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A Special Gift for Baby Seth and a deal for all!

Taking a break from my holiday posts (yes, I do lead a normal lead, and I do wish I’m a full time traveler), I’m here to share a great deal for all mummies or friends of soon to pop mummies!

You know social media works when someone like me knows exactly what to get for a friend’s baby shower! Back in March 14, I read Lady J’s post on a perfect present for her friend’s little one and I thought it was the perfect gift! I didn’t bookmark the page or note it down but I thought, wow, if I have a kid, I would love this too! And just two weeks back, when I was cracking my head to source for Baby Seth’s present, Lady J’s post on MyBabyGift popped right into my mind! Talk about brand recall and “Top of the Mind” brand!


“MyBabyGift is a luxurious baby gift boutique offering Personalized Premium Baby Hampers & unique babies gifts , both for babies and mummies. All gifts are elegantly presented in our MyBabyGift signature gift box. Our products are not only beautiful, they are also highly practical and durable! We spent considerable time researching, selecting and testing every product we sell. All products are 100% super soft cotton. The baby’s name is delicately embroidered on selected products and your baby gift is beautifully wrapped in our special signature box with a classic satin ribbon.”

– Extracted from MyBabyGift

There were many reasons to get a gift from MyBabyGift and I’m sure many of you can relate to them! Before I begin, I think I’m sounding like I’m writing a proposal to convince my boss to pick my marketing strategy! As a matter of fact, I thought I need a lot of convincing from the man to get this, but he just nodded and say, go ahead. Haha. And oh, to clarify, I didn’t received any monetary benefits from MyBabyGift but I did enjoy a $10 off their hamper using an offer code listed in their Facebook page!

So here are my personal reasons for picking this gift!

Baby’s Mummy is a Glamorous One: If you know my friend, she is one glamorous and stylish babe, you know her child can’t settle for an ordinary gift. It must be special! Extraordinary! Look at her baby shower’s picture! She has a dessert table for Seth’s One Month Old Party! This is even more glamorous than a wedding! Haha.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook (yes, this dude has a facebook page!)

Gift Differentiation: Many friends will be gifting baby clothes and toys, but after receiving 20 – 30 gifts from different friends and relatives, the receiver may not remember who gave what after a while. I want Baby Seth to remember, Auntie Serene bought her a towel with his name on it! I think it’s cool, but maybe not Baby Seth 20 years down the road.

Special Keepsake: I heard it’s really really fast for babies to outgrow their clothes and toys and soon, the regular gifted clothes and toys will be passed down to others, donated or kept in storage. But which mum will give away a towel/jumper/blanket with their precious little one’s name embroidered on it! I won’t! I will probably keep them for as long as it last!

A Romantic Gift: Some of my practical mummy friends prefer supermarket vouchers while others prefer cash, yes, baby can be expensive! I heard they drink a tin of milk within 2 weeks and used up diapers like toilet papers! Gasped! So yes, gift vouchers and cash is good, but leave those to their relatives! I believe this is one luxurious gift which even the practical mum will love. It is something that a new mum may not have the heart to splurge on but will be thrilled to receive! I know I would! Gosh, why am I getting excited about this.

Yet still Practical: It is after all still baby clothes and necessity, we are not talking about diamonds you know!

I don’t have to leave my home: This was one of the best reason! Everything was settled online, I bought the items using my iPhone in a car ride on a Saturday, received them within 3 days! Best of all, it included a card with my message, packed really nicely and delivered to my place! It is best for friends who are overseas and would like to send a gift to your friends in Singapore too! They deliver to hospital or home!


Look at how delighted Sue Ann (she is still a hottie, can’t believe she just popped!) is when receiving her gift! She squealed in joy and said, this was what Fann Wong received too!


Haha. Yes, Fann Wong received this for her Baby Zed too! Haha.

When we left her place, the man commented that, seeing how happy the mummy is, it was money well spent. What I forget to tell him was, that’s our Sue Ann. Ever happy and bubbly Sue Ann.

Seeing how thrilled my friend is with the gift, it got me really excited to want to share this deal with my friends! So I unabashedly asked the folks from MyBabyGift if they would like to spread the love to others!

So here’s a special deal for you:

Enjoy $10 off all hampers on by using the coupon code SbR (valid until 31 December 2014).

Ok, back to her baby shower! OMG. So beautiful!


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

Look at these close up shots of the desserts. OMG. They looked and tasted so good.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

I am really happy for her and am thrilled to have a new addition to SSSS girl’s group! I’m sure Seth will join us in many of our outings and it will be SSSS + s group! Haha.


Grabbed from Seth’s Facebook

May the Lord bless Seth with lots of happiness, wisdom, and great health! And may the little one brings lots of joy and laughter to both Sue Ann and Tim! Congrats again!


