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Thirtieth December Two Thousand and Twelve

Eve of New Year’s Eve
An end of old and a beginning of new.

No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay


Canadian author, Linwood Barclay, writes excellent thrillers! In this book, No Time for Goodbye, it is written from the point of view from a husband whose wife’s family vanished in a morning when she was fourteen-year-old. Now that they are happily married with a young daughter, this mystery bugs her and prompts her to go on a TV program which tries to investigate this puzzle. The plot unfolds with a strange car in a neighborhood, untraceable phone calls, ominous gifts and the revelation of the killer’s shocking identity. It is an exciting read with many twists and turns! A good read with high entertainment value!


Wai Mun gave us a card with a photo of our first Christmas! Thank you Wai Mun! It is very sweet of her and this year it is our forth Christmas together as MT Batch 8! Thankfully our group remains intact and everyone is still here! We look so youthful then! Haha. They are the people who made work much more enjoyable and those bad and stressful times more bearable! I hope we will have many more years together!

Teochew Yam Paste


What is something you always look forward to in a wedding dinner? For me, other than the lovely bride, it is Orh Nee (Teochew Yam Paste). A true blue Teochew loves her Yam and I agree! This calorie busting and artery clogging dish is what I always look out for at wedding dinners. Yums.

Jersey Boys


Winner of four Tony awards, the critically acclaimed Jersey Boys is playing at Marina Bay Sands’ Grand Theatre from November 15, 2012 to February 17, 2013.


Jersey Boys is a musical about the true story of the rise of singer Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It is unlike the grandness of The Lion King, the extravagant of Wicked, the magical Mary Poppins or the dramatic Mama Mia. It is earnest and loveable and the singers are great! I enjoyed it thoroughly and I love musical! Can’t wait to know which is the next broadway act coming to Marina Bay Sands!

I’m eagerly waiting to see Les Miserables on movie!


Alph got me an owl ring for Christmas! Thank you babe for adding to my owl obsession collection! Felt so bad that I didn’t get a nice gift for her. Next year then!

Yummy Yakitori at Kazu Sumi-Yaki


Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 67342492 Fax: 62359121


Alph recommended this place and brought us girls there for dinner. I love yakitori and love every dish they served. Perhaps because Alph being the regular there ordered all the yummy ones. The service can be improved though, the serving staffs at times seem indifferent and unfriendly especially when we request their assistance. Even though it seems that we didn’t order much, it costs us around $30 per pax for the following! Reasonably price at a higher side but absolutely yummy.


Free bowl of lettuce with no refill though!


Yummy Garlic Fried Rice


Some innards and chicken meatball


Potato wrapped with Bacon


Chicken Wing


Black Pork


Some Australian Beef


CW sent me this last night! Thank you girl! Even though she stole it off somewhere, but it was very meaningful to me and I love owls! I really do hope that us SSSS girls will grow old and wiser together. Thank you girls for standing by!

I have lots of backdated entries to share but lunch and yoga is more important! Till then!

Merry Christmas and have a joyful New Year. Stay happy and healthy!


Other than the lipstick I bought for myself, this is my favourite Christmas present this year! A HD dream box which allows me to watch my CSI and movies. A practical gift but God send for those boring nights.

What’s your favourite gift you received this year?

Christmas Shopping 2012

This year I finally got to spend time with my sister to do some Christmas shopping for our family! It has been a long while since we did this together and she blamed me for making her do this alone for the past years. I’m glad this year, we get to spend sisterly time together! We bought gifts for my parents, brother, sister, two cousins, two God mothers, staffs and myself! We did well and was very focused and efficient to get everything within hours.

Here are our total loots. Haha.



Initially we bought a Chanel lipstick for my mum and after seeing the pretty packaging both my sister and I couldn’t resist. I never really bought myself a lipstick before and have been using lipgloss. I thought a lipstick would make a perfect gift for myself this year! A brand new me with a sexy lip to brave the brand new year!



My Christmas 2012


On the Eve of Eve of Christmas Day, I got my nails painted red and put on a new dress all ready to start my Christmas long weekend! Eve of Eve started with Jersey Boys Musical and a colleague’s wedding. Festive celebration continued into Christmas Eve with a simple dinner and a party at Fullerton Hotel with a bunch of friends. I will end my Christmas with a feel good 150 minutes session of Yoga just to make me look and feel good for the brand new year!

How did you spend your Christmas long weekend?


Received an organizer from my subordinate, a gift from my staff, a gift from a mystery person (probably my staff who didn’t leave his/her name) and a keychain from another staff who just came back from Malacca. I love my job and I find it extremely rewarding that my staff appreciates me too.

