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Me: Eh eh, xxxxx, I am confrontational, but I am not evil right?

xxxxx: You are not evil at all sweetheart. You get in your face and you push your way through. but you’re a sweet girl underneath it all and you care about the people around you.

Thanks xxxxx.

Free CDs Giveaway

Trying to clean up my room and I’ve got some CDs to giveaway instead of allowing them to collect dust in my cluttered room. Most of these CDs were given to me from my previous internship and it is in a pretty good condition.

So if anyone out there would like to have these CDs do drop me a message [I can mail them (you pay) or pass them to you], otherwise I would hand them over to the Salvation Army.

Kaiser Chiefs – Employment (2005)


The All-American Rejects – Move Along (2006)


Fall Out Boy – From under the Cork Tree (2005)


James Morrison – Undiscovered (2006)


Kelly Clarkson – My December (2007)


Free CDs Giveaway

Trying to clean up my room and I’ve got some CDs to giveaway instead of allowing them to collect dust in my cluttered room. Most of these CDs were given to me from my previous internship and it is in a pretty good condition.

So if anyone out there would like to have these CDs do drop me a message [I can mail them (you pay) or pass them to you], otherwise I would hand them over to the Salvation Army.

Kaiser Chiefs – Employment (2005)


The All-American Rejects – Move Along (2006)


Fall Out Boy – From under the Cork Tree (2005)


James Morrison – Undiscovered (2006)


Kelly Clarkson – My December (2007)


How does one get Luckier than Uncles wearing Red Undies?

Last New Year, my mum bought gargantuan number of red undies for my dad. How did she manage to secure that many of them since they usually come with those “not-as-lucky-as-red” blue or green undies?

Activating her auntie spirit, she uncouthly exchanged those not-as-lucky-as-red undies with the red ones from other boxes.

This year, to prevent such phenomenon, Hush Puppies proudly presented their “luckier-than-red” collections to the superstitious crowd.


The red undies imprinted with dragons, happiness or prosperity logos.


Now you know how to beat those uncles.

Note: The above mentioned items can be found in Isetan and all major departmental stores. (Just in case you are wondering.)

Pre-Christmas Genting Highlands Getaway

It was all shopping, eating, shopping, eating, arcades-playing, eating, chips placing and eating in Genting Highlands. I mentioned “eating” four times in a sentence; maybe it’s the cold, the Christmas spirits or just me.

I had to baby sit my little brother and cousin when the adults were all out trying their luck at the casino. My initial plan was to go breathe some clean-fresh-above-the-clouds air on the rollercoaster ride but my all-fearing little brother and cousin refused to keep me company.



Food > Activities = 1 additional kg around my waistline


 Feeling good about himself after beating the system and personal record. If only he puts the equal amount of effort and passion into his academics.


Discount – crowd = Mango Outlet

Results Checking

This year result-checking is much more exciting! And that’s because I get to legitimately check my sister’s results while she is suffering in Myanmar for the greater good

Her results? OMG. I think we’ve got weird-exotic blood running in our veins.

Note: Dear Lord, please watch over my sister’s safety and health while she is away. Amen.

An Unglamorous and Honest Sharing of Why I Hate Phone Interviews

“We will be calling you between 1030 and 1130am for a short phone interview.”

1029: “Eh I am waiting for phone interview. Don’t make too much noise ah.”
1031: “Shit la. I need to pee. How? Should I go?”
1032: Looking ridiculously-retarded wearing my ear phones and holding my phone to the toilet.
1043: “Shucks. I think I need to shit.”
1051: The family directly above me is drilling, knocking and moving furniture. -_-“
1100: “Hi Serene, this is xxx from xxx”
1110: “Thank you xxx”

The interview lasted a mere 10 minutes and I lost all feelings to xxxx.

Walking like a duck.
Looking like a roast chicken.
3 days of tennis lesson.

A Warmed House

I love house warming! Especially when you can meet up with some old friends!


Maxine’s place. Zen-ish. Love nest. Almost like a restaurant.


