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God is obviously playing a prank on me or giving me some life lessons. I used to stay in the East and office is in the West. Now that I’ve moved to the West, I got a new posting in the East to set up a new Frontline. Yikes. I am not going to move back to the East, not where the pain lies. But I’m going to be strong and I am really looking forward to this brand new challenge in my career.

Material World

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Source: Material World

I am going to share with you this little precious find of mine. A local blog launched in April 13 by four ladies from the world of our favourite magazines! If you grew up with Cleo, you will know who they are! And come on! Who doesn’t love Cosmopolitan and the people from there!? If you have a slight inkling of what I’m about to share, you must be a very savvy local blog reader! Haha.

Now, formally introducing Material World – a blog/website created by four Material Girls from the publishing industry! Yes, Deborah Tan, Denise Li, Tan Lili and Vanessa Tai have come together to set up this blog just for us ladies! It’s Deborah Tan! Hello!

This blog is like a magazine but way better! That’s because the subscription is FREE without tons of annoying advertorials! It is not tied to any magazines and it is a business created by the four ladies, so you can be guaranteed with lots of independent reviews and opinions! On top of that, the ladies’ wit and brilliance in churning out insightful contents and interesting reads had me clicking away!

Material World is also loaded with lots of giveaways! Damn. It is not in my natural instinct to share this with you girls because it will severely lower my chance of winning their giveaways when more people find out about it! Their giveaways are really awesome! But being the kind hearted and ever generous me, how can I not share? Right??

Ok, so go on and have fun reading and participating their giveaways! This is one time when I wish no one reads my blog. Haha.

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Just meet up with Maxine, my poly friend whom I’ve not met up for a long long time! Girl, take care and be happy! Don’t be too jaded about life ya!

Children Little Museum at Kampong Glam

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To continue on my adventure in Haji Lane and Kampung Glam area, we explored Children Little Museum! This tiny privately owned museum sits in one of those two levels shophouses among restaurants and a hostel at 42 Bussorah Street.

It is right smack in front of the Sultan Mosque with an adult-sized robot luring curious tourists! For a token sum of SGD 2 to view the second level of the premises, it is a museum of love and years of collection by the owner! It showcases vintage collections of toys and past memories of your childhood with lots of interactive displays!

It is definitely a fun place for photo taking! If you visit as a couple during non peak period, you can also asked the friendly owner to take pictures for you! He will eagerly assist to take over your camera, guide you to pose around the store, and ask if you want to hire him as your pre-wedding photographer! I heard you can take your pre-wedding pictures there for a fee of SGD 50 per hour to use his premises! Haha.

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Sister, do you remember this? I think we use to own one of these!

Choose Happy


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When we were young, we imagine our life to be perfect. Graduate from good school, find our dream job, marry our prince charming, move into our dream house, have a couple of kids and still look darn good. At least that’s what I imagine my life would be.

But being an adult now, I realize life is not all that simple and smooth going.

On Life and Marriage

There are people around me who choose to remain happily single, to cohabit with their other half, who is divorced and started dating, who is dating a single mum, to date freely and openly, who fear commitments but don’t mind a friend with benefits and who decided to leave their fiancée/ fiancé.

Life is indeed imperfect. But who am I to judge, as long as one is happy, there is no need for an explanation to others.

On Jobs and Career

Graduated top of the class twice in my life, I am earning peanuts and many might think that I’m stuck in the rut. But what define success?

There are people in jobs which requires 14 to 16 hours of work to earn big bucks. As long as you enjoy what you do in that 14 to 16 hours, you don’t have to explain to others why you are working so hard. Even if you hate your job but love the money, you don’t have to explain to others why you are still working in that job. It’s your choice and be happy about your choice.

Similarly in my job, even though I’m paid peanuts and probably earning below my cohort’s average, I don’t have to justify why I love my job. I don’t have to stuff them with reasons like work life balance, sense of satisfaction or the fact that I’m contented with life. After all, I’m the one waking up in the morning to greet myself in the mirror to start a fresh new day at work.

Choose Happy

So whatever you do and whatever life stages you are in, be happy with your choice. If you are unhappy, change it, and choose to be happy. La la la.

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Worn this pretty piece by Strangely Yours and I’m a happy girl. I got mine at the Public Garden Flea and I realized Stephanie bought the exact same one at Pasarbella! Haha. I’m glad these pretty ones are appreciated! Get them at the flea as it is cheaper compared to their Etsy store!


I suck at taking self portraits, so don’t laugh. I always imagine myself to look better than the pictures but ended up with crappy and awkward pictures of myself. Haha.

