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(Marriage lets you annoy 1 special person for the rest of your life)

Lennel made this for Siqi’s wedding and it is so true! I think J annoys me the most and vice versa. Haha. What about you? Is your partner that special person which you can annoy for the rest of your life?

Fifth day battling with flu and cough. Oh Lord, let me be well again.

Sydney Antique Center

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 9.29.15 PM
Source: Here

I came across a short writeup on Sydney Antique Centre in a magazine and it interest me so much so that I had to google it thereafter! It looks like a treasure trove and it is touted as an Aladdin’s cave by many! If you love vintage, you will probably spend a day in there without realizing the time. I wanted to bookmark (using my blog) it such that if I ever visit Sydney again, I will be sure to spare a day visiting it! I’m just hoping that it won’t be too pricey! Anyone been there? Any reviews?

Forever SSSS


Last Friday we had a staycation celebration with SSSS girls for Siqi’s final week of singlehood! I love these girls! Adding to the surprise, Lennel – SbR’s plumber – created these designs for us! Each quarter represents one of us, make a quick guess which one represents me!

In each designs, there is a unique icon which is unique to our wedding the background color is also in line with our wedding theme and the adjective describes each of us! Haha.


The sweet Cheng Wei even had it printed for us! It was a great prop for photo taking!


The design also makes a perfect iPhone wallpaper! Hah!


Forever Sassy: Me! Ice cream cone bubble blower at my church wedding!

Forever Strong: Determined Squareberry Chengwei, who has a gigantic bow on her wedding dress.

Forever Sexy: Hotest girl and our best F1 Grid Girl, Siqi with autumn theme wedding!

Forever Sweet: Sweet loving Sue Ann who’s obsession with pink and bags can be seen in her wedding, home and lifestyle!