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Ears and Nose just keep growing.

They say our ears and nose never stop growing even when we grow old. OMG! I hope this is not true, my nose is huge enough (even though my mum keeps insisting that big nose brings wealth to an individual!). Sister, your huge ears will continue growing too (even though mum also insist long ears represent longevity!) OMG.

So I guess the longer you live, the older you grow, you generally earn more and live longer than yesterday? HAHA. Sorry, this topic is just random.

Awards in my 10 years.


When I was young, I was an average student, went to a neighbourhood school, had average academic results and achieved very little in my 10 years. It was only during my polytechnic years and after did I went overboard with all the academic achievements. Now, even my husband thinks I’m sick when he saw my polytechnic and university results. GAH.

So, every little achievements I accomplished in my primary and secondary schools I held on to them dearly. These are the only four achievements/awards/medals I had when I was a kid and now after being married and lived with another person in the same apartment, I decided to move on with life. It is time to junk these items but I thought I should write a little note on these memories just for the record.

Starting from the left to the right, here are some sneak peaks of my life when I was little.

The first award was given to my chinese dance group who competed at a Singapore Youth Festival Dance Competition in 1997 and attained a gold award. Yes, you can laugh, I was in the Chinese Dance when I was young, like many other little girls in the neighbourhood schools. I was very proud of what I did. We performed at various events, at Sentosa’s Musical Fountain (which no longer exist) and dragged my sister into this while doing all that. I was in the “blue” team dancing like the waves while she was in the “pink” team rolling around like pearls in clams in the underwater world. HAHA. She hated it but I absolutely enjoyed myself!

The second award was for achieving multiple gold awards in my physical fitness tests. I was light, fit and very skinny (23 inch waist and weighing below 40). I did all the jumping, reaching and running well.

The third award was given to recognize the service and contributions I gave being an alumni after I left school. My school thought with my alarmingly perfect score in my polytechnic grades coming from an average student with an average “O” level results can surely motivate some of their students, I gave a speech and shared what motivated me and how I achieved what I achieved.

The last award is the one I cherished most and the one which came the least expected. I was given the 3rd prize for our annual cross country meet. I used to be in the St John’s and often tried to skip cross country by volunteering my service as a “medic”. But in my third year, I didn’t managed to escape and had to run this race. The rules were simple, run with all your might, stay safe when running in the various terrains (uphill, downslope, through forest, jumping across muds, yes, it’s that bad because our school was right beside a track to the nature reserve), and they will then record the 4 fastest girls in the class to get the team results. I was simply in my own world, running with all my might, cursing in the wind and hoping I won’t fall flat and die. It was a relief when I completed the course and wished I could lie flat and not moved there after. When they called out my name to collect the award, I was certain that they got either the name, timing, face, or person wrong. “I” couldn’t be “it” but I got it. Now, when I look back, I can only hide in shame behind my huge ass which refused to even brisk walk. Gosh. How I wish I was feather light like before, floating in the air effortlessly. Damn you fat ass.

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Dragon Boating


As the Sports Captain of my company’s Social Recreation Committee, I assisted to lead a dragon boating event held last weekend and gosh, we had a splashing good time! It is my first time trying dragon boating and the technique is rather different from canoeing!

Even though the weather was a little wet initially, it all turned out well! We also rowed towards Singapore Flyer which gave us great pictures against our cityscape! It was cloudy and all that day but I was still toasted like a lobster there after! Hah.


Loysel’s Toy


66 Kampong Bugis, #01-02 Ture / Sam Tat Warehouse

We decided to drop by Loysel’s Toy cafe since we were around Kallang area! It is a nice place but not too accessible if you don’t drive. As for the coffee, we prefer 40 Hands. Haha.




We also spotted an old school lift which is still in working condition! First, you need to pull down the metal panel from the top.


Then you pull across the metal gate before pressing the button!


The air vent inside the lift. Isn’t it pretty!







Raspberry White Chocolate Cake.

You won’t believe it. I’m going Dragon boating tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Smile People!

