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Paddy’s Market, Sydney

One of the stops during our Sydney trip is Paddy’s Market! There are really nothing much over there and there are many shops selling identical products and stuffs from China!

photo (48)

photo (46)

photo (44)

BUT, it is a great place to buy some souvenirs and nuts and I spotted a herbs and spice shop which is rather interesting! Perfect for some roast chicken! Haha.

Criniti’s at Darling Harbour, Sydney

The problem when traveling with tour group is that meals are all decided and included in the tour package! And that’s not all, all the meals in our package were Asian food! Mainly Chinese and once, Thai. OMG. We were all really annoyed with the meals arrangement. Perhaps because our company gave the tour agency a limited budget and hence the lousy food.

During our last evening, we decided to leave the group and treat ourselves to a good Italian Seafood meal. Nothing like fresh seafood to complete our holiday! If you are in Sydney on a Saturday night, you might want to head down to Darling Harbour!

photo (39)

There are plenty of restaurant to choose from and on most Saturday evening, there will be fireworks by the harbourside! The schedule of the fireworks can be found here!

Can you believe all these are taken by my iPhone 5 camera?!

photo (36)

photo (37)

photo (35)

We found Criniti’s and boy, it was crowded! If you are popping by, I suggest reservations to be made and do get an outdoor seating if the weather permits on a Saturday evening! We waited close to 2 hours on a Saturday night. Boo! But the yummy food more than made up for it.

photo (28)

photo (34)

One of our colleague can’t eat seafood so a wood fire pizza was ordered! I didn’t eat that but I heard that it was really really good.

photo (30)

We ordered two Seafood Platters (AU$ 149.90 each) and a Cozzee Bianco Mussels (AU$24.90) to share.

photo (29)

The mussels were a little too small and even though the white wine sauce is tasty, it wasn’t amazing.

photo (32)

photo (33)
Mussels and crab that came with the platter.

The Seafood Platter was fantastic, even though there were some hits and misses in the platter, most of them were good! With grilled local king prawns, marinated calamari, oysters, scallops, scampi, mussels, clams, octopus, blue swimmer crab, gravlax salmon, lobster and barramundi with gremolata marinade.

You couldn’t ask for more! My personal favourite? The barramundi with gremolata marinade is the best. It is grilled to perfection, fresh and juicy. Crispy on the skin with juicy flesh. It is the best fish that I’ve ever tasted! If I am not wrong, barramundi is actually seabass! You can order the Barramundi fillet as a main on it’s own at AU$39.90. It is really really good. My second favourite, definitely the lobster! So fresh! Yums.

photo (31)

I want to see these in Sydney!

My Sydney trip is postponed! It will happen in the second half of this year between July and September. Boo! Meanwhile, here are the places that I would like to visit if I can extend for another week! Any other recommendations? Did I missed out on anything interesting? I love markets , vintage, nature and anything exciting!


  • Braving the crawl and abseiling adventure tour in Jenolan Caves


  • Staying at Hunter Valley and visiting vineyards like the familiar Lindemans,Tyrell’s and Wyndham Estate


  • And hopefully, a road trip to and farm stay in Brisbane!

Sydney Antique Center

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 9.29.15 PM
Source: Here

I came across a short writeup on Sydney Antique Centre in a magazine and it interest me so much so that I had to google it thereafter! It looks like a treasure trove and it is touted as an Aladdin’s cave by many! If you love vintage, you will probably spend a day in there without realizing the time. I wanted to bookmark (using my blog) it such that if I ever visit Sydney again, I will be sure to spare a day visiting it! I’m just hoping that it won’t be too pricey! Anyone been there? Any reviews?

Sydney Fish Market

One of my favourite place in Sydney, their Fish Market. It is not a huge place, but it’s great if you can just pop by for lunch!

Picture 032

Picture 033

Picture 034

Picture 035

Picture 036

Fresh and oh so yummy!

Picture 037

Other than their fresh and raw items, they have a huge range of cooked yummy treats too!

Picture 038

Picture 039

Other than a dozen oysters, these were what we ate at 10am (after breakfast!)

Picture 040

Picture 041