In case you are looking for the deal, here’s the deal again!

Enjoy $10 off all hampers on by using the coupon code SbR (valid until 31 December 2014).

Lomo’Instant Camera by Lomography on Kickstarter

I used to own a Diana Mini Lomo camera until I spoiled it. I had trouble changing and putting on new films, often left the unfinished films in the camera and got really lazy to send the films in to develop into photos. I love the vintage and whimsical look but really dread taking pictures randomly just so I can quickly send them in to develop into photos. It also cost a lot to develop films nowadays and there were so many damaged or overexposure ones which I can no longer retake.


I’ve heard of the Lomo’Instant Camera by Lomography on Kickstarter in May 2014 in a video but it never occur to me that I can pledge a sum and sort of pre-order one! It was only until last night when Alphania shared with me and I am so glad she did!

I no longer have to wait to develop a lomo picture and no longer have to take random pictures just to complete the film! The camera will have lomo effect but on a Instax print!

I love the idea of Kickstarter where creators try to raise funds and get people to pledge some money and if the goal is reached, the creator will then use the money and make it happen. It is an interesting way to fund individuals or projects which may not be materialized without the funds. There is definitely some risks in funding these projects as it may all go down the drain should the project fails.

But Lomography being a reputable company for making lomo cameras, many were sold with their latest project! They aim to raise USD 1 million and they reached the goal last night! If you wish to support this project and secure one of the cameras, you have less than 45 hours to go! If you support them through this project, you can get free FREE Close-Up lens, selfie mirror, colour lens, and camera strap! All because they hit the various milestones in their fundraising!  They aim to deliver the product by end November 2014 and I am keeping my fingers crossed! I got the San Remo one! Pretty!

If you are living in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, instead of paying USD 25 for shipping and handling, you will only need to pay USD 15. I almost missed out on this until Alph told me. Read up here on how to do that. If you didn’t managed to get a package which comes with Fisheye and Portrait lens, you can add them for USD 30. Read up here.



Onzie Yoga Pants

I’ve been following some of the popular US yoga guru on their Instagram and it keeps me motivated to work harder. But I realized one thing, all of these yoga gurus wear really nice yoga outfit and that must be one reason which makes them look good. Haha. My delusional self is acting up again.







Look at Laura Sykora with those beautiful yoga pants! Even her little girl has matching pretty pants!

photo (4)

photo (3)

photo (1)
While I was on the hunt for these pants, Stephanie recommended Onzie, a US brand which is sold by a local blog shop, My Spring Fling. Our local sports shops which carry major sporting brands do not have such beautiful prints, and in Singapore, it is kind of hard to come by affordable ones. Onzie long yoga pants are sold at US65 on Onzie page, which is approximately SGD 81, but I got mine from My Spring Fling for SGD 79 (excluding shipping) which wasn’t that bad a deal! The yoga pants are often out of stock on My Spring Fling and I am just lucky to order in time during their backorder period!

photo (2)
Received my Onzie and tried it during Hot Core class yesterday and gosh, I think beautiful prints does make me does yoga better. I feel oh so powerful in those pants! Haha. These pants however is not as breathable and cooling compared to my Adidas pants but those prints are just beautiful!

Any other brands to recommend for beautiful Yoga pants? I really need to stop shopping and start working out more often. Haha.

Send Ice Cream from The Inspired Chef

Are you running out of ideas to surprise your love ones? You may want to try sending them ice creams! Yes, you heard me, you can order ice cream online and get them to deliver straight to you or your love ones door step! The best of all, it is not the regular ice cream, it is ice cream created by famous local chefs!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

At The Inspired Chef, you can enjoy first-of-its-kind experience of signature ice cream flavours, lovingly handcrafted with local and international quality ingredients, by locally renowned chefs.

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

The minimum order is 2 tubs of ice cream and they lovingly throw in a pair of engraved The Inspired Chefs metal spoon and some serviettes. If it is meant for gifts, they can even assist to put up a gift card with your personalized message. Best of all, all you need to do is order online and get them to send over, so even if you are overseas, you can surprise your love ones in Singapore!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

I get to try the ice cream after I sent them over to a family who took care of my needs for 2 weeks plus, and it was really good. Very smooth and the flavours were fragrant and rather unique. Love the raspberry cheesecake creation by Pang, the cheese flavour plus the cheesecake crumble is just perfect. Yums. It is the best gifts for ice cream lovers!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

For my peanut butter lover!

26 Apr, 2014 11:49 am

Oh so smooth!

The only thing that irks me was during the ordering process, as the website do not support Safari browser during payment, I can only order them through my laptop instead of my phone. The payment was via paypal and I had to register myself as a member. Not that I mind as I will most likely order again. You also got to remind them on the delivery window you prefer as it was not indicated in the payment screen. Other than that, the entire process was hassle free. The service was impeccable and the email reply was prompt. After payment, there will be an email confirmation and on the day of delivery, they will also send you a reminder SMS on your delivery window. Read up more at their FAQs page for more details!