Daily Beauty Routine

The number of steps involved in my skincare routine is ever increasing with my skin getting all saggy and wrinkly; I have to work hard to fight against time and gravity!

From a no frill 10 minutes routine a year back, it has expanded to a 20 minutes routine. This is probably nothing compared to women who slather on 10, 20 products on their face, spending up to 30 and 45 minutes of spreading, patting and massaging. They are much more diligent compare to me!

Other than basic cleansing, here are my current routine and I hope I can stop at this before I discover more products and add them to my list! It is so hard to resist!


Step 1: Acidic potion from my beautician. She sources her products from HK and repackages it and I have been using them for years. Don’t ask me why I dare to use unbranded products but I have been using them for years and it works. It is supposed to destroy bacteria in my enlarged pores.

Step 2: Derma-R Comedone Formula which removes blackheads and whiteheads. This is from my sister’s dermatologist and she swears by it, I started using a few months back and like the results. So I added this to my routine too!

Step 3: Louis Skin Clinic T40 Anti Acne Toner, a type of calamine lotion toner which prevents ache. This is also from my beautician and the best solution to kill those aches.

Step 4: L’Oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence. Tried their pre-essence and love it! Hence, I couldn’t resist trying their eye essence of the same range. I hate my wrinkly eyes.

Step 5: Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour LIfting Serum. Have been using this for years and I found out that it works. I used to only apply anti ageing products around my eyes but not on my face! There was once where I got my skin analyzed at a SKII beauty counter and the sales assistant commented that the skin around my eyes is “younger” than the rest of my face, and that is how I know it worked! But because I don’t drink enough water to keep my skin hydrated, there are many fine lines under my eyes. Boo.

Step 6: L’Oreal Youth Code Pre-essence. Love this. I can feel the immediate effect once I slather it on.

Step 7: Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Age Reverse Clear Cream. My friends commented that my face looks sharper after many years of applying this. It is either that I lost weight or my face got lifted by this and it could be both! Happy like a bird!

Step 8: Hada Labo Hydrating lotion. I don’t use any moisturizer because I don’t like the oily feeling, this is the best! I tried using SKII miracle water but it gave me outbreaks, I later switch to this which works wonder!

Step 9: Odbo Sun Block Pact, got introduced to this half a year back during my Korea trip and I like that its lightweight feel on my skin!

For now, I have nine products on my face plus SunPlay Skin Aqua SPF 25 PA ++ in the day and Jergens Overnight Repair lotion in the night for my body! I’m not even sure if I got the steps and orders right or if my face will be overwhelm by this! I realized I don’t have any night specific products. Oh gosh. What is your daily facial routine? Any recommendations? If you are going to blog about it, drop your link in the comment box!

Supertrees with family

It has been a long time since we had a family outing and since I just got my Annual Wage Supplement (also known as 13th month bonus), I thought I should bring my family out for a nice meal! So off we went to Gardens by the Bay! This much blogged about location needs little introduction!


As my grandma can’t really walk long distances, we only venture around the Supertrees area and had our dinner at Peach Garden Noodle House at Supertree Dining. I would love to visit again to take a look at the various domes and gardens! I like that it is elderly and wheelchair friendly with lifts beside every stairways. That took some strains off from my grandma and made the visit much more enjoyable for her.



Love my family till bits for their support and care these few months! My grandma is the coolest and most open minded grandma ever! Love her! We went at 6pm toured the garden for a while before heading for dinner. We were lucky that after dinner at 745pm, there was the light and music show at Supertrees. It was perfect timing for us to enjoy the day and night versions of the Supertrees all in one visit!


You can probably tell that photo taking is really not my forte.

More on Peach Garden Noodle House in the next post.

Choose to be happy.


My new wallpaper.

Aspiring Yoga Goddess.

With my obsession with yoga these days, practising a minimum of three times a week and occasionally two sessions each time, it only makes sense to grab more workout clothes! I bought two yoga pants, one top and one sports bra all from Royal Sporting House. They are having a sale and major brands are having a one for 10% and two for 15% discount.


Here are my favourite brands for my workout outfit:-

Reebok: For their yoga tights! It is comfortable, doesn’t give you camel toe, stretchy, looks good and affordable.

Addidas: Love their sports bra / padded top! They tend to have those with more support and paddings which is excellent for flat chested individuals like me!

With my new outfits, I’m on my way to becoming a yoga goddess. Ohmm.

It’s been a month since 6 November 12.


(Believe there is Good in the World. Be The Good.)

I have a habit of grabbing quotes from Facebook for daily inspiration and when I do that, I save the pictures via my phone and the source is not captured! Boo. Sorry if I grab them without your permission!


I didn’t know I was in the draw for this and this made my day! I would not say no to free movies, groceries and sugar rolls! Thank you PA! Haha.