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Day 4 of Western Australia Trip, AirBnB stay at Margaret River

After Truffle Hunting and lunch at Manjimup, we headed back towards Margaret River to check in to our second AirBnB stay! While researching, I fell in love with this place and had intentions to stay here for 3 nights but we only managed to secure for 2 nights. AirBnB awarded them with a Superhost title and I can see why! Everyone had raving reviews for Rosaleen and her place is gorgeous and she is really thoughtful!

Here are the pictures.



Entrance to the Loft House


A little herb garden at the side of her house


Old map of Margaret River. Her place is beautiful decorated, it looks straight out from Home Decoration magazines.



Look at the details in decorating!



The cozy living area and kitchen.


The kitchen is fully equipped to whip up meals and Rosaleen provided every condiments and basic necessity you can imagine. A really thoughtful and generous host.


Provided simple croissant for breakfast.


Dark chocolate too for a little treat.


Milk, yogurt, eggs, jams and butter!



Even some chilled water!


All sorts of dry noodles from pasta to Asian rice vermicelli P7260791

All sorts of condiments provided!



Bathroom is next to the kitchen.P7260784


Equally well provided.

Appreciate the space where I can unpack all my beauty products. A peep at our bedroom on the second floor.


Up on the second floor!


Great effort put in decorating little corners.


Love the sleeping robe provided! Truly better than hotels.


Cozy and comfortable bedroom!


I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends and family traveling to Margaret River! The location is central to all the attractions and small town and isn’t her place amazing? You can find her loft over here.

French Windows by Butterpaper Studio

I’ve always been an avid reader of Velle Yeo’s blog and love her creativity in the DIY projects and beautiful houses that she did up for her client. But these designs simply blow me away! I love love the tiles at the breakfast counter area, the black and white blinds and the French windows at the second level. I didn’t know this can be done!


Source: Butterpaper Studio


Source: Butterpaper Studio


Source: Butterpaper Studio

Hari Raya Celebration with Elias and Saliha

J’s friend, Elias and Saliha, invited us to their place for Hari Raya and gosh, the food is to die for, their home is lovely and Fiyyaz and Sarah’s baby, Yusof aka Joseph, is the cutest baby I’ve seen!

The Food


Love their homemade cookies!


Their chicken wings are to die for and I’m getting the recipe from Saliha! Not exactly helpful to my “Get Tone” plan though. Hah. Apparently, during Hari Raya, Malay families will cook a few dishes and host from morning till evening. The food will be replenished with every group of guests! While we were there, there were three other groups of guest streaming in. It is their version of open house where anyone can join them in the feasting!


Masala Tea!



Their Home





As there are many parties to host during their festive period, Malay families will usually do up their living room! Saliha’s place is nicely furnished and very cozy!

The Baby


Baby Yusof.


The cutest baby!


Colin & Lyanna’s Home

We went to Colin & Lyanna’s place a while back, probably in December or so and simply love their place! Even though they spent a bomb on their place with major reno, paying their ID and expensive furnitures, some of their ideas are to die for! Haha. I left those pictures in my phone and was reminded to upload them when one blog reader – Ash – mentioned that they are going for white brick walls with an industrial look for their new home. My instant response was to show her the pictures of C & L’s home! My pictures probably don’t do them justice as they just moved in and is not in the best state but here are some of my favorite features anyway!


Their brick wall is very different from ours. Ours is more rugged and raw while theirs is smooth and street like. Their white wall is probably easier to maintain! I love their bedroom door. Something we can consider for our second home!


They have got nice cement floor! But another friend of mine told me that it can get really slippery when it is wet. Not too sure about that though.


Their blinds are to die for! Love it! I love their sexy black trunking too but my practical engineer husband refused to let me have those at our place for some technical and practical reasons. HMPH.


Love their two pane doors of their walk in wardrobe. So sex in the city!


Love their tiles at their dry kitchen. I love plain white tiles! That’s why we have small white mosaic tiles at our breakfast counter too! Nice work!

So Ash, here are some of the pictures which will probably inspire you for your new home! Have fun and good luck!

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Hangout at Holland Village.




We head over to Alph and Phil new place on Saturday and gosh, I love the location of her place! Right smack in Holland Village, with various facilities and a MRT station right at her door step. The location cannot get any better! Even though their place is a tiny 3 bedroom flat, it is cozy enough for both of them and Mocha. Haha. It’s easy to clean up too!

I was amazed by how little belongings Alph has. I really need to de-clutter our home!


At the back of her place, there is a nice “Zi Char” stall and clay pot rice which we packed for dinner! Awesome food! After dinner we walked to 2AM dessert bar and gosh, it is the most expensive dessert place ever. It is nice but definitely not worth $16 to $18 for that tiny portion of constructed dessert! Definitely overpriced! But their staff’s knowledge and service is amazing.






Frozen Chocolate.


Cheese Avalanche.


Basil White Chocolate.


We also tried their dessert wine which was carefully paired with one of the dessert. This Hungary dessert wine is yummy. All girls love dessert wine. Haha.

Will I ever go back to 2AM? No. I’ve tried it, it’s enough. There are many other dessert places which offer yummy and value treats!

Prive. Life. Transformed.

I’m so excited for my good friend CW and plumber Lennel! They bought an apartment. A place they call home! They are only a few minutes drive away from us! Welcome to the East! Haha. Punggol is in the North East! Haha. I can go swimming and play tennis at their new home in 3 years time! Wee! Someone is joining me in the “Broke but I owned a place!” club!

You guys got a nice picture! We looked like crap after queuing up overnight. Haha.


A friend wanted to get an apartment and had consulted me regarding her down payment and housing loan issues. I must admit she asked the wrong person despite my experience. HAHA.

She sent me the following spreadsheet and gave me a shock. An analyst indeed.