This is not exactly V-day related but gosh, it cracks me up! Smile people!

lawak bom321 (2)


Receipe: Homemade Tiramisu

We first tried making Tiramisu with a handwritten recipe which Jason’s manager gave him, but we failed terribly. Maybe because we cannot comprehend some of the steps, or because we cannot visualize how the steps should look like, it was an epic fail. During a NYE dinner at his manager’s place, she showed us how to do it and it was really simple! We took a picture of the recipe which was from a book (no more hand written recipes for us) and followed her steps and tips and successfully made one on own latest attempt!

Here are the ingredients and steps you needs. I will try to be as clear and as detailed as possible.

photo (22)


  • 3 Egg yolks (from chicken)
  • ½ cup (75g) powdered icing sugar (we used the measuring cup from Diaso and the proportion works well)
  • ¼ cup (60ml) Coffee liqueur (We used Original Rum instead and it is yummy! I would have added much more of this though! Who doesn’t love more alcohol in a Tiramisu?)
  • 250g Cream cheese / Mascarpone cheese (It is the same thing and we got a tub from Phoon Huat, take it out from the fridge to allow it to cool at room temperature for a few minutes before you use them)
  • 1 ½ cups (375ml) whipping cream (chill it freezer for 5 – 10 mins before use)
  • ¼ tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 – 2 packets of lady fingers cookies (NOT a type of vegetable, and can be bought at FairPrice Finest or Cold Storage, depending on your size of your dish / tray, you need to cover 2 layers flat on it)
  • 1 ¼ cups (300 ml) strong coffee (we used 2 capsules of Nespresso coffee
  • 1 tbl cocoa powder

Steps (the bold words are the key steps, the others are cool tips. haha)

  1. Beat egg yolks with icing sugar and coffee liqueur over warm water until light (we took almost 5 minutes to beat it by hand using whisk, the lighter it is , the better, so be patient! It is supposed to look like hot milo or slightly thicker). Also use warm water, not boiling water. We almost cooked the eggs with boil water! Leave to cool for a few minutes after you are done
  2. Slowly beat the cream cheese and slowly add in the egg yolk mixture from step 1.
  3. Whip the cream till it is fluffly. This is the trickiest part! One major tip, put your whipping cream in the freezer for 5 – 10 mins before use as cold whipping cream whips up easily! The other time we didn’t know, we tried using whipping cream which was left at room temperature for a few minutes and all we got was lumpy stuff which looks like a beancurd which gone bad! Another tip for whipping cream, never pour whipping cream in a bowl which is contaminated with butter, sugar, flour etc! It must be 100% whipping cream in the bowl, nothing else! As contaminated whipping cream may result in an imperfect result! Our professional mixer did us proud at speed 4! You can also whip it using handheld mixer and never by hand!) After it is slightly light and fluffy, gradually add vanilla essence.
  4. Fold whip cream into egg yolk mixture from step 2.
  5. Lay ready-made lady fingers on to your tray / dish (we used a casserole which is around 2 inch deep, 11 inch in length, 8 inch in breadth). Instead of dipping the lady fingers into the coffee we used a brush to brush 2 – 3 layers of coffee on the fingers. Depending on when you need to serve the cake, if you want to serve the cake within 2- 4 hours, you may want to add more layers of coffee to soften the cookies, otherwise 2 – 3 layers is enough as we served our cake 24 hours later and the cake is just right as the cream with moisten the fingers too! It was not too soft and squishy (if you add too much coffee) and not too hard (if you add too little).
  6. Spoon the cheese mixture over and flatten it with a spatula
  7. Cover with more lady fingers, brush with more coffee, and spoon more cheese mixture over it. (So you want a layer fingers, then cheese mixture, fingers then cheese mixture)
  8. Chill for at least 6 hours in the chiller, if you need to serve within 2 -4 hours, put it in the freezer. Sprinkle the surface with cocoa before serving!

Buy an ATM.

I overheard a young girl asking her dad at a supermarket.

Girl: Daddy, we should buy a ATM for our home.

Dad: …

The reason? Her mum always withdraw money at ATM. Haha. Kids ask it all.