The Autistic Clam

“Autistic clam” was our group name for the CIMS Marketing competition. We came in first, and instead of announcing our group name, the emcee simply said “the team from Ngee Ann Polytechnic”.

If this name is used during internal case, I am sure Erwin will cast the group into the “reject/loser” pile even before reading.



Thank you Maxine and Ian for hosting us!

The Performer

Harry recommended me to try the analyzer program he found online.

According to the excerpt from his blog:
“…the Typealyzer that attempts to determine the personality type of a blog according to its writing style and stuff.”

According to the all-(non-)mighty, (non-)powerful and relatively (in)accurate analyzer, my blog revealed that I am …


The Last Lecture


A lot of people told me this book is fantastic, it is an inspiration, a legacy and a “must-read”. And it’s all true. Every thing they said. It’s true. It’s not merely a book. It’s a book packed with a lot of wisdom, humor and inspiration.

This book is not about dying but living. Living your dream. Your childhood dreams. Filled with principles that come in handy for everyone, parents, children or working adults.

“Randy lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on July 25th 2008, but his legacy will continue to inspire us all, for GENERATIONS to come.”

A tinge of sadness is unavoidable. But you would surely feel good (optimistic) about life after reading. There are many of those stories that will simply put a smile on your face because of his wisdom and wit.

Here’s one of my favorite stories that he shared, what’s yours?

On the first day of practice (for football), we were all scared to death. Plus he (Coach Jim Graham) hadn’t brought along any footballs. One kid finally spoke up for all of us. “Excuse me, Coach. There are no footballs.” And Coach Graham responded, “We don’t need any footballs.”

There was a silence, while we thought about that…

“How many men are on the football field at a time?” he asked us. Eleven on a team, we answered. So that makes twenty-two.

“And how many people are touching the football at any given time?” One of them.

“Right!” he said. “So we’re going to work on what those other twenty-one guys are doing.”

The lesson? Fundamentals. You’ve got to get the fundamentals down, because otherwise the fancy stuff is not going to work.

Rating: 6 / 5 stars

For the Narcissist.

A friend (ahem) of mine just completed his StandChart marathon and was showing me his photo found at a webpage where the official photographer gets to sell those photos they took at an exorbitant price.

This picture was found online.

The price quoted?


Seriously. Who on earth would pay for such a price? Maybe the narcissist.

I. Love. 8Mbps.


A place bursting with the richness of history, cultures and food.

Hero Records

Very old school. I like.

St. Francis Xavier’s Church


“Built in 1849, the church is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, also known as the ‘Apostle of the East’/ St. Francis Xavier is well-remembered for his missionary work spreading Catholicism to South East Asia in the 16th Century.”

Christ Church


“Built since 1753 with Dutch’s architectural ingenuity. The highlights are ceiling beams constructed without joints, brass Bible, tombstone written in Armenian and ‘Last Supper’ in glazed tiles”

The church was closed when we got there. Depressed.

Baba and Nonya Heritage Museum



This was the exact house that Little Nonya was filmed. We saw the well which Yue Niang was dumped into, the stairs and dinning area, the kitchen and all. But we were not allowed to take any photos. Too bad.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice


Jalan Hang Jebat at Jonker Street

Unlike any ordinary chicken rice, this chicken rice comes in the shape of balls. Those balls are not fish balls but chicken rice balls. The balls gave out a very rich chicken rice aroma that was very soft when you bite it. Those balls are definitely worth the wait.

The “Highlight” of the Day

All those places that we visited were recommended by our camp committee and one of the attractions caught the eye of my little brother. The “Eye on Melaka”. He was mesmerized by it when we first saw it from our hotel room.


View from our hotel room

“Eye on Melaka – A ferris wheel similar to the Singapore Flyer, offering you a view of the Melaka River. Entrance fee: Adult RM5.00. And on the map it is a walking distance from our hotel.” – stated in the recommendation from our camp committee

Wow… cool, Singapore flyer at 5 Ringgit!

So after shopping at Mahkota Parade, we got into a cab …

Us: Uncle, we want to go Eye of Melaka. You know the ferries wheel?