Anyway, in this post, I want to share my favourite lippie! A few weeks back, I bought a Chanel Lipstick for my cousin and realize that I love it too! Now, this is my all time favourite colour. Natural and sweet with a hint of glittery gold. Love it.

photo (37)

photo (36)

Pardon my poor complexion.

photo (39)

After a few use

If you are wondering, this shade is under the Rouge Coco Shine, No. 70 Sourire. Sourire means a grin or a smile in French. No wonder I’m smiling whenever I put this on! Haha.

Maison Ikkoku at Kandahar Street

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Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street Singapore 198885

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Many types of coffee for the serious coffee drinker.

Over at Haji Lane and Kampung Glam area, there are many eateries and cafes. One cafe that repeatedly stood out and raved about in the blogosphere is Maison Ikkoku. This cafe is right next to Good and Rich Cake Shop, famous for their Durian and Kaya Swiss roll! Another must try!

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Too bad their Durian swiss roll ran out and they close at 5pm!

Kandahar Street is just 3 tiny streets away from Haji lane, and this cafe is perfect for explorers like us to take a break from the sweltering heat!

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I tried their Iced Cafe Mocha and Blueberry Cheesecake and it is lovely. Would like to come back for their all day breakfast! I am just glad to be granted a seat to enjoy my cup of coffee.

Picture Taking at Haji Lane

Did I already mention that Haji lane is perfect for photo taking? Took lots of pictures with the beautiful graffiti wall art and pops of colours everywhere!

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My own Saltwater Sandals from Soon Lee

I finally bought my Saltwater sandals from Soon Lee at Haji Lane and am glad to spend a Saturday afternoon exploring this area and Kampung Glam like a tourist! If you have never been to Haji Lane area you totally should! Took tons of pictures while exploring this place. Haha. Ok, back to my Saltwater sandals!

photo (34)

photo (30)

photo (31)

SGD 89 for metallic ones and SGD 85 for basic colours. This is so pricey especially when it is only selling at US 39.90 on Modcloth! But with all the shipping and all, it will probably add up to be about the same or I will probably save SGD 10 plus minus.

photo (29)

Tadah! I tried it for a short while last night and it is absolutely comfortable and felt really sturdy! Love the retro look and tan leather! This same design has lasted for over 60 years!

photo (28)

The only not so exciting factor about this sandals is that, it is actually made in China! There are currently made in USA and China and gosh, China is indeed the world’s factory.

photo (25)

photo (27)

Anyway, back to these sandals, they are water, saltwater and sand resistant and even their buckles are made of rust proof brass material. I love that the sole is double stitched with a vulcanised rubber outsole which is made to last! Perfect for beach holiday and even everyday wear in this unpredictable weather in Singapore. They are extremely comfortable, durable (will let time be the test) and perfectly ok to run around in them at the beach!

photo (26)

The sizing is a little confusing because they are not in your regular sizing and is in UK size. Here is something I found online for our reference. Upon trying out the sandals, it is supposed to be a little snug when worn as the leather will expand and before your first wear, you can run it in water, put your foot in and wear them. This will allow the sandal to conform to your feet making it even more comfortable! I’m a 6.5 US size and European 36.5. In the end, I bought a size 4/w6.

Sizing Reference

4/w6 – 23cm (european 36)
5/w7 – 23.5cm (european 37)
6/w8 – 24cm (european 38)
7/w9 – 25cm (european 39)
8/w10 – 26cm (european 40)
9/w11 – 27cm (european 41)

Thunderhead by Preston & Child


I told you I’m obsessed with Preston & Child’s books and I’m just done with Thunderhead. This book revolves around the young archaeologist – Nora Kelly – featured in many of the Preston & Child’s Pendergast series! In this book, Nora Kelly, received a letter written sixteen years ago by her long believed dead father. In the letter, her father shared about a discovery of a lost city of an ancient civilization which is worth a fortune and is going to make archaeological history. Prompted by the letter, Nora led an expedition into a harsh and remote corner of Utah’s canyon country to search for her father and his glory. As Nora begins to unravel the greatest mystery of American archeology, she unearths a horrifying secret buried for centuries.

As always, I was addicted to this book and devoured it impatiently while enjoying every twists and turns of the adventure. I love that the background story is often supported with archaeology facts and references and written with intelligence and suspense. Familiar characters such as Smithback and Nora made this an enjoyable read!

I’m glad I’m done with this book because I can’t wait to start on the next book, Sick by US blogger Laura Susanne. She is calling out for bloggers to do a blog tour for her book and I am eager to participate and host her blog tour on Somethingboutrenes! Can’t wait to read her story and am heartened to know of this courageous lady who is willing to share openly.

