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Talad Rot Fai, Vintage Night Market, Bangkok

Here is one last post to share about my Bangkok trip before I disappear into a chaos of madness and appear after Chinese New year. Yes, sorry ladies and guys, don’t miss me!


As most of you may probably know, I love vintage and when I first heard of Talad Rot Fai, Bangkok’s Vintage Weekend Night Market I was thrilled! It existed for the longest time and was previously right behind Chatuchak where it was so convenient! But now, it is relocated to Srinakharin which is crazy out of the way.

I was so determined to get there so I booked a driver, showed him the Thai map and address, and got ourselves there! But gosh, I forgot to figure the way back! It was at the outskirt of Bangkok city and there were no taxi drivers willing to send us back to Bangkok city! In the end, we took a cab to the nearest BTS station and took the train back. A major panic moment there.

So if you are some serious antique / vintage lovers, you should go there, but if you just want a look see, oh no, perhaps not. During our trip there, there were only one other Caucasian couple, the rest of the crowd there are mainly locals.

There are five main areas to look at, (1) Pretty antique shops which is at the front stretch leading towards the main market, (2) Night market selling random stuffs for the locals, stuffs are of lower quality, (3) Main building of the market selling vintage stuffs plus random stuffs not relating to vintage items, (4) Vintage flea market, selling some really old and cool stuffs, they are right at the very end, deep inside! and (5) Bars near to the Vintage flea market! We wished the Vintage flea market was bigger though!

So here are some pictures!

Area 1: A stretch of Pretty Antique Shops






Area 2: Local Night Market


The only thing I bought from the night market, pretty personalized bracelet.

Area 3: Main Building



photo (99)

There are a few pretty coffee place like these here.

photo (97)

These lamps are so pretty!

photo (96)

photo (95)

photo (94)

Area 4: Vintage Flea Market

photo (98)

In between the flea market and the bars.

photo (92)

photo (91)

photo (90)

Almost wanted to grab a handful of these pretty knobs for my old wooden cupboard.

photo (89)

Isn’t this place cool! We should have this in Singapore too! Nice.

photo (88)

Area 5: Bars and Around

photo (87)

Favourite Childhood Toy, Polly Pocket!

Ladies, what is your favourite childhood toy? For me, it is definitely Polly Pocket! I remember my mum bringing my sister and I to Yaohan Departmental Store for some toys shopping and we each have a couple of Polly Pockets to play with! But the little figurine is always missing, so I will end up with some houses and just one or two little girls. Polly Pocket is amazing because it is tiny and fits right in your pocket (duh!) and you can spend hours playing with it and bring them everywhere! Haha. Gosh, I feel like a dinosaur talking about Polly Pocket and Yaohan. Kids these days lack imagination because all they play is Angry Bird on their iPhone. During our time, most games require some form of creativity and imagination, think Playdoh, Lego and other make believe games!

photo (86)

During one of the old toys charity event, I chanced upon a Polly Pocket set! I was thrilled! Too bad I threw mine away, otherwise it can probably sell for a couple of tens! This Polly Pocket is not too cool though, there is a little girl and a baby in there. I prefer the ones in the restaurants (which I used to own) or those in the Zoo!

So what is your favourite childhood toy! Drop a comment here to share your experience or memories you had!

Vintage Furnitures in Singapore

I stumbled upon this article on Facebook by Citynomads on Vintage Furnitures in Singapore! I love vintage and I definitely would like one of these in my place! Here are two of my personal favourite (without knowing the price though).

Like That One has a wide range of vintage furnitures but yet has a modern look!

Vintage Green Sofa

Things Your Mother Throw also has some colourful modern vintage pieces but best of all, they have got some pretty handmade cement tiles and vintage doors and windows! Nice!


Children Little Museum at Kampong Glam

photo (52)

To continue on my adventure in Haji Lane and Kampung Glam area, we explored Children Little Museum! This tiny privately owned museum sits in one of those two levels shophouses among restaurants and a hostel at 42 Bussorah Street.

It is right smack in front of the Sultan Mosque with an adult-sized robot luring curious tourists! For a token sum of SGD 2 to view the second level of the premises, it is a museum of love and years of collection by the owner! It showcases vintage collections of toys and past memories of your childhood with lots of interactive displays!

It is definitely a fun place for photo taking! If you visit as a couple during non peak period, you can also asked the friendly owner to take pictures for you! He will eagerly assist to take over your camera, guide you to pose around the store, and ask if you want to hire him as your pre-wedding photographer! I heard you can take your pre-wedding pictures there for a fee of SGD 50 per hour to use his premises! Haha.

photo (51)

photo (50)

photo (47)

photo (46)

photo (45)


photo (43)

photo (40)

photo (41)

photo (42)

Sister, do you remember this? I think we use to own one of these!

photo (34)

My all time favourite childhood snack – traditional Mooncake Crust biscuit, It is basically the crust of mooncake! If you like the crust of pies, you will like this too! There is no filling in them, just plain old mooncake crust like soft biscuit. It comes in the shape of pigs too! What’s your all time favourite childhood snack?

Vintage Black and White Polaroid

photo (22)

Have you seen a really old Polaroid in action before? One which is older than our parents? I’ve not. But photo loving Mike owns one and is such a darling to take pictures for us! Can you imagine me gushing over it? I love all things vintage and seeing this baby in action is priceless! This vintage Polaroid takes black and white pictures! Nice!

photo (26)

photo (25)

photo (24)


photo (23)

Mike is also a part time photographer and owns a small PR firm which writes and takes photos for business or personal events. Apparently you can engage his service to take such vintage polaroid at weddings too! Wow.

photo (32)

photo (31)

Where’s my exclaimation mark on my typewriter?!

photo (25)

photo (24)

While I was practising on my typewriter, I noticed that they do not have exclamation mark! People in the 60’s don’t express in exclamation?! Haha. I knew typing with the yellowed paper I found at Public Garden Fair’s Paper Pan is perfect! It completes the old school look! Haha.

My Style and My Weaknesses

My style and weakness

It is my first time creating a mood board using Polyvore and I love it! Not the perfect one, the stupid chair got cut off and I didn’t realize until I publish it! But I had plenty of fun!

In my previous posts where I was sharing on my blings for the gala evening, I mentioned that pearl is my weakness. I thought I should share with you more of my weaknesses through a mood board. Haha. So here goes.

My knees go weak when I see these items above because:-

  • I am smitten by pearl and gold accessories.
  • I love leather bags especially the vintage ones.
  • I prance around in peep toe heels or ballet flats and I probably own a dozen of them.
  • Love wood furniture, vintage pieces, scandinavian designs and pops of colours.
  • Owls and recently foxes are my nemesis because they make me broke.
  • And I love all things vintage too!

So here’s my style and my weaknesses. What’s yours? Try creating a Polyvore board for it and do share if you did!

Retro Jacob’s Tin in FairPrice

photo (6)

FairPrice is selling these retro style Jacob’s biscuit to celebrate their 40th Anniversary! Aren’t they cute? Will buy one just to keep the tin! Haha.