Random Button Cable Tie

photo (49)

Source: Qoo 10

I got these button cable tie from Qoo 10 and couldn’t resist them. At SGD2.80 for a pair of identical design, they are too cute. But I wished the quality could be better as the rubber wasn’t cut properly, glue was stuck all over and the colour for my fox faded a little. For this quality, perhaps it should be retailing at $1.50 instead. But the seller’s service was great and prompt! I bet these cost nothing when we buy direct from China! More like 10 – 20 cents per pair! Haha.

photo (47)

I should stop buy random stuffs from Qoo 10!

Happy Owner of these Threadless Tees!

photo (53)

I ordered my Threadless tees on 18 June and it’s here! That took only 15 days! All the pieces are lovely and the size is just right! The colour and design is also just like how it is shown on their website! Wheee! Will I buy more from Threadless? Absolutely! When I’m in need of more cute tees and when there is another USD 10 sales! Haha.

photo (31)

Really love the one with the girl and a bear! Sweet.

photo (35)

All the tees came printed with the name of the design, the artist and where it is made in. A lot of effort and thoughts are put into each tee! I like it already.

Groupon Deal: Unlimited underarm IPL at Musee

photo (32)

A while back, I bought a Groupon deal from Musee for an unlimited session of underarm IPL session at SGD 98 and it was a great deal!

Before you book for a session at Musee, you need to book a consultation session to speak to their advisors. They will share with you the before and after care, terms and conditions and other useful information.

I went for my first session and enjoyed every bit of it. They provided good service, the room was clean and a little clinical (unlike the usual spa service) and the result is fantastic! After one session, the hair is visibly finer and more sparse! I can’t wait to complete more sessions to get rid of them totally! I understand from the therapist that frequent shaving causes dry, patchy skin with hair ingrowth and thicker hair but with IPL, it makes the skin visibly smoother and hair finer and I agree!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.46.41 AM

Source: Musee Website

If you have missed the deal, you can also sign up at SGD 138 at their outlets. But they have the SGD 98 deal at and Groupon occasionally, so do keep a look out for it!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.46.48 AM

Source: Musee Website

Threadless tees

I’ve been waiting to buy some Threadless tees but am resisting until today, there is a USD 10 tees sales going on for most of their tees and shipping to Singapore is USD 9 flat!

Little introduction is required for Threadless! So for those who have not heard, Threadless is an online company where creative minds from all over the world can submit designs. Members vote and pick the ones that are to be printed and Threadless will print them for us! This is a perfect place to support a global artist community!

There is an owl tee which I have been aiming for a long time but is out of stock. Sigh. But these that I bought are just too hard to resist. I am so broke but I am turning into a spendthrift. Gosh. Someone just lock me up. Haha.


The bear and the girl are so sweet.

636x460shirt_girls_01 (1)

Perfect for my beach getaway! Haha. Cute.


I want to travel the world and see these sights too!

A Simple Brown Leather Casio Watch

photo (31)

I’ve a thing for Casio classic watches. I like that it is affordable, durable, water resistant, simple and always a classic. I’ve been eyeing for a brown leather Casio classic watch for the longest time and I am glad to come across !

photo (29)

Watchspree is having a sale on the watches that I’m eyeing and so I got myself a Casio Brown leather watch (Code: LTP-1095Q-9B1) for a mere $28 with registered mail included! How amazing is that? The best thing is, I bought it on a Tuesday afternoon and got my watch on Thursday! Wow! On top of that, the online store also give an in-house one year warranty for the watch!

photo (28)

photo (27)

I realized the watch that I bought is out of stock but fret not, there are many other pretty ones too! This watch will go so well with my vintage brown leather bag! I realize I am not those who fancy expensive watches, partly also because I am broke (haha) and mainly because I am clumsy and will probably scratch those fancy watch within a day. So meanwhile, simple Casios will do.

photo (30)

Groupon Deal: Brazilian IPL by Beyond Beauty

A few months back, I bought a Groupon deal for 3 sessions of Brazilian IPL at Beyond Beauty. I like that it is near my yoga studio and my sister tried it and think it is effective. So after the third session, I bought a 12 session Bare Bikini package at $686 (inclusive of GST) and it came with free whitening every session. This deal is made possible by quoting my sister and her friend’s contact number and it is a previous promotional price and given by referral only. At least I hope it’s true.

