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Here is a monthly highlight of my 2010!

January: Wrote my first New Year Resolution! Which I have successfully achieved 20% of it! HAHA. I will write one again this year just to remind myself of the important things in life.

February: We went Tokyo, Japan instead of Taipei, Taiwan and he proposed at a resort in Disneyland with a bunch of beautiful roses and the perfect ring!

March: I started my wedding planning and became obsessed with it (still am!). People around me hated or ignored me because of this (except Lyanna, who is a bride-to-be in making in March). I also took up a plan with Amore (which I have not been using much in recent weeks *guilty!*).

April: First company retreat to Beijing! I love my company for their focus in work-life balance and family values!

May: SbR randomly won some tickets (to some rides in Sentosa ) in a Nuffnang’s Blogger Family Pledge Movement ! I had a lot of fun with my family and relatives. There was one grumpy man who doesn’t like family outing and carnivals. This is still a bugging issue because I love it!

June: Alphania my long time friend got engaged! Weiyang ad Sijia my church friend got engaged! Colin and Lyanna got engaged! I was really excited! Finally bride-to-bes to share my obsession! Three happy news and one sad news. A friend whom I was a sister at her wedding in 2009 is getting a divorce.

July: We adopted Barley (previously Bali) and that was the best decision in our life!

August: It’s my birthday and he brought me to Dozo. It was mind blowing!

September: I locked myself out of hotmail account and did not set a secondary email address to it. It is in this month, I shall be out from the MSN world for the rest of my life! It is also in this month we decided to take a month long sabbatical from wedding preparation.

October: We attended our first Marriage Preparation Course conducted in our Church. It is through this lesson I come to know about his fatal attraction to me five years ago. My alpha-female characteristic, it was surprising and hilarious. We also celebrated our fifth year anniversary (our last official celebration, because on the 14 October 2011, I will be lying wide awake on my bed counting down to 15 October 2011 (our wedding day!).

November: Barley turned two and we went Taiwan! I’m blaming it on the travel bug.

December: CW and Lennel got their apartment at Prive, Punggol!  We also had our first company DND at RWS.

Wow. I traveled quite a bit in the year 2010! It was definitely an exciting year with the proposal and Barley! Now, I can’t wait for 2011 because it will just get better!


I can’t stand my last three wordy posts! Wordy post is so not my thing! So here’s a random picture I found!

I’m still feeling a little woozy from my fever and medication.

Good night world!

Source: Here

Sorry for the lack of post! Just got back from Church Camp at Batam yesterday and today I’m on MC! Jason brought the flu to camp and he is patient 0! Having fever, sore throat and body ache now! BOO.

This month went pass too quickly!

His Retro Fever Night

I wanted to write more for this post, but I can’t. I’m laughing too hard.

Spot Wally!

P.S. Since it is on his FB, I guess he won’t mind. HAHA. Shhh. By the way, I am resorting to this to pull in some traffic for my blog because I need to pay $X amount next year to maintain this blog add. BAH!


Ziyu, I’ve added your link here under “Neighbour”! Hope you don’t mind!

P.S.: Peeps, if you are from PL too, let me know!

Prive. Life. Transformed.

I’m so excited for my good friend CW and plumber Lennel! They bought an apartment. A place they call home! They are only a few minutes drive away from us! Welcome to the East! Haha. Punggol is in the North East! Haha. I can go swimming and play tennis at their new home in 3 years time! Wee! Someone is joining me in the “Broke but I owned a place!” club!

You guys got a nice picture! We looked like crap after queuing up overnight. Haha.

Plumber is going to move SbR to a new web host! Yay to a potentially stable!

Meanwhile do bear with us for the next few days if SbR fails to load!

Happy Friday in advance!

Goodnight World!

I’m feeling all lovey dovey after watching two romance movies back to back. I love “Leap Years”. Matthew Goode is cute and Ireland is beautiful! Love castles!

“When in Rome” is funny and Rome is romantic but a little touristy.

Cambodia 201X

Stephanie came back from Cambodia (beautiful pictures here and here) and bought me a little gift. It is nothing grand or expensive but it reminded me of the love I once felt when I was in Cambodia. The love from the chirpy children in the orphanage who loving called us Sister.

SSSS girls, shall we make it our life resolution to bring our pampered plus one to Cambodia! They will have a treat in photo-taking and we will all be reminded about humility again! Maybe after my wedding and yours and before we become pregos?

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Picardy Gardens
2 Jalan Pari Burong, 488682
6245 3303

One restaurant I will not recommend is Momoya. It is worse than disappointing. We walked past it once and saw their bustling business. Following our food making decision rule – a crowded restaurant will not go wrong – we decided to try their ala carte buffet. We tried 80% of their best seller and recommended dishes but none of them “Wowed” us. GAH. I guess some people find it value for money. We concluded that we have a more sophisticated palate for Japanese food. HAHA.

Singaporean-House Look

I am surfing the web to find inspiration for our future loft and I’ve decided to look at how Singaporean renovate their new place. All I can find is the Singaporean House look. If you know what I mean, standard TV console, boring sofas, black and white furnitures. The place simply lacks character.

Does anyone know of any inspiring renovation / decor blogs?

P.S. I have an idea of what I want for my place but what I fear is the poor execution of the idea. BAH.

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Grand Shanghai Night

Photo credit to Steph.

Shanghai Night was a lot of fun! It was our first D&D and it was held at RWS! The night started off with our higher management singing and dancing on stage! It was  a glitzy night and our management are really cool and spontaneous. The highlight of the night was when the CEO revealed that all employees will be getting an extra bonus because of our company’s performance! YAY. You can probably tell that the girls put in greater effort in dressing to the theme while the guys are just BLAH.

I look pudgy in other pictures except this and I credit this picture to my strategically located fan. HAH.

The unglamarous side of my job. Putting on stinky safety helmet and boots for a site visit.