Immigration Stamps

My passport recently expired and I need to get a new one. It is sad that these days, passport can only last for 5 years compared to 10 when I was little. I love traveling and immigration stamps are always my pride when I flipped through them. It is like my little collection and I hate to start over again! Here are the stamps I collect for the past 5 years and I hope to have this little post to remind me of the many lovely places I visited!


We went on our honeymoon to Italy! Hate their inefficiency in their airports but love their culture, art and buildings.

The proposal trip! I love Japan and love Disneysea!

The stamp on top was from Thailand and it was his first trip to Bangkok in his entire life. He loves the massage and Tom Yam soup but hates everything else. Haha. The dust, dirt and protest.

We went on a “Graduation trip” to Korea and as part of the trip, we visited the DMZ and got a tourist stamp on my passport! Haha.

I was picked to attend a conference in Jakarta and was really glad to go with a few of my trainee batch.

Our company first brought us to Beijing then to Shanghai for our company retreat last year and the year before!

I was picked to attend a convention in Sydney but we landed in Melbourne for some store and factory visits. It was a work trip and a retreat combine! Awesome!

School & Friends

I was on exchange in UBC, Vancouver and I love it! I want to retire there or raise my kids there. Beautiful city, laid back and it’s the only country in the west with awesome Asian food. Haha. Love the mountains, the air and the people.


During my exchange, I travelled around the west and east coast of USA too. One city I love, NYC! Love their museums, broadways, premium outlet and central park!


Was sent to NZ for a case competition. I personally think I didn’t do too well. It was horrible. But I met a lot of friends and it was an unforgettable experience.


When on internship in Apple, I asked if I can go along a work trip to Philippines and I was granted the trip. It taught me one thing, “Ask and you may be given”.

The Garden Slug.


The Garden Slug
Bright Centre 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, Singapore 425500
Tel: 6346 0504

We were going to bring Barley to her groomer at Upper East Coast and thought we will drop by for lunch at a pet friendly cafe. Googled “pet friendly cafe in the east” and we found The Garden Slug.


We took the pet friendly outdoor seats and it was a little warm in this crazy February month. We spotted their in-house fat cat lazing around!


Barley who looks friendly but is not! Haha.

My all day breakfast. The sausage was not that toasted but not sure why it appeared that burnt in the picture. Love the muesli yogurt and fluffy scrambled eggs!


Their tomato and corn soup was tangy and good!


We would have enjoyed the food much better without the heat! The Garden Slug is location among pet shops, groomers and animal clinic so you really get a lot of pet owners / lovers walking around! We saw a sad family with a trash bag walking out of the animal clinic and he quickly look at Barley and asked her to not die young. Sad.

Bugis 3D Street Art



Pictures from Facebook.

British artist Joe Hill who specialises in portraits and 3D pavement street art is in town! His work can be seen in Bugis Junction and I can’t wait to see it myself!


Yama is in town and we brought him to Big Eater for chili crab. He loves it but who doesn’t! There after we went to our place to chill with Sake and Choya. Good stuff. Can’t wait to visit Japan again!

American’s Geography/History lesson


I spotted this on Facebook and thought it is hilarious if you don’t take things too seriously. I thought the one on Canada and New Zealand is hilarious. For a fact, we are indeed too small to be labelled in this map.  American’s Geography/History lesson.

Cesar, come meet Barley!


Cesar Millan is coming to town! It is confirmed that he will be in Singapore in JUNE! OMG OMG! I am hyperventilating! There is a cure for Barley! Cesar please come and save Barley!


Yes, she is too cute. But she has a couple of flaws too! One, she hates other dogs! Manly, cheery, affectionate, small, big, skinny, fat, short hair, long hair, curly hair, male or female, she hates them all. She is a total bitch and is socially awkward. HAHA. Two, she gets overly excited when she sees us! She stops barking only if we carry her for close to 10 seconds. Any shorter she will go crazy chasing after her own tail! So Cesar, please visit Singapore and come see Barley!

Another good news, NatGeo is having a Free Pet Shop Event at East Coast Park next weekend! There are many dogs up for adoption! Even though most of them are strays there are many with that heart melting smile! If you need a companion, pop by the event and bring a friend home!