Anyway, if you have never tried IPL session before, you can get the Groupon deal and give it a try. It is less painful than waxing but it is definitely not painless. It is however, very tolerable. Almost like eyebrow tweezing. Haha.

photo (20)

The environment at Beyond Beauty is comfortable, clean and spa like. Their service is also fairly good and not extremely pushy.

photo (21)

photo (16)

photo (17)

IPL illustration

After 2 Groupon sessions, this is what’s left down under. Hopefully with 12 sessions, it will be gone for a very long time. Haha.

photo (18)

While walking around Orchard Central, I also chanced upon a poster with their mall promotion details! Apparently, customers can redeem SGD 30 Orchard Central vouchers with more than SGD 300 charged to Mastercard! It is a shopping habit I frequent practice, to always look out for such mall promotions! So I happily received SGD 30 Orchard Central Vouchers which I can use for some ice cream treat the next time after Yoga! Haha.

photo (15)

Qoo10 Deals: Ice Cream treats from Gelateria Italia




Was craving for some good ice cream and decided to try out Gelateria Italia for some yummy gelato! Tried their Green Tea, Dark Rocher, and Caramel Baileys for SGD9.90! Their ice cream is rich and smooth, good flavours and substantial and I like it that they weigh their ice cream to make sure that it is of 255g! We no longer have to depend on the mood of the scoopers to give us a bigger scoopers!



While paying, I noticed a lady presenting a piece of paper to redeem her ice cream. At that instant, my natural instinct in search of good deals was activated and when I did a quick search I found the deal at Qoo10! I didn’t know Qoo10 (Singapore version of G Market) offers such deals as well! It is a 50 percent discount for their Grande Cup! Wow! I could have saved SGD4.50 if I knew better!

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 9.53.31 PM

I bought four of these coupons and am looking forward to having more sweet treats at such a cheap deal! The deals can be used at seven locations such as Vivocity, Takashimaya, Orchard Ion, Plaza Singapura, Bugis Plus, J Cube and Jurong Point! Definitely a well worth deal for ice cream lovers like me!

Messing with Wax Seal Stamp

A month back, I bought this Wax Seal Stamp off Groupon and a few days ago, I received it! For $21.90, it is a really good buy to get a customized Wax Seal Stamp, a few wax sticks and free delivery to your doorstep!


The box which is made of cardboard came torn and tattered, so it is not ideal if you want to give it as gift!


Pretty Wax Seal Stamp with my name on it!


I’ve never tried using a Wax Seal Stamp before and was really excited! If you know me well, you probably know that I’m quite a random person who loves trying new things! After a few messy attempts to melt the wax using my imagination and poor common sense, I finally created a pretty wax seal!



Groupon Deal: Silver Jewellery Making Workshop by JDMIS

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 10.11.42 PM

I told you Groupon is making me a spendthrift and I’m not even kidding. Have you ever dream of being a jeweller? Or to customise and make your own jewellery? But you are not into looping beads or charms together but am interested in making jewellery from precious metal?

I always wonder how do people in Etsy create pretty and customisable jewelries and when I chanced upon this Groupon deal – Silver Jewellery Making Workshop by JDMIS – (the deal just got extended by two more days) I thought it is rather interesting and a good experience to get my hands dirty just to give this a try! It is a little pricey at $88 for a 3 hour workshop but you get to keep your 10gm worth of 0.999 silver pendant / ring you created which they are retailing at $40 over for a packet of 10gm Silver clay.

I’ve called to ask, you can’t make anything under the moon during this workshop as the main purpose of the class is to teach us the techniques of using Silver Clay! But you may deviate a little just to add a bit of personality! You heard me right, they are using a clay like material where you mould into the shape you like, sit it over fire, start scrubbing and all and tadah! Your play doh will turn into a shiny pure silver accessory! Ok, maybe I simplified the process a little, but that’s basically what it is. I just bought the deal and hopefully will get to have a ball of fun in April (when I finally have the time to sign up!)!

Can the people in Groupon just give us a break!? Stop having cool deals! Ah! With the app, it’s just too accessible and tempting to just click BUY!

Groupon Deal: Instax Mini 7S


Groupon is turning me into a spendthrift! My previous Instax camera broke and I bought an Instax Mini 7s White off Groupon for $84.90! I thought it is quite a good deal! The blue one at $69.90 got snap up pretty quickly! While I was thinking if I should get the cheaper one which is ugly or pay another $15 for aesthetic without additional function, it got snapped up! In the end, I was left with the hard decision to buy the white one. Haha.

Are you addicted to Groupon or other deals website? Can I declare I am officially broke again?

Groupon Deal: Wax Seal Stamp



I’m hooked to online shopping, mainly on Groupon and Etsy. It’s scary! I bought this off Groupon because it’s really value for money! At $21.90 I can get a customized wax seal stamp and waxes delivered to my place! Would love to use this for letters and cards in the future! Another few more hours to go before this deal ends, so Shop Here Now!