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Won a pair of The Twilight Saga:Eclipse tickets through some contest! Will be watching it in a few hours time! A day before the launch! Wee.

Grow Bean Grow.

Look how tall our magic beans grew! Grow bean grow! The third one counting from the left is mine! It looks kind of creepy! HAH.

Congratulations Colin and Lyanna on your engagement! Weee!

Her Evil Plan

Instead of helping me plan my wedding, my sister is already planning to take over my bedroom. GRRRR.

I am only moving out next year so stop dreaming!

Stella McCartney

My sister came back from exchange with a whole lot of bags and I benefited from her with this Stella McCartney bag. It’s so huge I can use it for a weekend getaway!

Catch Up Session

Met up with Maxine for dinner last Wednesday for Out of the Pan. It is really yummy and there is a UOB card 1-for-1 promotion from Monday to Thursday! Love cheap yummy treats!

We updated each other of our lives and this girl never fails to surprise me!

Ate some yogurt ice cream too! Yum yum!

A Quarter of a Centenarian

I always get really excited when the peeps from town council start hanging our national flags in the estate and yesterday I saw these! YAY!

I’m no patriot in fact I’m quite a narcissist! I’m counting down to the day of becoming a quarter of a centenarian!

Freak. I woke up at 06.34 on a Saturday morning thinking it’s a workday, and now I can’t go back to sleep! HMPH

Life stage

You know you’re at a different life stage when people around you are moving along as well.

Congratulations Alp on your engagement!

Congratulations Weiyang and Sijia on your engagement!

Babe ,enjoy your freedom after your divorce!

When we are bored at work and are missing Steph who took leave and abandoned us! The crazy guys took this picture.

Green Fingers for my Magic Beans

We found these magic beans and decided to have a mini “Grow your beans” competition to spice up our work life. I’ve never seen these beans before and they are acutally sword beans!

I picked the bean with a rose and “I love you” engraved on it. Apparently when the bean sprout, the leaves will bear the engraved pictures and wordings! I shall gave him my little magic bean sprout if it is successful. I hope my green (painted) fingers help!

365 Cookies.

I love these cookies! They are exclusive to FairPrice and it’s really awesome! It’s so addictive that I’m drooling just thinking of them! YUMMY!

Short Review.

I’ve got a whole lot of stuffs to share but I just can’t get down to writing them with my busy social schedule and a whole stack of books and DVDs calling out to me!
Here are some short reviews of the various movies that I’ve seen for the past weeks.
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time: I love catching up with my MT friends outside work! This time round, Wai Mun, Victor, Steph and I caught this movie together after our training! I totally dig Disney movies! I love happy ending and its dreamy and mystical setting. It is not something you would remember after a few years but one which would leave a nice feeling when you walk out of the theatre.
Karate Kids: Like father like son. Jaden Smith is awesome and very convincing. This movie is heart warming and sincere (just a little corny in certain instances) but overall it’s good! Definitely a feel good movie! I’m glad I watched it with my family! Thank you sister for the treat (even though you don’t get to watch)!
Toy Story III: I love weekend movie date! We almost wanted to buy the strawberry scented Lotso bear before the movie! So glad we didn’t! That incorrigible evil bear does not deserve a loving home! I’m glad he ended up on a truck! HAHA. Toy Story III is mediocre. A lot of interesting new characters but I expected more from Pixar! Thankfully we didn’t watch it in 3D! There aren’t many “popping moment” opportunities for a good 3D movie.
Did You Hear About the Morgans?: It’s just plain, flat, slow, predictable and mediocre.
Tooth Fairy: Erm. It’s just – awkward.  Don’t ask.

Genie in action

My sponser for SbR is both a kind soul and a magic genie! Previously I asked him if he knows of any iPhone blogging app which I can use (this is especially troublesome because my site is self-hosted) and today he helped to upgrade my site! So now I can use the regular wordpress app on iPhone! I can blog anywhere, anytime now!

I hope I wouldn’t turn into a blog addict! Hee.

Lots-O Bear.

I bought him a Lots-o Bear (a new character from Toy Story III) cushion as a surprise! Haha.

Today we spotted a real Lots-o Bear. All cuddly and strawberry scented! I wanted to get it because I can’t take my nose away! Thankfully I woke up to my senses and prevented myself from suffering an asthma attack (which I probably would if I sniff this 24/7!) HAH.

Welcome Back Sister

My sister is finally home! She didn’t really change, still the same old, silly, spendthrift and fashion conscious little sister! Our whole family misses her so so much! I’m glad you are back sister!

Look at the number of luggages she brought back! And this is not all! Some of her loots and bulky items are with her friends!

My granny spent the whole afternoon whipping up her favourite delights! Chili Crab, Fish head curry etc etc. It felt like a mini reunion dinner! Haha. I miss her company! We spent our night watching movie and sleeping in my room!


I bought a greenie for my office desk to cheer up the gloomy space! I hope it survives! Throughout my growing up years, I’ve probably cactus-slaughter say five, no seven, no, never mind, X number of cactus! I’ve keeping my fingers crossed this time round!

Rochor Beancurd in Upper Thomson.

Rochor Beancurd is in Upper Thomson! I am a happy girl! This means I’ll get to eat yummy beancurd during tea break! HAHA.

Yellow and Green

I bought these on a gloomy Monday! The green would be cuter if it’s matte.

Tong & Co

Met up with Tong over dinner to catch up with him while he is back! We had yummy fish and co!

Yummy seafood platter!

Only after dinner did I realized that I didn’t take a picture of Tong. HAHA

We had an epic journey travelling to his place! My presence gave his cousin a shock! His cousin thought I’m his new girl (terribly fast considering that SA just hang out at his place a couple of days back!). I had to flash my rock and announced my friendship with Su (1) An (1) to prove my innocence. HAH. We then picked up SA and Tong then send me home! Feels really happy meeting Su (1) An (1) on a gloomy Monday.

I complained to him that if SA and him are just “friends” then does she received flowers (3 bunches from him!) when I (a friend of 5 years received nothing all these years!) So he surprised me with these lovely pink flowers. Lovely as it can be, but it’s nothing in comparison to this, this or this. HAHA.

Thank you Tong for the company and flowers!