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David Beckham with H&M


To create the ultimate bodywear collection, it’s all about finding the perfect garment with the perfect detailing, like the most comfortable elastic for a brief, with a label which does not scratch along with seams which do not rub against the body. David and his design team worked with pieces from David’s own wardrobe, incorporating David’s own unique style aesthetic in order to create and build a meaningful bodywear brand from the outset.

There are four underpant styles – briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and woven boxers; three tops – David’s perfect T-shirt, vest and Henley; and then two bodywear styles – pyjama bottoms, and also long johns. Cotton is used throughout, with the right elastane in the briefs, trunks, T-shirt and vest to still have a soft feel. Cotton waffle is used in the Henley and long-john, and a special finish on the 100% cotton pyjamas to ensure they retain their shape. Prices start from S$17.90 for a pair of briefs to S$49.90 for a pair of pyjama bottoms.

Sexy! David Beckham’s range of body wear is finally here in H&M Singapore! Jason likes to get his basics from Uniqlo! Now I’m glad he has got a sexier alternative! Haha. You can check them out here!



Screen Shot 2012-02-08 at 11.26.52 AM

I recently discovered a local online secondhand bookstore which we can buy and sell used books! I have just uploaded some books in my “bookstore” so do visit! Even if you aren’t keen in any of my books, I thought it is a good site to grab some good reads at a really affordable price! Happy shopping and happy reading!



I love looking at flowers and I passed by a new florist at Eastpoint (second floor, who moved 3 months ago from Bedok) yesterday and picked up a stalk! I’m glad I found this florist BeauCreations in Simei as they are much cheaper compared to the florist at basement! So Simei peeps, if you need flowers to cheer up your place for a party, you know where to get them!

Letter vs Bill

It is so true but I still look forward to receiving a parcel or a handwritten card or letter!

internet memes - Never looking at the mailbox again
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Girl Talk – A Girls Night Musical


Anyone out there seen this musical in NYC? It is from the original cast from its sold-out off-Broadway shows in New York – Tina Jensen (as Barbara), Priscilla Fernandez (as Dr. Laura) and the director Sonya Carter who will double up as Janice. It looks like something that we will enjoy together with a group of girls! SSS, want to go watch this? I love musical. Any day! Haha.

” Follow three radio DJs – eccentric Barbara, “Little Miss Perfect” Janice and rambunctious sexpert Laura – through topics close to the hearts of women in this lively and fun musical play.

The plot is set in the final broadcast of the radio show, Girl Talk, after 10 years,the three ladies are set to end things with a bang. Expect lots of fireworks as three very distinct personalities come together, bring different aspects of their lives and experiences on food, men, babies and sex of course!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are young or old, single or married, divorced or widowed. Because girls will always be girls. So let loose and get ready for a smoking good time at Girl Talk! “

Girl Talk – A Girls Night Musical

Hatha Yoga

We signed up Hatha Yoga classes together and went for our first lesson last Sunday. Our instructor – Mebel Tan – clearly explained the functions of certain poses, the areas to take note and poses we can practice at home. During our last 15 minutes of relaxation exercise, she even went around spraying essential oil in the air to allow us to totally relax. She speaks clearly and is friendly yet professional. At the end of her class, she gave us a packet of green tea she brought back from her recent India trip for us to try.

Guess where did we take our class? At our local community centre. It is very affordable at $4.50 per one hour session. Also, unlike the misconception that the participants will usually be middle age ladies, there is actually a fair mix of ladies in their twenties and thirties. Other than Jason, there is also another male participant.

I like that Hatha yoga helps in toning and rejuvenating the body. Also, it aids in breathing which allows us to have a sense of calm and peace through the various posture. Even though Hatha yoga is an ancient Indian art, the class is purely a form of relaxation and exercise. There is no hint of religious conflict for us.

I am trying to improve my flexibility and ability to relax. I find it a little hard to calm my nerves and just relax and breathe slowly. Guess the control freak and anxious spider in me makes it a little harder for me. Haha.