuffs in there!

photo (68)

Love these watercolour illustration from Catherine May Tang! I need more wall space for these pretties!

photo (63)

photo (67)

These customisation illustrations from E’von LeAngelis blew me away! They offer customise cards and prints with your story! It will make perfect gift and wedding invites!

photo (66)

Love these handpainted leather clutch too! Didn’t managed to grab their card! The colours are really pretty but I thought it is too small a clutch! I need bigger ones to put my long wallet, keys, phone and makeup! Haha.

photo (64)

Saught. My favourite local jeweller. Love their cause and have been eyeing their Pursuing Peace Bangle for the longest time but couldn’t bear to part with my money. Took up the courage to buy last evening but they ran out of stock! Alas! I had no fate with it. But I am loving their Knots collection, love the Knots ring and necklace! The nice lady at the booth showed me their upcoming collection, a ring that reminds me of the Romans empire. Haha. And I am loving that too! Hopefully they will have a sale soon and I will take the plunge to grab one of their lovelies! Haha.

Random Button Cable Tie

photo (49)

Source: Qoo 10

I got these button cable tie from Qoo 10 and couldn’t resist them. At SGD2.80 for a pair of identical design, they are too cute. But I wished the quality could be better as the rubber wasn’t cut properly, glue was stuck all over and the colour for my fox faded a little. For this quality, perhaps it should be retailing at $1.50 instead. But the seller’s service was great and prompt! I bet these cost nothing when we buy direct from China! More like 10 – 20 cents per pair! Haha.

photo (47)

I should stop buy random stuffs from Qoo 10!

Random Loots from Sydney

photo (52)

There are not many shopping opportunities during our Sydney trip but we did visit Costco and these are the things I bought! Huge owl for under AU$13, a set of 750ml Organix Conditioner and Shampoo at around AU$30 for a set, Jodi Picoult’s newest book at AU$18, an electronic heat pad at below AU$20, some random sharpie and felt tip colour pens!

photo (53)

The only three pieces of clothes I bought during this entire trip!


La Senza Sale now on!

photo (54)

La Senza is having a sale now and I got 10 colourful cotton undies for $60 with an additional 10% discount for members! Out with the granny pants and in with my cheerful undies!

Happy Owner of these Threadless Tees!

photo (53)

I ordered my Threadless tees on 18 June and it’s here! That took only 15 days! All the pieces are lovely and the size is just right! The colour and design is also just like how it is shown on their website! Wheee! Will I buy more from Threadless? Absolutely! When I’m in need of more cute tees and when there is another USD 10 sales! Haha.

photo (31)

Really love the one with the girl and a bear! Sweet.

photo (35)

All the tees came printed with the name of the design, the artist and where it is made in. A lot of effort and thoughts are put into each tee! I like it already.

Groupon Deal: Unlimited underarm IPL at Musee

photo (32)

A while back, I bought a Groupon deal from Musee for an unlimited session of underarm IPL session at SGD 98 and it was a great deal!

Before you book for a session at Musee, you need to book a consultation session to speak to their advisors. They will share with you the before and after care, terms and conditions and other useful information.

I went for my first session and enjoyed every bit of it. They provided good service, the room was clean and a little clinical (unlike the usual spa service) and the result is fantastic! After one session, the hair is visibly finer and more sparse! I can’t wait to complete more sessions to get rid of them totally! I understand from the therapist that frequent shaving causes dry, patchy skin with hair ingrowth and thicker hair but with IPL, it makes the skin visibly smoother and hair finer and I agree!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.46.41 AM

Source: Musee Website

If you have missed the deal, you can also sign up at SGD 138 at their outlets. But they have the SGD 98 deal at and Groupon occasionally, so do keep a look out for it!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.46.48 AM

Source: Musee Website