Uncle: Ohhh. The turn turn one? Ok. RM 15. [Using his fingers to draw circles repetitively, the taxi there doesn’t run on meters.]

Us: Yes yes. Uncle. The turn turn one. Ok can.

The car stopped in front of a huge ferries wheel.


Picture taken from a random site

Us: Eh. This is a ferries wheel. [Checked.] Very big. [Checked.] Just like the Singapore flyer. [Checked.] But it’s nowhere near our hotel. Hmmm. [In fact it is at a very isolated location and there were no cars in sight. It’s about 930pm and not wanting to risk it, we decided to stick to the Eye of Melaka.] Eh. Uncle, we want to go to Eye of Melaka. The one near Bayview Hotel. On Hang Tuah Road there.

Uncle: Oh. [speaking in Malay] This eye of Malaysia.

Us: [Don’t understand a single world he said.] Eh, uncle, how much ah, go Eye of Melaka. How much?

Uncle: RM 10

Us: Oh ok ok. Go there.

So, that cost us RM 25 to go to this freaking Eye of Melaka. It better be good.

The car stopped. And there we were. Eye of Melaka.

Us: Oh. Uncle. This one? Eye of Melaka?

Uncle: Ya la. [The uncle snickered]

Picture taken from some random website

Us: O….K…

Sigh. Having spent RM25 to reach our destination, a business student who refused to apply the “Law of Sunk Cost” decided to go ahead instead.

The RM5 experience?

Bad. Boring. Slow. Stupid techno music. Oh. Funny. My little brother was really scared. -_-“ Great fresh air.


Trying to make the ferries wheel looked really huge

After the second round…

Me: Eh, I think third round should be the last round. Let’s get out of here.

Sis & Bro: OK!

We started grabbing our bags and our butts were all ready to take our flight …

But the door never opened. The wheel never stopped.

Sis: EH EH EH!!!!!!!! [Waving and pointing hysterically.] We want to go out!!! [Yes, she shouted. -_-“]

The sickening-guy-who-enjoyed-looking-at-us-being-humiliated: One more one more.


What is wrong with their tourism board?
Eye of Malaysia – Melaka and Eye of Melaka?!?!?!

The experience? His face tells it all.

Another silly act by my little brother…


That’s apple juice by the way

Our unique SHAPE [learnings from my church camp]

Each an every one of us comes in a unique shape. A shape that God painstakingly mold us to be exceptional, distinctive and one of a kind.


Guys. It’s not body shape. Not the hour-glass figure of your dream Goddess.

Instead, it’s the SHAPE

Spiritual gifts. Heart. Abilities. Personality. Experiences.

… and using this shape we can learn to serve our Lord through various ministries in the most effective and pleasing manner.

It is strangely accurate when we had to take the DISC behavior survey. People around me can definitely make an accurate and educated guess too. Sigh. I really need to build up in the areas which I am lacking of.


Gone. To. Malacca.

A spiritual wellness recharged.

Trapped Fish. Trapped Hamster.

Stuffs that my mum got back from her Shanghai trip? A few keychain. No ordinary keychain. Not a picture of The Bund. Not a picture of some Towers that seems to look alike in all cities. A keychain with live fish in it.

The Chinese are very creative. And. A little cruel.


These fish survived on those oxygen-and-food-releasing jellies. Estimated lifespan? Weeks to months. But they died on the second day in Singapore.

Let’s have a silent moment for these fish which died in honor for our amusements.

These fish also reminded me of the latest “it” that my sister is currently infatuated with. Bolt, the movie. The fat hamster trapped in a balloon.


The reason behind this fascination?

Sis: Oooo. Look. So cute. So fat. Trapped in this little ball. So cute~~

The real reason?

Sis: Ahhh. They are just in their little own world, stuck in a ball. So harmless. So cute.

Ah. There. That’s the real reason. Cause this freaking hamster is trapped in the ball and it can do no harm to her.

You know my Sister. She is definitely not a fan of animals. More accurately, she fears and dislikes any moving creatures and that includes salivating and crying babies.