[Review] Love to Dream Swaddle Up swaddle a must have!

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Avery is not a good sleeper and when our confinement nanny left, we struggled to put her to sleep for close to two months. It took us numerous attempts every night to put her to sleep as she often wakes up the moment we placed her back to cot. Even though many mummies in our October baby group chat recommended Love to Dream swaddle, it just didn’t occur to us that Baby Avery needs it!

The situation worsened when her sleep pattern was disrupted as she turns 3 months old. The whole dance of putting her to sleep dragged on and it took us hours to put her to sleep. The worst is when she can only sleep for an hour or two each time. We were desperate for help and when my mummy friends recommended Love to Dream swaddle again, we had to get it!

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On the first night she tried on the swaddle, it was pure magic. She fell asleep on our first attempt in putting her back to cot! After testing it out for 3 successful nights, we went out to buy 2 more! She has been using the Love to dream swaddle for more than a month and we highly recommend all parents with newborn and parents to be to go get one. It is a lifesaver and our only regret was that we didn’t get it earlier.

We noticed that whenever Baby Avery stirs in her sleep, she was able to self soothe herself back to sleep by sucking on her “wings” and gently rubbing her cheeks. This has never happened before! We love that the swaddle is designed with a snug fit over her torso which makes her feels secure and helps calm her natural startle reflex.

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The Love to Dream Swaddle Up swaddle comes in various thickness suitable for various environment. We love the bamboo lite version most as it is really soft and smooth! Even I feel like snuggling inside the swaddle if I can fit into one. It being the lightest material is also the most versatile! On warm days, we pair it with sleeveless rompers, at night when we turn on air conditioner, we pair it with long sleeve romper. There are also recommendations and instructions printed on the packaging. With this swaddle, we stopped using blankets at night and this gave us a peace of mind without having to worry that she may get entangled among the loose blankets.


Love to Dream not only makes baby swaddles for infants, but they also have swaddles which can grow with our girl as well. We bought the Love To Dream Swaddle UP™ 50/50 (Stage 2) (now renamed as Swaddle Up Transition bag) which has zip-off wings. This will come in handy once our girl learns to flip as the wings can then be removed to set her hands free!

I will share more of our experience using the transition mode when she starts flipping! Meanwhile, do checkout bambino.com.sg and use promo code “serenehugs” for 10% storewide discount!

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