Curry & Curry Fish Head Curry at Hougang

Curry & Curry
Next to #01-00 on Blk 202 , Hougang Street 21, SINGAPORE 530202

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After the conversion of a store, CEO visited and treated us to fish head curry at a store next door. Unknown to many, this little store serves absolutely yummy Nonya Style Fish head curry and other dishes. I tried searching online for it’s actual address but was unable to do so. Anyway, it is just next to FairPrice Finest on the same block.

photo (14)

The longest table set to accomodate 25 of us.

photo (37)

The star. Nonya Fish Head Curry.

photo (13)

Chicken Rendang. Tender and awesome gravy. Yums.

photo (9)

Beef Rendang. Though small in serving size but oh so good.

photo (11)
Prawn paste chicken. Fragrant and cripsy. Yums.

photo (10)

Simple omelette.

photo (38)

Spinach with egg.

Complete Set of Ceramic Houses from Franc Franc


In March, I lugged home a Ceramic House from Franc Franc Japan, and I made a promised to myself that if I saw it in Singapore’s Franc Franc, I will surely buy the other two! Look what I’ve found today! Their buddies! The best of all? Franc Franc is having a 15% discount for all purchases when you use Mastercard! Yay! But I have a problem, it is kind of blocking my TV. Haha. But it looks so pretty!

photo (21)

photo (29)

photo (28)

Tadah! With their residents!

Other than these country style houses, I also spotted their walk up apartment style ones! OMG! Ok, I will be good and stopped at three. I promise.

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Yoga and Brunch. A perfect Me Time session.

photo (30)

photo (31)


Today I’ve decided to spend some Me Time before heading for my meeting at American Association Singapore and working the afternoon shift! Decided to go for Hot Slimming Yoga in the morning before having brunch at Trattoria with a book! I love Me Time and I love pampering myself!

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Your cup of tea?

photo (11)

Grabbed this off Facebook and can’t remember from where! If anyone knows where is this from, do drop me a message!

I love tea and am a tea drinker rather than coffee! See, tea has got so much more benefits than coffee! I love Chamomile and Green Tea!

Banana Chips from Kerala, India

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My staff just got back from India and got me some nice snacks! One of which is this banana chips which I thought was really special! The usual banana snacks that I tried is usually sweet and coated with sugar but the ones she brought back is savoury! Banana chips with spice and salt! Total yums and very addictive. I asked her about the snacks and found out that it is a local snack unique to Kerala!

“Fried banana chips, usually made in the Indian state of Kerala, and known locally as nenthra-kaaya oopperi or upperi, is fried in coconut oil.Both ripe and unripe bananas are used for this variant. Sometimes they are coated with masala or jaggery to form spicy and sweet variants respectively. It is an integral part of the traditional Kerala meal called sadya served during weddings and traditional festivals such as Onam.”

My trusted Wikipedia

Wedding Banquet at Chijmes

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Attended a wedding banquet at Chijmes last Sunday and love every bit of it! I’ve attended a church wedding at Chijmes before but this is my first time attending a Chinese banquet in Chijmes. The church is stunningly beautiful and I am in awe. It impressed me despite the second time here. It was a very cosy 20 tables wedding dinner right after solemnization and the food from Tung Lok was yummy.

photo (19)

photo (18)

photo (16)

photo (15)

photo (14)

I give them my sincere blessing that they will have a blissful marriage.

photo (9)

Jasmine, my travel buddy to Kobe / Tokyo work trip just got back from her honeymoon in South Africa and got me an Owl to add to my collection! Isn’t she the sweetest girl? Hoot!

Dreaming of a Beach Holiday with Holster’s St Tropez Jelly Sandals

dreaming of a beach holiday

Material World is having a giveaway and one of the items that they are giving away is this pair of gorgeous Holster’s St Tropez Jelly sandals! I need a pair of beach sandals! My cheap sandals from Bangkok is giving way and in one of my older posts, I was sharing that I am dreaming up a Saltwater sandals, but this gorgeous and glamorous beach sandals totally blew me away! I’ve not had a chance to go get my saltwater sandals, maybe this chance to win this pair of Holster sandals is a sign! Haha. I can so win this to complete my beach basics! This is how I will style it! With a glamorous cover up, gold coral earring, emerald green bikini and a beach towel to tan on a beach!

I’m planning a trip to Tioman which I hope it can happen in July! Whee!

photo (25)

Yes it’s true. Hence, I try not to share anything negative over here in this blog! I also believe when you appreciate the goodness around, you will attract more goodness towards you! Goodnight world! Have a great weekend ahead!